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NEW THIS WEEK for November 13, 2003


                 Tip of the Week: Finding Biographies

We use a special subject heading, "People," with all of our entries
featuring individual biographies.  By using "People" as a keyword,
you can quickly locate sites about famous people in all kinds of
topic areas.  Try:

             abolitionist people
             feminist people
             jazz people
             cartoonist people

This is a fast and loose search, which may yield a lot of false drops
(entries you aren't interested in); for you power-users, next
week we'll feature how to zero in on biographical entries using
Advanced Search.


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Coffee, costumes, and Captain Cook; shoes, prints, and health;
Stonehenge, tea ceremonies, women artists, math, and more.

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Three more sites, see how they run!

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
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                             NEW THIS WEEK


   Freshly Brewed: The Coffee Trade and the Port of New Orleans
   In addition to presenting an illustrated essay on the coffee
   trade in New Orleans starting with the early 19th century,
   this site provides information about New Orleans coffee
   houses (such as Cafe du Monde), the use of chicory in coffee
   blends, and the banana trade. From the Louisiana State
   Subjects: Coffee industry -- Louisiana -- New Orleans...
   Created by mcb

   Cornell Costume and Textile Collection
   This site from the Cornell University Department of Textiles
   and Apparel features an online gallery of selected items
   from the collection of European and American fashions from
   the 18th century to the present and ethnographic textiles
   and costume. The online catalog database of over 5000
   records is searchable by a variety of fields: description,
   designer, donor, date, country of origin, time span, and
   more. Selected records include images.
   Subjects: Costume museums...
   Created by smb

   Captain Cook Society
   This is "a Society for everyone interested in [British
   explorer] James Cook (1728-1779)." The site features
   chronologies of Cook's life, information about his ships and
   family history, images of engravings and stamps featuring
   Cook, the wills of Cook and his crew (including William
   Bligh), brief extracts from Cook's journals from 1773-1774,
   and more. Also includes book reviews, selected articles from
   "Cook's Log" (the society's journal), and hundreds of
   related links. Searchable.
   Subjects: Cook, James, 1728-1779...
   Created by sf

   Census of Marine Life
   This is "a growing global network of researchers in more
   than 45 nations engaged in a ten-year initiative to assess
   and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of
   marine life in the oceans -- past, present, and future." The
   site presents descriptions of and links to the network's
   projects, such as "Natural Geography in Shore Areas" and the
   "History of Marine Animal Populations." Available in several
   languages, including German, Japanese, and Spanish.
   Subjects: Marine animals -- Geographical distribution...
   Created by sf

   Creative Space: Fifty Years of Robert Blackburn's
   Printmaking Workshop
   This companion site to a Library of Congress exhibit
   explores the life and works of New York City printmaker
   Robert Blackburn. The exhibit features information about
   Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, "the oldest and largest
   non-profit print workshop in the United States," as well as
   his earlier involvement with the Harlem Community Art Center
   (sponsored by the Works Progress Administration). Includes
   images of works by Blackburn and his colleagues. Searchable.
   Subjects: Blackburn, Robert Hamilton, 1920- ...
   Created by je

   DIPEx: Personal Experiences of Health and Illness
   On this British site "you can watch, listen to or read
   [patient] interviews, learn more about the illness and its
   treatments as well as where to find support and more
   detailed medical information" for a variety of diseases
   including hypertension, several cancers, epilepsy, and
   congenital heart disease. Some of the information is
   specific to the British healthcare system. Sponsored by a
   group of public and private organizations. Searchable.
   Subjects: Diseases...
   Created by bb

   FirstGov in Spanish
   This is the Spanish version of the official information
   portal of the United States government. Searchable. From the
   Federal Citizen Information Center, Office of Citizen
   Services and Communications, U.S. General Services
   Subjects: Government information -- United States...
   Created by saw

   Footwear of the Middle Ages
   This site provides "an ongoing examination of the history
   and development of footwear and shoemaking techniques up to
   the end of the Sixteenth Century." It provides detailed
   information about shoemaking techniques in the European
   Middle Ages, many illustrations, a glossary of historical
   shoemaking, a bibliography, and related links. From
   librarian Marc Carlson.
   Subjects: Shoes -- History...
   Created by je

   Gabriel: The Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
   "Gabriel ... is the World Wide Web service for Europe's
   National Libraries represented in the Conference of European
   National Librarians (CENL). There are currently 41 National
   Libraries from 39 member states of the Council of Europe
   participating in CENL and Gabriel." The site provides access
   to the libraries' periodicals, catalogs, exhibits,
   bibliographies, and other services. Free registration
   required to access some resources. Some materials available
   in multiple languages or in languages other than English.
   Subjects: National libraries -- Europe...
   Created by ag

   Hinduism for Schools
   This site provides information about Hinduism for both
   elementary and secondary students, including information
   about symbols, scriptures, gods, temples, festivals,
   prayers, and the Bhagavad Gita. Also includes upcoming Hindu
   festival dates, a glossary, and links to related sites. From
   the Vivekananda Centre London, a "non-commercial and a
   non-sectarian body involved in educational activities
   promoting Hinduism."
   Subjects: Hinduism...
   Created by nh

   Interactive Investigator: Your Introduction to the World of
   Forensic Science/Détective Interactif: Une Introduction aux
   Sciences Judiciaires
   "You will be able to obtain general information and an
   introduction to the main aspects of forensic science from a
   database on the subject. You can also explore a Historical
   Cabinet containing actual evidence gathered from crime
   scenes throughout this century." Includes a timeline, a
   bibliography, and a game in which you can "use your newly
   acquired knowledge to solve a heinous crime." From the
   Virtual Museum of Canada. Available in English and French.
   Subjects: Forensic sciences...
   Created by mcb The Corn Growers' Guidebook
   This site aims to "offer a Web-based encyclopedia of
   knowledge about the production, marketing and usage of corn
   in North America" by providing links to "major agricultural
   universities, governmental agencies, corn grower
   organizations and agricultural industries across Canada and
   the United States." It also provides links to corn in
   popular culture such as "art, poetry, songs, legends,
   recipes, and tourist attractions." From the Purdue
   University Department of Agronomy. Note: site not updated
   recently and some links are dead.
   Subjects: Corn...
   Created by mcb
   " is a web based RSS headline aggregator. We
   scrape headlines from sites and services that specialize in
   library oriented news, and present them in a convenient one
   stop shop for library oriented headlines." Includes dozens
   of RSS feeds (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, Rich
   Site Summary, or RDF Site Summary). Browsable by source.
   Also includes links to RSS resources. From librarians Blake
   Carver and Steven Cohen.
   Subjects: Library science...
   Created by kgs

   Louisiana Aviation Since 1910
   This site provides illustrated information about early
   airplane flight in Louisiana. It features information about
   Harry and Marguerite Williams, Jimmie and Walter Wedell,
   early commercial airlines, and the development of airmail.
   Also includes a selected bibliography. From the
   Wedell-Williams Memorial Aviation Museum of the Louisiana
   State Museum.
   Subjects: Aeronautics -- History...
   Created by mcb

   Lynd Ward as Illustrator
   This site presents selected works by Lynd Ward, a Caldecott
   Medal-winning illustrator. The "exhibition focuses on his
   original designs for book illustrations, primarily those for
   children" including illustrations for historical materials
   and adventure stories. Also includes brief biographical
   information. From the Georgetown University Art Collection.
   Subjects: Ward, Lynd, 1905- ...
   Created by mcb

   This site offers hundreds of math lesson plans, learning
   activities, and stories for kindergarten through grade 7,
   and for algebra, geometry, calculus, and probability and
   statistics. Specific topics include estimation, fractions,
   fractals, tessellations, platonic solids, and much more.
   Requires free registration to post materials. Searchable and
   Subjects: Mathematics...
   Created by sf

   Musée Virtuel du Canada (MVC)/Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC)
   "Showcasing a collection of high-quality, online cultural
   content, this unique gateway brings together the distinct
   culture entrusted in Canadian museums." The site features
   scores of exhibits in the areas of arts, science, history,
   and industry; an image gallery; games; educational
   materials; and the opportunity for users to create a
   personal "virtual museum" (requires free registration).
   Searchable. Available in English and French.
   Subjects: Museums -- Canada...
   Created by mcb

   National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin
   Diseases (NIAMS)
   The mission of NIAMS "is to support research into the
   causes, treatment, and prevention of arthritis and
   musculoskeletal and skin diseases, the training of basic and
   clinical scientists ... and the dissemination of
   information." The site provides information about diseases
   such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, gout, and
   osteoporosis as well as information about training programs,
   patient research registries, news, and links to related
   sites. Searchable. Available in English and Spanish.
   Subjects: Arthritis...
   Created by bb

   Nutrition Information and Resource Center (NIRC)
   The NIRC at Pennsylvania State University provides links to
   sites and materials relating to various nutrition topics,
   including general nutrition information, nutrition for
   various age groups, fitness and sports nutrition, nutrition
   for chronic disease states, and nutrition for people with
   limited resources. Also includes bibliographies, and links
   to nutrition news and community resources. Searchable.
   Subjects: Nutrition
   Created by bb

   Peace Corps Writers
   This Web site and its newsletter precursor, RPCV Writers and
   Readers, are based on the Peace Corps goal, to "'bring the
   world back home.' The writings of Returned Peace Corps
   Volunteers (RPCVs), all their novels, short stories, essays
   and poetry are a positive way of educating Americans about
   the world." Features articles about RPCV authors, excerpts
   of their work, a bibliography (browsable by author or
   country of author's service), archives, and related
   resources. Searchable.
   Subjects: Peace Corps (U.S.)...
   Created by mrm

   Perspectives: Women Artists in North America
   This exhibit "celebrates the important contributions of
   women in the arts from Canada, Mexico, and the United States
   of America. The Web exhibit features historical, modern, and
   contemporary art." Searchable, or browse by major topics
   (private worlds, land and place, modernity, beyond
   modernity). From the Virtual Museum of Canada. Available in
   English, French, and Spanish.
   Subjects: Women artists -- North America...
   Created by mcb

   Poetry: Poems to Make, Watch & Hear
   A compilation of materials by and for poets. Features poets
   such as Seamus Heaney, W.H. Auden, and Sylvia Plath reading
   their own works; a showcase of visual poetry; opportunities
   for users to compose poems; and "some valuable tips about
   writing your poetry and publishing it commercially." From
   the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
   Subjects: Poetry...
   Created by mcb

   The Red Rose Girls: An Uncommon Story of Art and Love
   This site is a companion to an exhibit at the Norman
   Rockwell Museum about early 20th century artists and
   illustrators Jessie Willcox Smith, Elizabeth Shippen Green,
   and Violet Oakley, who lived and worked together for 14
   years at the Red Rose Inn near Philadelphia. The site
   features highlights from the exhibit, biographies of the
   artists' early years, and an excerpt from an interview with
   the curator.
   Subjects: Smith, Jessie Willcox, 1863-1935...
   Created by mcb

   Shocking! The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli
   This "exhibition celebrates the extraordinary creativity of
   the Italian-born designer, Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973)
   who, together with Coco Chanel, dominated fashion between
   the two world wars." The site includes images of women's
   fashions by this surrealist-inspired designer, conservation
   information, Schiaparelli's "Twelve Commandments for Women,"
   and activities for children. From the Philadelphia Museum of
   Subjects: Schiaparelli, Elsa, 1896-1973...
   Created by mcb

   Spin of the Day: Daily Reporting on Public Relations,
   Propaganda and Media Spin
   This site features "daily reporting on public relations,
   propaganda, and media spin." Daily entries include links to
   items from a variety of media sources accompanied by
   commentary and related links. From PR Watch, a project of
   the Center for Media and Democracy devoted to "investigative
   reporting on the public relations industry."
   Subjects: Public relations...
   Created by je

   The Stonehenge Project
   This site presents news and updates about a project that "is
   designed to improve the setting and interpretation of the
   Stonehenge World Heritage Site. It will remove the sights
   and sounds of the roads and traffic from the area near the
   Stones [and] improve the landscape." Features background
   information about the monument and the project, project
   plans, audio reports and interviews, and documents. A
   collaborative project of several British agencies and
   Subjects: Stonehenge (England)...
   Created by sf

   This site presents articles and information about the
   Japanese tea ceremony. It features sections on the history
   of the tea ceremony, the tea room, traditional Japanese
   fabrics, and philosophy. Also includes a directory of tea
   ceremony classes and related links. From "a group of people
   in London and in New York who are interested in Japanese tea
   ceremony." In English and Japanese.
   Subjects: Japanese tea ceremony
   Created by je

   Today in Literature
   This site features "engaging stories about the great books,
   writers, and events in literary history." Provides a new,
   original, biographical story each day as well as lists of
   works by and about the authors, basic facts, and related
   links. Browsable by author. Free registration required to
   access the story archives.
   Subjects: Literary calendars...
   Created by sf

   The Urasenke Foundation: San Francisco
   The San Francisco branch of a Japan-based organization
   devoted to the history and study of the Japanese tea
   ceremony presents a history of the tea ceremony and the
   Urasenke tradition of tea, essays on tea, a recommended
   reading list, and related links.
   Subjects: Japanese tea ceremony
   Created by je

   The Web site for the Positive Futures Network and its
   magazine, Yes! The Journal of Positive Futures, provides
   articles and resources dedicated to "supporting people's
   active engagement in creating a just, sustainable, and
   compassionate world." The site includes articles from the
   magazine, classroom materials, and discussion and resource
   guides on topics such as voting, democracy, and activism.
   Subjects: Politics, Practical...
   Created by je

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