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NEW THIS WEEK for May 8, 2003

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Mull over Mothers' Day, maps, and motorcycles; roam through recipes,
record labels, reefs, and road trips; then hobnob with the Wright
brothers.  Learn more about the Armenian Genocide, Armenian cooking,
and the lamented lost treasures of Iraq.  Travel back in time to the
McCarthy hearings and the Watergate scandal.

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Maryland, marriage, George Perkins Marsh, and more!

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian,
Charlotte... and our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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                             NEW THIS WEEK

  United Press International: UPI News Pictures
   This site offers access to an online archive of over 100,000
   images "of the most compelling people, places and events
   that shape our day," with more being added at a rate of
   about 1,200 each month. Searchable by keyword and date.
   Subjects: Photograph collections...
   Created by sf

   Adventures in Armenian Cooking
   Web version of a cookbook originally published to raise
   funds for an Armenian Church. Includes instructions for
   canning grape leaves, making madzoon (yoghurt), "cracker
   bread," basturma (pastrami), and paklava (baklava). Recipes
   are written using available American substitutes for
   traditional Armenian ingredients.
   Subjects: Cookery, Armenian
   Created by pf Record Labels Worldwide
   A directory of over 9,000 music labels, searchable by label
   name and browsable by name, genre, city, country, U.S.
   state, or format (such as DTS or MIDI). Also includes a
   blog, recent releases and reviews, and related links. The
   detailed genre breakdown includes record label listings for
   mariachi, zydeco, jug bands, and many other subgenres. A
   personal project from Internet information specialist (and
   musician) Peter Scott of the University of Saskatchewan
   Library in Saskatoon.
   Subjects: Record labels -- Indexes
   Created by dl

   American Woman Road and Travel
   This searchable site aims to provide women with information
   "from which they can make informed and intelligent decisions
   regarding their automotive, travel, and personal safety
   needs." Travel information includes articles about travel
   health, cruises, trains, air travel, adventure travel,
   destinations, lodgings, and more. Automotive articles
   include new car reviews, used car buying, repairs,
   maintenance, and safety. Many articles have links to related
   resources. Some past articles are archived.
   Subjects: Women -- Travel...
   Created by mg

   Armenian National Institute
   This nonprofit organization is "dedicated to the study,
   research, and affirmation of the Armenian Genocide." This
   searchable site's extensive resources include affirmation
   resolutions and declarations, official documents (including
   the 1920 Treaty of Sevres), a database of memorials
   (searchable and browsable), bibliographies, and
   instructional materials. Photos and maps complement the
   written research and educational materials.
   Subjects: Armenian massacres, 1915-1923...
   Created by dl

   Citizens for Midwifery
   A "national consumer-based group promoting the Midwives
   Model of Care." Information about midwifery and locating
   midwives, including a browsable "State by State Guide to
   Midwifery in the United States," a calendar of conferences
   and events, and membership information. Searchable.
   Subjects: Midwifery...
   Created by kgs

   Cuisine of Ancient Armenia: Dining at Noah's Table
   Includes recipes for traditional Armenian foods that "were
   part of the every day fare enjoyed while [the author] was
   growing up outside of Fresno, California," a glossary of
   food terms, some information about the historical context of
   Armenian food, and the author's California-Armenian
   mother--and there's Armenian folk music on almost every
   Subjects: Cookery, Armenian
   Created by pf

   Deep Throat Uncovered: How Students Solved One of America's
   Top Mysteries
   A four-year project conducted by journalism students and
   their professor at the University of Illinois,
   Urbana-Champaign to determine the identity of Deep Throat,
   the individual who provided information about the Watergate
   break-in to reporters Woodward and Bernstein. Includes
   information about the students' investigation of this
   unsolved mystery, which concluded in them naming former
   White House deputy counsel Fred Fielding as Deep Throat.
   Includes (mixed) media reactions to the findings.
   Subjects: Watergate Affair, 1972-1974...
   Created by dl

   Exchanging Jobs
   Provides "a free matching service for people who work in
   libraries and the information field," including "one-day job
   shadowing and job exchanges that can last for days, weeks,
   or even months." Listings are browsable (slow, as listings
   for all geographical areas are on one page) and searchable,
   and include opportunities in the United States and other
   countries. Founded by Samuel R. Brown, Ph.D, library
   director at Albertus Magnus College, Connecticut.
   Subjects: Librarians...
   Created by ml

   Genetics Home Reference: A Guide to Understanding Genetic
   This National Library of Medicine site provides "consumer
   information about genetic conditions and the genes
   responsible for those conditions." A searchable and
   browsable directory includes FAQs and links to related
   resources about specific genes and conditions. The site also
   offers a basic explanation of how genes work; a glossary;
   and information about genetic testing, gene therapy, and the
   Human Genome Project.
   Subjects: Genetic disorders...
   Created by bb Armenian Genocide
   "This site is dedicated to remembrance of the victims of the
   Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Empire" in which it
   is claimed "about 1.5 million Armenians were massacred by
   the Turkish soldiers." Includes a searchable history, a
   chronology of events from 1914 through 1939, articles,
   quotations, an interactive map, and photographs (which the
   site warns may not be suitable for all audiences).
   Subjects: Armenian massacres, 1915-1923...
   Created by mcb

   Girl Power!
   A"national public education campaign
   sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human
   Services to help encourage and motivate 9- to 13- year-old
   girls to make the most of their lives." Includes sections on
   drug and alcohol abuse; mental health concerns; body image
   and nutrition; sports and fitness sites; and games and
   puzzles. Also features resources for adults, and studies and
   statistics about girls. Searchable.
   Subjects: Girls -- Health and hygiene...
   Created by sek

   Hog Heaven: Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley-Davidson
   Traces the history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle through
   images and source materials from Library of Congress
   collections. This retrospective features photos and prints
   of the motorcycle at work, at play, and at war, as well as
   advertising images and newspaper articles. Includes
   bibliographies of the history of the motorcycle, the
   Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, and works with
   illustrations of Harley-Davidsons. From the Library of
   Congress Science, Technology, and Business Division.
   Subjects: Motorcycles...
   Created by sf A Gateway to Federal and State Invasive
   Species Activities and Programs
   This site deals with the U.S. federal government's response
   to the impacts of invasive plants and animals. The site has
   species profiles, plus information and links for news and
   events, laws and legislation, agencies and organizations,
   transportation of species from one location to another, and
   many other resources on issues involving invasive species.
   This is also the Web site for the National Invasive Species
   Council, an inter-departmental coordinating agency.
   Subjects: Nonindigenous pests...
   Created by mg

   Keep America Beautiful
   This nonprofit organization with over 500 local affiliates
   "educates individuals about litter prevention and ways to
   reduce, reuse, recycle and properly manage waste materials."
   The site provides information about the organization and its
   annual spring event, "The Great American Cleanup." Includes
   articles from Network News, a calendar of events, resources
   for teachers and children, and information on volunteering,
   and organizing local programs. Searchable.
   Subjects: Litter (Trash) -- Prevention...
   Created by cdt

   League of Nations Photo Archive
   "Although the League of Nations ceased to exist in 1946, its
   archives and historical collections survive as invaluable
   resources for historical research. In 1957, the Archives of
   the League of Nations was created." This digitized
   collection includes photos of individuals (such as prime
   ministers), assemblies, councils, delegations, and
   organizations. The site also includes digital copies of a
   few books, as well as a timeline and links to related
   Subjects: League of Nations...
   Created by de

   Lost Treasures from Iraq
   A developing project that will eventually be a searchable
   database providing "substantive information on cultural
   property damaged destroyed or lost from Libraries and Museums
   in Iraq during and after the war in April 2003."
   Image sources include the Oriental Institute of the University
   of Chicago, books, and individuals. Includes images of
   statuary, figurines, seals, and other artifacts. Browsable.
   Subjects: Iraq -- Antiquities...
   Created by dl

   Major Quake Likely to Strike San Francisco Bay Region
   Between 2003 and 2032
   "On the basis of research conducted since the 1989 Loma
   Prieta earthquake, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and other
   scientists conclude that there is a 62% probability of at
   least one magnitude 6.7 or greater quake, capable of causing
   widespread damage, striking the San Francisco Bay region
   before 2032." Includes maps, analyses, estimated losses,
   fact sheets, and steps for preparing for the "big one." From
   the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
   Subjects: Earthquakes...
   Created by kgs

   Mother's Day: What You Need to Know
   Offers historical facts and figures about Mother's Day,
   links to information about famous mothers, and several ideas
   for celebrating the holiday.
   Subjects: Mother's Day...
   Created by jh

   Partners of the Heart
   This companion to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
   American Experience program of the same title describes the
   collaboration between Alfred Blalock, a white surgeon and
   Vivien Thomas, an African American with a high school
   education, in creating, in 1944, a heart surgery procedure
   that would save the lives of thousands of "blue babies."
   Includes a transcript; information about topics including
   "race relations, civil rights, segregation, [and] medical
   advances"; and a resource guide for teachers.
   Subjects: Thomas, Vivien T., 1910- ...
   Created by sf
   This searchable site features information about plants
   native to the countries of southern Africa. Includes images,
   descriptions, and growing information for more than 22,000
   plant species (browsable by Latin name). There are also
   sections on floral kingdoms and biomes, weeds and invasive
   plants, and featured plants from several national botanical
   Subjects: Africa, Southern -- Botany...
   Created by ml

   Re-Living the Wright Way
   Allows students and teachers to follow the Wright Brothers'
   invention process with links to lesson plans, simulations,
   videos, and activities. Features an overview of the Wright
   Brothers' discoveries, biographies of Wilbur and Orville
   Wright, a contemporary photo gallery, and extensive
   information about aerodynamics. From the NASA Glenn Research
   Subjects: Wright, Orville, 1871-1948...
   Created by sf

   Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for
   College Students
   This extensive guide to writing history papers is divided
   "into several categories: reading, writing, researching, and
   evaluating"; some topics about thesis writing are covered in
   depth in several different sections.
   Subjects: Academic writing...
   Created by ttk

   ReefBase: A Global Information System on Coral Reefs
   This site's objective is to "facilitate better understanding
   of the inter-dependencies between humans and coral reefs, in
   order to benefit management and conservation efforts."
   Includes descriptions of coral reef areas throughout the
   world, information about coral reef fish populations and
   fisheries, biodiversity data, and monitoring activities.
   Features interactive maps, a photo gallery, and a searchable
   database of publications.
   Subjects: Coral reefs and islands...
   Created by sf

   Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: Committee Prints,
   107th Congress
   This U.S. Senate committee report offers two unrelated but
   important resources: the text of the five-volume set of the
   McCarthy hearings of 1953-54, and a report about the
   scandal-besmirched Enron Corporation exploring "what could
   have been done, if anything, to detect Enron's problems or
   to prevent its failure." Caution: in describing the targets
   of his enquiries, Senator Joseph McCarthy used coarse
   language that may not be appropriate for younger audiences.
   Subjects: McCarthy, Joseph, 1908-1957...
   Created by smb

   The Armenian Genocide
   This site explores the history of the early 20th century
   event known as the Armenian Genocide. Includes a timeline, a
   video clip of an ABC News special by Peter Jennings,
   photographs taken by German soldier Armin T. Wegner (who
   smuggled photographs to Germany and the United States), and
   testimony of survivors. Available in six languages.
   Subjects: Armenian massacres, 1915-1923...
   Created by dlm

   The David Claypool Johnston Collection
   A brief biography and samples of this American artist's
   satires, drawings, watercolors, portraits, political prints,
   and other illustrations. Johnston, who worked mainly in
   Philadelphia and Boston in the 1800s, is best known for "his
   contribution to the early years of lithography in America"
   and for his humorous and satirical works on such topics as
   the militia, temperance, religion, and politics. An online
   exhibit from the collections of the American Antiquarian
   Society, Worcester, Massachusetts.
   Subjects: Johnston, David Claypoole, 1799-1865...
   Created by mg

   World-Wide Webs: String Figures From Around the World
   "You'll be amazed at what you can do with a simple loop of
   string." Offers an introduction to string figures,
   instructions for constructing a variety of string figures
   (and tips for untangling the string), and related print and
   online resources. String figure instructions are broken down
   by difficulty level, and are accompanied by photos.
   Subjects: String figures
   Created by dl

   Zoom into Maps
   An exploration of maps and their various uses, with sections
   for local geography, exploration and discovery, migration
   and settlement, environmental history, travel and
   transportation, military, pictorial, and unusual maps. Site
   includes "a graphic organizer, for analysis and note taking,
   and a set of guiding questions for each type of map." From
   the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
   Subjects: Maps
   Created by dl

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