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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for March 7, 2003

(Published one day late due to internal training activities)


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IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

First we feature seven sites to tickle your funny bone. Imagine
Abraham Lincoln with a laptop, using Microsoft Powerpoint to present
the Gettysburg Address!  

Then we resume regular programming.  Hobnob with Mr. Rogers, Linus
Pauling, and the Black Panthers, and meet authors Terry Trueman,
Claire Rudolf Murphy, Deborah Hopkinson, and Emily Dickinson.  
Explore a site dedicated to the new design for the World Trade Center,
then browse topics related to our armed forces, AIDS, elections,
storytelling, paralysis, the Irish Potato Famine, statistics about
women, the annexation of Hawaii, two Indian tribes, and presidential

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Learn about North Korea, Iraq, Iran, hockey, library instruction, and
the architect for the new World Trade Center.

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria,
  And our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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              FUN AND HUMOR


Computer Songs and Poems (Song and Poem
 Parodies with Computer Related Subjects)
   Featuring such lines as "Bye, bye to my Apple II pie" and
   "When I was a lad I served a term, As office boy in a
   computer firm," this site has hundreds of parodies. Nothing
   is sacred--among the original sources are Christmas,
   Beatles, and Monty Python songs, and the works of
   Chaucer, Milne, and Seuss. Indexed by parody title and
   author and by original performer or author.
   Subjects: Computers -- Humor...
   Created by mg

 The Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation
   The Gettysburg Address, reinterpreted in Microsoft
   Powerpoint. This garish presentation is replete with
   meaningless graphs, mind-numbing bullet points, and a list
   of "Key Objectives." From a computer scientist with a
   sense of humor.
   Subjects: Public speaking...
   Descriptors: liisilly
   Created by kgs

 The Peter Schickele/P.D.Q. Bach Web Site
   Find "crosspuzz wordles," concert and radio program
   schedules, and discography for Peter Schickele. This
   musician, musicologist, and parodist is best known for his
   radio program, Schickele Mix, and his alter ego, the mythical
   eighteenth century composer P.D.Q. Bach, but his oeuvre is
   extensive and multi-faceted. The site features biographies
   for Mr. Schickele and Herr Bach.
   Subjects: Musicians -- United States...
   Created by kgs

 Card Trick Central
   Instructions for easy and intermediate card tricks of all
   kinds. Access to the hard ones requires a password
   obtained by contributing a card trick and passing a
   two-question quiz.
   Subjects: Card tricks
   Created by pf

 Google (Klingon Version)/Google tlhIngan Hol
   A version of the Google search engine in Klingon, a
   language originally developed for use in Star Trek movies.
   Subjects: Web search engines -- Humor...
   Created by kgs

 The Last Page of the Internet
   A prescription for our times.
   Subjects: Internet addiction -- Treatment...
   Created by wh

 The Library Cat
   Noel Peattie's brief gem about the nature of librarianship.
   Subjects: Library science -- Humor
   Created by wh

      We now resume regular programming and present...
               NEW THIS WEEK


Selected Design for the World Trade Center Site
   This site presents the new World Trade Center site design,
   introducing its 1776-foot spire and the "Gardens of the
   World." Includes dozens of slides of architectural plans
   from the firm Daniel Libeskind, as well as images of the
   Individual Elements. From the Lower Manhattan
   Development Corporation (LMDC).
   Subjects: World Trade Center (New York, N.Y.) ...
   Created by jh

 Terry Trueman
   This site contains information about the literary works of
   Terry Trueman plus a brief biography, resumé, some of his
   poems, and information about his work as a guest
   speaker. A companion site, TruemanNews, linked to this
   site, features news and current events about Terry.
   Subjects: Authors, American -- Washington (State)...
   Created by mrm
   The site "offers free resources to serve, connect, and
   inform the 30 million Americans with military affinity..."
   including veterans and family members. A free membership
   for those affiliated provides e-mail, a buddy list, job search,
   GI Bill news, and other services. Other users will find news,
   military career information, links to education and
   scholarship sites, military discounts, and much more.
   Subjects: United States -- Armed Forces
   Created by smb

 A Tradition of Independence: A Timeline of
 Voting and Elections in Washington State
   This timeline highlights milestones in voting and election
   procedures in Washington State. There is also a pictorial
   feature on Historic County Courthouses of Washington State
   and links to biographies of all Washington Secretaries of
   State. From the office of the Washington Secretary of
   Subjects: Voting -- Washington (State)...
   Created by jfp

   This site provides access to U.S. Department of Health and
   Human Services HIV/AIDS resources and publications for
   patients, health care providers, students, and researchers.
   It includes information on HIV guidelines, anti-HIV drugs,
   and clinical trials on HIV/AIDS and HIV vaccines. The site
   also has a searchable Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
   (in English and Spanish) and links to related resources.
   Subjects: AIDS (Disease)...
   Created by lcw

The Black Panther Party's Struggle for Social
   Extensive resources on the social agenda and activism
   programs of the Black Panther Party. Background
   information includes Party chronology, maps, photographs,
   discussion of the role of women, film list, links to literary
   material, and more. From the California Heritage Project of
   the University of California, Berkeley Library, and the Urban
   Dreams Project of the Oakland Unified School District,
   Oakland, California.
   Subjects: Black Panther Party...
   Created by dlb

 Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS)
   This site defines "digital storytelling," and provides articles
   and case studies about the process. There are also links to
   related Web pages, some providing examples of digital
   storytelling projects. There is also has information about
   the center's workshops and other resources to aid
   individuals and organizations in "using digital media to tell
   meaningful stories...." The center is located in Berkeley,
   Subjects: Storytelling...
   Created by rmr

 Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource
   The mission of this Web site is "to provide a
   comprehensive, national source of information for people
   living with paralysis and their caregivers to promote health,
   foster involvement in the community, and improve quality
   of life." It includes information and links on research, active
   living, rehabilitation, tools and technology, travel, and
   understanding state, federal, and other assistance
   Subjects: Reeve, Christopher, 1952-
   Created by ml

 Claire Rudolf Murphy: Author/Instructor
   The site for this children's author who specializes in
   Alaskan and Northwest history contains excerpts from her
   books, a biography, FAQ, information on presentations and
   school visits, and an excellent set of tips for young and
   not-so-young-writers which includes activities and writing
   Subjects: Murphy, Claire Rudolph, 1951-...
   Created by mrm

 Colville Tribes Official Website
   This official tribal Web site has current information about
   the tribe?s government, its business council, and current
   job listings. Also includes a tribal government telephone
   book and current events page.
   Subjects: Indians of North America -- Washington (State)...
   Created by ras

 Deborah Hopkinson: Children's Author
   The Web site by this Walla Walla, Washington, author of
   historical picture books and novels includes biographical,
   contact, and public appearance information as well as brief
   summaries of her books, lesson plans for many of the
   books, and links to topics related to her books--quilting,
   the Underground Railroad, Kansas, lighthouses, bluebirds,
   astronomy, cooking, and historical fiction.
   Subjects: Authors, American -- Washington (State)...
   Created by mrm

 Dickinson Electronic Archives
   Visitors to this site can view original handwritten poems,
   letters, and other works by Emily Dickinson and some of
   her associates. Includes Teaching With the Archives, and
   links to related resources.
   Subjects: Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886...
   Created by dlb

 Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA
   This site explores one of the greatest scientific
   achievements of the twentieth century: the legendary race
   for the discovery of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid,
   or DNA, the basic foundation of life. Features over 800
   scanned manuscripts, letters, communications,
   photographs, audio clips, video excerpts, and rare
   documents never previously displayed. Includes a
   chronological illustrated narrative written from Linus
   Pauling's perspective. From the Ava Helen and Linus
   Pauling Papers, Valley Library, Oregon State University.
   Subjects: DNA...
   Created by dlb

 Quinnipiac University's Great Hunger Room:
 Links to Resources on The Irish Famine
   This site has digitized texts from the 1800s, plus links to
   other texts, other Irish potato famine sites, and some
   general Irish and Celtic sites. The "Virtual Tour" is an
   illustrated brochure about the room and the collection, with
   a few facts about the famine and several images of
   sculptures commemorating the famine. Some materials are
   in large files and may be slow to load. From the Arnold
   Bernhard Library, Quinnipiac University, Hamden,
   Subjects: Ireland -- History -- Famine, 1845-1852...
   Created by mg

 Tax Return Information and Local Sales and Use
 Tax Changes
   This document provides a single itemized list combining
   state, county, municipal, and special district sales and use
   tax rates and location codes for Washington State. From
   The State Department of Revenue. Opens directly into PDF
   file; Adobe Acrobat Reader required.
   Subjects: Sales tax -- Washington (State)...
   Created by kb1
 The 2003 Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Kit
   This site features information on the 2003 Earned Income
   Credit Campaign, a national effort to help low-income
   working families and individuals claim tax credits for which
   they qualify. Interested organizations may order one free
   copy of the kit, which includes outreach strategy ideas
   such as posters, flyers, envelope stuffers, and required tax
   forms. The site is available in English and Spanish, and
   portions of the kit have been translated into more than 18
   different languages.
   Subjects: Income tax -- United States...
   Created by sf

 The Kalispel Tribe of Indians
   This official web site of the Kalipsel tribe contains
   information about the tribal government, social services,
   and businesses on the Kalispel reservation located in
   eastern Washington near Cusick. A short tribal history is
   given, as well as links to tribal natural resources and
   education pages.
   Subjects: Indians of North America -- Washington (State)...
   Created by ras

 Business E-Government Information Network
   Find business license application forms and regulations for
   cities in Washington State. BEGINWA has access to
   licensing materials for over 150 cities, listed alphabetically
   by city and county. Maintained by the Municipal Research &
   Services Center of Washington.
   Subjects: Business enterprises -- Licenses...
   Created by kb1

 Census Bureau Facts for Figures: Women's
 History Month: March 1 - 31
   Facts and statistics regarding women, in topics such as
   earnings, education, jobs, motherhood, and more. From
   the U.S. Census Bureau.
   Subjects: Women -- United States -- Statistics...
   Created by cdt

 Computer Recovery Project
   "The Computer Recovery Project provides the residents
   and small businesses in King County, Washington, with
   reuse and recycling options for their used computer
   equipment." There is information on local and state
   recycling legislation, a FAQ on reuse and recycling, and a
   list of organizations that take used computer equipment
   for donation or resale.
   Subjects: Computers -- Reuse...
   Created by dbc

 Fred Rogers' Biography
   A biography and photo album of "Mr. Rogers," the
   cardigan-wearing television personality whose children's
   program, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, entertained children
   for over thirty years. Find information about his
   accomplishments (he was a composer, lyricist, author, and
   minister), numerous awards and honorary degrees, and
   induction into the Television Hall of Fame. Includes lists of
   books and articles by and about him.
   Subjects: Rogers, Fred, 1928-2003...
   Created by jh

 Presidential Baseball
   "Presidential Baseball is a multiple choice quiz in which one
   or more players test their knowledge to identify the
   baseball personalities that best parallel the careers of the
   presidents of the United States of America." Interesting
   links, a bibliography related to both baseball and the
   presidents, and a high score section are included. Requires
   Macromedia Flash Player.
   Subjects: Internet games...
   Created by mlc

 The Annexation of Hawaii: A Collection of
   A searchable collection of primary source material on the
   United States annexation of Hawaii (1893-1900). From the
   Hawaiian Collection of the University of Hawaii at Manoa
   Subjects: Hawaii -- History...
   Created by dl

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