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NEW THIS WEEK for March 20, 2003

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For resources related to the Iraq war, see:

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Find more resources related to Iraq, then hobnob with Hans Blix,
Samuel Pepys, and cowboy photographer Erwin E. Smith. Next, browse
sites about the League of Nations, the USA PATRIOT Act, library
funding, Borneo, orangutans, and a site dedicated to the new East
Span construction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

You'll stay alert as you stroll through sites related to sleep
disorders, children's Web sites, archives, and resources for the
blind and visually impaired.

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria,
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              NEW THIS WEEK

 Al's Iraq Resources
   Many valuable links to "news from and about Iraq,"
   including news agencies, Iraqi newspapers in Arabic
   and English, satellite television and radio sites, and
   more. Offers links to sites about the U.S. military
   build-up in the Iraqi region, and information on
   assisting U.S. military personnel. From journalist Al
   Tompkins of Poynter Online.
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by cdt

 AMICO: Art Museum Image Consortium
   A huge catalog of thumbnail images of over 100,000
   digitized works of art, text, and multimedia provided by
   a consortium of over 35 art museums around the world.
   Search by creator, creation date, and other key access
   points. Includes art forms from different cultures
   ranging from prehistoric to contemporary time periods.
   Provides extensive rights information for each image,
   reproduction request forms, links to publications, and
   institutional membership agreements.
   Subjects: Art...
   Created by sf

 Borneo Online
   This Web site's purpose is to provide information on
   and promote "the BIMP-EAGA region which consists of
   Malaysia's Sabah, Labuan , Sarawak, Brunei and
   Indonesia (Kalimantan)." Links are provided to
   business enterprises and opportunities, tourism, arts
   (including profiles and samples from local artists), world
   news, weather, the community, career opportunities,
   and educational and government institutions.
   Subjects: Borneo...
   Created by ttk

 California Literacy
   Founded in 1956, California Literacy's primary mission is
   "to establish literacy programs and to support them
   through tutor training, consulting, and ongoing
   education." Besides having information about California
   literacy sites statewide, searchable by county, it also
   includes downloadable ESL and civics education
   Subjects: Literacy -- California...
   Created by jwa

 Campaign to Save America's Libraries Tool Kit
   "On January 24, 2003, the American Library Association
   (ALA) launched the Campaign to Save America's
   Libraries. This nationwide campaign is necessary in light
   of impending budget cuts that could severely curtail
   services and programs available to the majority of
   Americans who use libraries." Includes timelines,
   scheduled events, sample op-ed pieces and letters to
   newspaper editors, download-to-print materials, and
   much more.
   Subjects: Library finance...
   Created by kgs

 Cowboy Photographer: Erwin E. Smith
   This site is a tribute to early twentieth century
   photojournalist Erwin E. Smith, who worked as a
   cowhand and photographed American cowboy life.
   Visitors can view an online collection of over 750
   photographs, which "capture both the rugged realities
   and the romance of life on the open range." Includes a
   teaching guide, glossary, and bibliography. From the
   Amon Carter Museum.
   Subjects: Smith, Erwin E. (Erwin Evans), 1886-1947...
   Created by sf

 Crisis in Iraq: News, Analysis and Multimedia
   News, analysis, key documents, resources, links,
   information about U.S. regime-change policy for Iraq,
   and information about experts and events. Excellent
   site from the Carnegie Endowment for International
   Subjects: United States -- Foreign relations -- Iraq...
   Created by cdt

 Evaluating Health Information on the Internet
 How Good Are Your Sources?
   Although geared to retirees, this is a succinct primer for
   evaluating not only health, but also most online
   information. The first section reminds the consumer to
   check the source of the information, try to confirm it
   with another reputable source, check citations for
   credibility and currency, and recognize that scams often
   appear too good to be true or urge immediate action.
   The second section includes links to reputable online
   health resources.
   Subjects: Health...
   Created by slr

 Finding Reliable Military Sources on the Web
   Annotated list of military and related sites with
   "information about the military, its structure,
   deployment and equipment, as well as the men and
   women filling the ranks....Each of these sites has been
   monitored over time. Some of the material been
   cross-referenced, and some attribution checked." From
   the Associated Press Institute.
   Subjects: Armed Forces -- Web sites...
   Created by cdt

 Iraq: Data, Forecasts, Country Analysis Brief
 and Other Analyses
   Oil-related information regarding Iraq, including facts,
   forecasts, and analyses. Country Analysis Brief contains
   a great deal of both historical and current detailed
   information. From the National Energy Information
   Center at the Department of Energy.
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by cdt

 Iraq: Related Readings
   Links to papers, reports, and articles on all aspects of
   the Iraq conflict. Particularly valuable for its
   perspectives from the Bush administration, U.S.
   Congress, United Nations, and allies of the United
   States. From the Council on Foreign Relations.
   Subjects: Iraq -- Foreign relations...
   Created by cdt

 Latest Funding Cuts [To Libraries]
   Lists states that "have reported to the American Library
   Association that the state library and/or academic,
   public or school libraries are facing cutbacks. The ALA
   continues to gather data and anecdotal stories and will
   add and update information as it becomes available."
   Select state from map, or browse alphabetically by
   state. Includes contact information for submitting
   Subjects: Library finance...
   Created by kgs

 League of Nations: Statistical and
 Disarmament Documents
   This digital collection contains the full text of 260
   League of Nations documents, with a focus on the
   "League of Nations Statistical and Disarmament
   Documents." Topics include "the founding of the
   League, international statistics published by the
   League, and the League's work toward international
   disarmament." The site provides a research guide and
   links to related library collections. In English and
   French, from Northwestern University Library,
   Government Publications and Maps.
   Subjects: League of Nations...
   Created by sf

 New Bay
   "This site illustrates and describes every phase of the
   new East Span construction" of the San
   Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Includes articles and
   photo galleries about all aspects of the construction
   process, individuals involved in the project, and history
   of the original bridge. Project drawings, primary
   documents, links to historical photos, study materials
   for middle school, glossary of bridge building terms.
   New material will be added as the construction
   Subjects: San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge...
   Created by ml

 Operation Liberty Shield
   This site outlines an enhanced national security plan,
   Operation Liberty Shield, developed by the office of the
   United States Homeland Security to protect against
   terrorist attacks on the U.S. The plan includes
   increasing the security of the nation's infrastructure,
   borders, transportation, health and food systems, and
   enhanced monitoring of financial and payment systems,
   and the Internet.
   Subjects: National security -- United States...
   Created by jh

 Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)
   "You will learn about the Great Red Ape and what we
   are doing to study and conserve them....The mission of
   the [OFI] is to support the conservation and
   understanding of the orangutan and its rain forest
   habitat while caring for ex-captive individuals as they
   make their way back to the forest." The Web site also
   describes tours and volunteer opportunities and
   various projects of the foundation sponsors and has an
   extensive image gallery.
   Subjects: Orangutan
   Created by ttk

 Profile: Hans Blix
   A brief biography of the man appointed by the United
   Nations to lead the weapon inspections in Iraq that
   started in 2002. Part of the BBC News Conflict with Iraq
   reports, this article written in September 2002 links to
   more recent reports.
   Subjects: Blix, Hans...
   Created by wh

 Resolution In Support of User Privacy and
 Freedom of Information in Libraries
   Text of the resolution passed by the California Library
   Association (CLA) in 2003 that in light of the USA
   PATRIOT Act condemns "any current and future
   legislation that erodes privacy, information access and
   Constitutional rights and opposes the use of
   governmental power to suppress the free and open
   exchange of information and ideas."
   Subjects: California Library Association...
   Created by kgs

 San Francisco 3958 Picture Virtual Tour
   Discover San Francisco with this "interactive photo
   documentary virtual city tour" comprised of 3,958
   photographs. Caution: most images are very large; this
   site may not work with older browsers.
   Subjects: San Francisco (Calif.) -- Tours...
   Created by dlb

 Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act
   "If you're a reserve component service member called
   to active duty, you're protected by a law that can save
   you some legal problems and possibly some money as
   well." The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act (SSCRA)
   can provide such benefits as "reduced interest rate on
   mortgage payments, reduced interest rate on credit
   card debt, protection from eviction....and delay of...civil
   court actions." From the Department of Defense (DOD).
   Subjects: Soldiers -- Civil status -- United States...
   Created by kgs

 Talking With Kids About War and Violence
   This "guide can help you develop effective ways to
   communicate with your children, monitor their exposure
   to news, and soothe their fears." Particularly nice Age
   by Age section, with "tips on limiting media exposure,
   recognizing signs of stress, and how each age
   interprets war and violence." From the Public
   Broadcasting System (PBS).
   Subjects: Parenting...
   Created by kgs

 TEAMS Middle English Texts
   This site contains hundreds of Middle English texts
   including lyrics, poems, and tales such as "The
   Prophecy of Merlin," and "Robyn Hod and the Shryff off
   Notyngham." Each text is edited to "maintain the
   linguistic integrity of the original works," and includes
   notes, translations, and an introduction. From the
   Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages
   (TEAMS), the University of Rochester (New York), and
   Medieval Institute Publications.
   Subjects: English literature...
   Created by sf

 The Diary of Samuel Pepys
   "A presentation of the diaries of Samuel Pepys, the
   renowned 17th century diarist who lived in London,
   England." A new entry is published each day, beginning
   January 1 2003. Background information about the
   period and people is linked to the text and readers are
   invited to provide annotations.
   Subjects: Pepys, Samuel, 1633-1703...
   Created by pf

 The World Factbook: Iraq
   Key facts, maps, statistics, demographics, and a
   nutshell history of Iraq. From The World Factbook,
   published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency
   Subjects: Iraq
   Created by kgs

   "Making long URLs postable!" Use this nifty free tool to
   "create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings
   and never expires." Can also be used within Web sites
   for redirection within the site.
   Subjects: Web sites -- Design...
   Created by ml

 Totally Absurd Inventions: America's Goofiest
   Enjoy the humorous and absurd inventions featured at
   this site, which is updated weekly with new material
   and offers an archive that contains dozens of illustrated
   inventions, each cited with its official patent number
   and year. Includes links to Golf's Goofiest Gadgets,
   inventor services, the Rothschild Petersen Patent Model
   Museum, and the United States Patent and Trademark
   Office with information on patents, trademarks,
   copyrights, and more.
   Subjects: Inventions -- Humor
   Created by jh

 Vegetarian Diets: Position of ADA
   This site contains the official position statement of the
   American Dietetic Association (ADA) that "appropriately
   planned vegetarian diets are healthful, are nutritionally
   adequate, and provide health benefits in the
   prevention and treatment of certain diseases." Includes
   information on the different types of vegetarian eating
   patterns, health implications of vegetarianism,
   nutritional considerations for vegetarians,
   vegetarianism throughout various stages of life, meal
   planning, and a food guide pyramid for vegetarian meal
   planning. From the American Dietetic Association.
   Subjects: Vegetarianism
   Created by jm

 Women's History Month
   A "timeline of key events in the American Women's
   Rights Movement" from 1848 to 1994.
   Subjects: Women's rights -- United States
   Created by cdt

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