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NEW THIS WEEK for March 13, 2003

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Explore Web resources from Baghdad to butterflies, poppies to poets,
grizzly bears to grizzled librarians, and elephants to the environment.
We offer sites on a wide variety of perspectives related to Iraq.

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Elections, atoms, nutrition, hospices, and more.

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               NEW THIS WEEK


 Alfred Stieglitz
   Companion to a documentary (part of the PBS American
   Masters series) about photographer and art impresario
   Alfred Stieglitz whose work influenced American art and
   culture in the early twentieth century. Includes an
   essay about Stieglitz, a timeline of his career, filmmaker
   interview, and video clips of footage not included in the
   original documentary. With links to sites featuring work
   by Stieglitz and his artist associates.
   Subjects: Stieglitz, Alfred, 1864-1946...
   Created by bkl

 Apparatus of Lies: Saddam's Disinformation
 and Propaganda, 1990-2003
   "Apparatus of Lies discusses the lies that Iraq has used
   to promote its propaganda and disinformation." The
   site includes a downloadable PDF version and related
   links. From the Office of the President of the United States.
   Subjects: Propaganda -- Iraq...
   Created by kgs
   Entries in this online directory include links to sites
   maintained by authors and their publishers. There are
   also links to e-mail newsletter subscription forms.
   Browsable by author or genre. From the Book Report Network.
   Subjects: Authors
   Created by sf

 BBC News: Key Maps
   Clickable map of the Middle East region showing military
   build-up, presidential palaces, dissidents, oilfields,
   weapons, etc. Iraq Navigator, is a more detailed,
   animated map that allows viewers to choose which
   elements to display. From BBC News.
   Subjects: Iraq -- Maps...
   Created by cdt

 BBC News: Military Fact Files
   Information on military forces of the U.K., U.S., and Iraq,
   and the missile defenses of Israel. Browse by
   firepower, biochemical weapons, forces, and equipment
   for air, land, and sea. Also provides information on
   biological warfare, including delivery, storage,
   transport, spread, detection, protective equipment,
   antidotes, and proliferation. From BBC News.
   Subjects: United States -- Armed Forces...
   Created by cdt

 Butterflies of California: California Dogface
 (Zerene eurydice)
   The information here about California's state insect
   includes habitat, caterpillar host, and Nature
   Conservancy global rank.
   Subjects: Butterflies
   Created by wh

 California Poet Laureate
   A brief history of the state's poets laureate from the
   Santa Cruz Public Library.
   Subjects: Poets laureate -- California
   Created by wh

 CalPhotos: California Poppies
   Visitors to this site can view over 100 images of the
   California state wild flower, the California Poppy,
   Eschscholzia californica. Each image has a link to more
   information, which includes photographer name,
   creation date and location, copyright usage guidelines,
   additional plant information, links to other database
   systems, and external links to related sites on the
   Internet. From the University of California, Digital
   Library Project.
   Subjects: California poppy...
   Created by dlb

 Celebrating Diversity: Women Energize an
 Atomic World
   "This site highlights and celebrates the contribution of
   women in the nuclear field." Read or listen to the
   women of IAEA profile their stories of challenges to
   balance home and work. Includes statistics on the
   number of women in the nuclear industry, the efforts to
   educate and include women in the industry, and how
   nuclear science is used to help impoverished women.
   From the International Atomic Energy Agency.
   Subjects: Nuclear industry...
   Created by jh

 Center on Conscience and War (CCW)
   "CCW works to defend and extend the rights of
   conscientious objectors." Formerly called the National
   Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors
   (NISBCO), they provide public education, counseling,
   legal support, and loans to men barred from receiving
   state or federal financial aid due to refusal to register
   with Selective Service. The site has not been updated
   in some time, but it has useful articles to help in
   deciding about and documenting conscientious objection.
   Subjects: Draft registration -- United States...
   Created by mrm

 Crisis at Fort Sumter
   An "interactive historical simulation and decision making
   program" that allows the user to make decisions just
   as President Lincoln had to at the beginning of the Civil
   War. With an explanation of events and advice from the
   official advisors, the user chooses a course of action
   based upon the information provided. A fascinating
   exercise in history, public policy, and the political
   process. From a history professor at Tulane University.
   Subjects: United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865...
   Created by smb

 Dictionary of Newfoundland English Online
   The second edition (1982), plus supplements, of the
   Dictionary of Newfoundland English, a "regional lexicon of
   one of the oldest overseas communities of the
   English-speaking world: the lexicon of Newfoundland
   and coastal Labrador as it is displayed in the sources
   drawn upon in compiling the work, sources which range
   from sixteenth-century printed books to tape
   recordings of contemporary Newfoundland speakers."
   There are over 5,000 entries in this searchable and
   browsable collection.
   Subjects: English language -- Dialects...
   Created by wh

 EKU Department of Geography Web Links
   A collection of annotated Web links related to
   geography. It includes aerial and satellite imagery,
   country information, driving directions and street maps,
   global information systems (GIS), journals and
   magazines, mapping software, map publishers,
   vendors, online maps, atlases, professional
   associations, university departments, and U.S.
   government resources. From the Department of
   Geography at Eastern Kentucky University.
   Subjects: Geography
   Created by dl

 Grizzly Bears
   View a photo gallery of California's state animal, the
   grizzly bear, and learn the facts about the grizzly's
   habits and habitats. Tag along with scientists in A
   Typical Day of Bear-Watching, and find out about study
   tours. This is part of the larger Web site from the North
   American Bear Center.
   Subjects: Bears
   Created by dlb

 Guide to Santa Barbara Authors and
   The author section has brief information about writers
   who live or have lived in the Santa Barbara, California,
   area. Includes dates, career, and bibliographic
   information. The publisher section is a briefly annotated
   list of "publishers/presses and associated individuals
   located at one time or another in Santa Barbara." From
   the Department of Special Collections, Donald C.
   Davidson Library, University of California Santa Barbara
   Subjects: Authors -- California -- Santa Barbara...
   Created by mg

 Just War--Or a Just War?
   In this widely-distributed commentary on the potential
   conflict in Iraq, former President Jimmy Carter argues
   that "as a Christian and as a president who was
   severely provoked by international crises, I became
   thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and
   it is clear that a substantially unilateral attack on Iraq
   does not meet these standards."
   Subjects: Carter, Jimmy, 1924- -- Views on war...
   Created by kgs

   Collection of several hundred classical music scores
   available in various text formats, some with MIDI audio
   files. Browse by composer, instrument, or musical style,
   or search by keywords.
   Subjects: Music...
   Created by ct

 NewsLab Links for Journalists: Internet
 Resources for Covering Iraq
   Links to online resources for journalists covering the
   conflict with Iraq, focusing on the region and the work
   of war journalism. From NewsLab (a nonprofit
   organization associated with the Columbia University
   Graduate School of Journalism), the Project for
   Excellence in Journalism, and the Park Foundation.
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by cdt

 Revolting Librarians
   Several poems, stories, and essays by librarians. From
   a 1972 collection described as "one of the lasting
   monuments of the library underground....Thirty years
   on, its mixture of wild-eyed idealism and bleary-eyed
   realism is still a testament of solidarity with the
   enthusiastic, disgruntled or just plain bolshy librarian,
   the sort of thing that the Association of Assistant
   Librarians did so well before putting on a tie and
   becoming the Career Development Group."
   Subjects: Library science -- Philosophy...
   Created by mg

 Saddam Hussein's Iraq: A Decade of Defiance
 and Deception
   Resources related to the official White House position
   on Iraq. Includes Presidential remarks, key documents,
   press briefings, timelines, photos of Iraqi weapons
   facilities, remarks by cabinet members, and related
   links. From the Office of the President of the United
   Subjects: United States -- Foreign relations -- Iraq...
   Created by kgs

 San Francisco Free Help Charts
   Local resource for free food, shelter, medical aid, and
   help with neighborhood problems in San Francisco from
   the Free Print Shop. These informative charts are in
   English and Spanish and can be downloaded or printed.
   Subjects: Community information services -- California...
   Created by jhg

 SDN: Student Doctor Network
   "SDN is run by a small group of unpaid volunteers that
   are dedicated to providing students unbiased
   information." The site aims to provide information to
   those applying to medical and dental schools. There are
   student forums on a great number of topics, online
   diaries of students in different years of med school,
   information on test-taking and financial aid, and help in
   writing application essays. You can read interview
   experiences of students applying to different schools.
   Subjects: College choice...
   Created by ha

 State Bird of California
   This site features the state bird of California, the valley
   quail, Lophortyx californica. It examines its habits and
   habitats, and includes an image. Male and female
   specimens are described in an excerpt from John James
   Audubon's work The Birds of America. From
   Subjects: Quails...
   Created by dlb

 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work
   This site provides information about Take Our Daughters
   And Sons To Work Day (held the fourth Thursday in
   April). The program focuses on expanding future
   opportunities for children in their work and family lives.
   Includes scheduled activities, press links, gifts, and
   resources for teachers, parents, and mentors.
   Sponsored by the Ms. Foundation for Women.
   Subjects: Parent and child...
   Created by jh

 The Elephant Sanctuary
   This is the Web site of "America's first natural habitat
   refuge developed specifically for endangered Asian
   elephants." Resources include an "EleCam," information
   about elephants, a photo gallery, elephant biographies,
   global elephant news, school curriculum units, and a
   newsletter. The Sanctuary, located in Hohenwald,
   Tennessee, is a non-profit "designed specifically for old,
   sick, or needy elephants who have been retired from
   zoos and circuses."
   Subjects: Elephants...
   Created by ttk

 The International Archive of Women in
   A collection of "professional papers of women
   architects, landscape architects, designers,
   architectural historians and critics, and urban planners,
   and the records of women's architectural organizations,
   from around the world." The site includes about 800
   images of architects and their works, biographical
   information (under Inventories to Architectural
   Collections as well as the biographical directory), and
   information on the Milka Bliznakov Prize. From the
   libraries and architecture school at Virginia Polytechnic
   Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).
   Subjects: Architecture...
   Created by cb

 The Klingon Language Institute
   "That's right, Klingon. Those bumpy headed aliens of
   Star Trek really have their own language, one which
   has far outgrown mere television and film....Our site
   has information and resources to interest both skeptic
   and enthusiast alike." Includes history, basic phrases,
   writing and pronunciation tips, new words (not in the
   official dictionary), FAQ, and a discussion group.
   Subjects: Klingon (Artificial language)
   Created by mg

 The Lesson of Iraq
   Historical perspective from an article by William R. Polk
   which appeared in the December 1958 issue of The
   Atlantic Monthly.
   Subjects: Iraq -- History...
   Created by cdt

 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program
   This is an "EPA [Environmental Protection Agency]
   database that contains information on toxic chemical
   releases and other waste management activities
   reported annually by certain covered industry groups
   as well as federal facilities." Searchable by zip code,
   and users can create release, waste water, and waste
   transport reports by geographical location, chemical or
   chemical group released, industry, and year of data.
   Subjects: United States. Environmental Protection Agency...
   Created by cb

 Volunteer Center of San Francisco (VCSF)
   A clearinghouse of volunteer information for San
   Francisco nonprofit organizations, individuals, city
   agencies, and other civic groups, VCSF also develops
   more specialized programs for people with disabilities,
   youth, corporate volunteers, potential board members,
   and more. The site has a searchable database of
   organizations desiring volunteer, lists of specific
   volunteer opportunities, advice for nonprofits on
   recruiting and working with volunteers, and other
   information, some of which is also provided in Spanish.
   Subjects: Voluntarism...
   Created by jhg

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