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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for January 9, 2003

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In New This Week (the list below, also at ),

Get your two bits' worth in about the proposed designs for the
California quarter, then browse sites related to drinks, hangovers,
diets, Harry Potter, peace action, puns, weather, writers,
chemistry, Cleopatra, freedom of information, and marine mammals.

Resources with a Pacific flavor include a San Francisco commercial
property locator, California environmental documents, and a site
featuring salmon spawning information for the Puget Sound.

More New This Week ( ) --

Another luscious bumper crop from organizations within the University
of California system.  Feast your eyes on cathedrals and burlesque
entertainers, click your way through a database of Box Brownie
cameras, then visit gods, goddesses, and women photographers.

Bon appetit!

Karen G. Schneider, Coordinator,
Martha Gifford, Wendy Hyman, Pat Fell, & Bill Moseley
Tom McGibney & Maria Brandt, Project Editors
And over 100 contributors!

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All About Hangovers
   Before you "experience the self-induced pain of a hangover,"
   examine the causes, symptoms, preventions, and cures
   presented on this site. Hangover Links raises common
   questions on drinking and provides helpful answers to
   eliminate the plight of the "pink elephant" syndrome.
   Subjects: Alcohol -- Physiological effect...
   Created by jh

 California Quarter Design Concept Finalist Poll
   See the top twenty designs for the Golden State's quarter,
   and tell Governor Davis which one you like best. He will
   select five and send his choices to the U.S. Mint, and the
   Mint will then "review and revise the five designs to meet
   the appropriateness and coinability criteria." Suggested
   designs feature surfers, goldminers, and (in at least ten of
   the images) the Golden Gate Bridge.
   Subjects: Quarter-dollar...
   Created by kgs

 Chemistry-Based QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, GIF
 Animations, and Streaming Audio
   A collection of "animations [that] support the teaching of
   concepts in chemistry in freshman through graduate level
   courses." Concepts include chemiluminescence,
   electrophoresis, gas chromatography, spectroscopy, and
   more. From a professor at Sam Houston State University,
   Subjects: Chemistry...
   Created by dl

 Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World
   "An interactive guide to the Ancient Art Collection of The Art
   Institute of Chicago" that focuses on the three cultures of
   the ancient Mediterranean: Italy, Egypt, and Greece.
   Eighteen objects are featured, each with close-up views and
   related stories in audio. There are also a timeline, glossary
   which comes with an audio pronunciation guide, maps, and
   lesson plans for grades 4 through 12. Also available in
   Spanish, except for the audio files and lesson plans.
   Subjects: Art, Ancient...
   Created by dl

 Computer Science
   An annotated collection of links arranged by category.
   Included are dictionaries, encyclopedias, electronic journals,
   algorithm collections, associations, organization, societies,
   programming languages, courses, tutorials, employment,
   and much more. New items and those only accessible
   through the University of Albany are indicated. From the
   University at Albany Libraries.
   Subjects: Computer science -- Directories
   Created by dl

 Diets of the World
   Four global diets are presented to entice Americans towards
   healthier bodies: Chinese, concentrating on disease-fighting
   antioxidants and phytochemicals foods; French, employing
   less speed-eating and reducing nonnutritious snacks;
   Japanese, promoting visual appeal and reverence; and
   Mediterranean, stressing vegetarian and "greens." Tips on
   stocking the pantry and recipes are provided "to adapt
   healthy global cuisines to American tastes."
   Subjects: Nutrition...
   Created by jh

   A collection of over 2,500 "documents, maps, articles, and
   reports on the California environment including
   Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), educational
   pamphlets, water usage bulletins, and county plans."
   Browsable, and searchable by keyword, title, author, and
   document type. From the Digital Library Project, University
   of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: California -- Environmental conditions...
   Created by tm

   This site on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has a
   guide to state public records laws, sample FOIA request and
   appeal letters, links to the text of the act and other online
   resources, a bibliography, and a FAQ. From a legal firm
   specializing in FOIA issues.
   Subjects: Freedom of information...
   Created by mg

 FRAC: Food Research and Action Center
   "The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) is a leading
   national organization working to improve public policies to
   eradicate hunger and undernutrition in the United States."
   Its Web site provides statistics on hunger, information on
   government programs such as food stamps and WIC, news,
   and analyses of reports.
   Subjects: Hunger...
   Created by sf

 International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War
 and End Racism)
   International A.N.S.W.E.R. focuses its efforts on opposing
   U.S. war with Iraq. Activities include organizing mass
   demonstrations (such as the January 18, 2003 march and
   rally in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere). The Web site
   includes information about local and regional organizing
   centers, flyers to download, a list of endorsers, and the
   "scenarios" motivating these activities.
   Subjects: War on Terrorism, 2001- -- Underground movements...
   Created by kgs

 International High IQ Society
   Puzzles and IQ tests from this group that welcomes "people
   from all walks of life who have an IQ in the top five percent
   of the population and who want to be part of our global
   community" on the Internet.
   Subjects: Puzzles...
   Created by sf

 Mascagni: Images from Anatomia Universa
   Paolo Mascagni (1725-1815) created Anatomia Universa, a
   series of 88 plates depicting human anatomy in detail. The
   plates are so large that they have never been bound. The
   site shows the 44 hand-colored plates, digitized to allow
   users to view them interactively; there is also information
   on Mascagni's career and publications. This beautiful
   resource is from the University of Iowa's Hardin Library.
   Subjects: Mascagni, Paolo, 1755-1815...
   Created by bb
   Developed for both students and teachers, this multicultural
   site contains a collection of picture books in English, French,
   and Spanish. There are suggested curricula for each story for
   the respective languages as well as related links.
   Subjects: Children's literature...
   Created by dl

 Musée Mécanique Online
   Information and a virtual exhibit for "one of the largest
   privately owned collections of Antique coin-operated
   automatic mechanical musical instruments in the world,"
   located at Pier 45 in San Francisco.
   Subjects: Mechanical musical instruments...
   Created by kgs

 National Network to End the War Against Iraq
   "A nation-wide coalition of over 140 peace and justice,
   student and faith-based organizations" united in opposition
   to U.S. conflict with Iraq. Includes information about current
   and past actions, positions, members, news links, and
   Subjects: Peace movements...
   Created by kgs

 Neurosurgical Diseases and Disorders
   Includes information on traumatic brain injury, brain tumors,
   epilepsy, stroke, adult hydrocephalus, movement disorders,
   neuroendoscopic disorders, pain syndromes, pediatric
   conditions, peripheral nerve disorders, and spinal disorders.
   From the Department of Surgery, University of California,
   Los Angeles.
   Subjects: Nervous system -- Diseases...
   Created by tm

 Not In Our Name Bay Area
   The Bay Area chapter for an organization of "people of
   conscience who cannot stand silent as our government
   wages war without limits of time and space." The current
   focus of Not In Our Name is the possibility of conflict with
   Iraq. Includes an events calendar, history of recent
   protests, a Statement of Conscience, a Pledge of
   Resistance, contact information, and other resources.
   Subjects: War on Terrorism, 2001- ...
   Created by kgs

 Puns Galore
   Those who enjoy plays on words will appreciate this
   searchable and browsable collection of over 500 puns. There
   are also a random pun generator and related links.
   Subjects: Puns and punning...
   Created by dl

 Salmon Spawning in the South Puget Sound Region
   Find out what type of salmon spawn when and where in
   Washington's South Puget Sound region. Photos of salmon,
   peak spawning dates, and driving directions are followed by
   links to information on the salmon life cycle and migration
   routes. From the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement
   Group, whose mission is to increase salmon populations
   "through habitat restoration, community education, and fish
   production activities."
   Subjects: Salmon...
   Created by btb

 Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection
   Contains a biography, filmography, articles, quotes from
   critics, and a list of books by and about Satyajit Ray. Also
   features artwork of the Indian film director. From the
   University of California, Santa Cruz.
   Subjects: Ray, Satyajit, 1921-1992...
   Created by tm

 SF Prospector
   Allows users to identify available commercial property in
   San Francisco by using a geographic information system
   (GIS) database with interactive maps. Also calculates
   current demographic/economic statistics and business
   counts (including business types, names, and addresses) for
   specific locations and/or geographically by zip code,
   neighborhood, redevelopment area, or supervisorial district.
   Subjects: Commercial real estate -- California...
   Created by dmp

 Tasting Wine
   "Everything about wine tasting: wine terms, vintage charts,
   food and wine, serving wine, tasting wine, wine glasses,
   and more."
   Subjects: Wine tasting...
   Created by jh

 The History of Beer
   Using simple terms this site explains the history of beer,
   the brewing process, its various styles, and the growing
   craft industry, including homemade and specialty beers,
   brewpubs, and cooking with beer.
   Subjects: Beverages...
   Created by jh

 The History of Cider
   From "sweet cider" to "hard cider," cider production is
   straightforwardly explained. The site provides information
   on both its origins and its current popularity, including the
   cider regions of the world. The "core" of good cider making
   starts with a good apple.
   Subjects: Beverages...
   Created by jh

 The History of Whisky
   This site outlines the origin of whiskey (whisky, in most of
   the U.K.), the methods of distillation from blends of grain
   (barley, corn, maize, wheat, and/or rye), and its enduring
   popularity from time immemorial to the present.
   Additionally, it differentiates among the types, varieties,
   and characters among the American, Irish, and Scottish
   blends and explains the growing trend of whiskey popularity
   and production globally.
   Subjects: Beverages...
   Created by jh

 The Marine Mammal Center
   This Northern California non-profit organization works
   through rescue, research, and education programs to
   "recognize human interdependence with marine mammals
   [and] foster their survival and the conservation of their
   habitat." Includes news, a FAQ, related links, and a guide,
   What to do if you find a stranded marine mammal.
   Subjects: Marine mammals...
   Created by lcw

 The Paleontological Institute of the Russian
 Academy of Science in Moscow, Russia
   An exhibit of photographs of the "world's largest
   paleontological institute." Topics include the architectural
   motifs of the institute, Mongolian dinosaurs, and
   Pleistocene and Tertiary mammals. From the Museum of
   Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: Paleontology...
   Created by tm

 The Sugar Quill
   This searchable archive of Harry Potter fan fiction (short
   stories based on J.K. Rowling's novels, written by devotees
   of the series) and art has the aim of "encouraging people of
   all ages to write, and to strive to become better writers, by
   allowing others to beta-read and make suggestions to help
   them." Potter enthusiasts are encouraged to "have fun and
   obsess freely" on several discussion forums relating to the
   books and the art of writing.
   Subjects: Potter, Harry (Fictitious character)...
   Created by dfs

 What's Up With the Weather?
   This site examines "the science and politics of one of the
   most controversial issues of the 21st century: the truth
   about global warming." Topics include fossil fuel
   consumption, the role ice cores play in our global
   environment, and predictions for "what would happen to the
   world's coastlines if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet melted."
   Includes a teacher's guide and a FAQ. A production of Nova
   and Frontline, programs produced by the Public Broadcasting
   System (PBS).
   Subjects: Climatic changes...
   Created by sf

 Writers on America
   "In what sense do you see yourself as an American writer?"
   was asked of novelists, critics, historians, and poets: Elmaz
   Abinader, Julia Alvarez, Robert Olen Butler, Michael Chabon,
   Billy Collins, Robert Creeley, David Herbert Donald, Richard
   Ford, Linda Hogan, Mark Jacobs, Charles Johnson, Bharati
   Mukherjee, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Robert Pinskey. Their
   responses reflect America's diversity, struggle, laughter,
   sorrow, and democracy. From the Office of International
   Information Programs of the U.S. Department of State.
   Subjects: Authors, American...
   Created by smb

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