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LII: Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for January 8, 2004


Tip of the Week: Updated Handout, "Keeping Up With New Web Resources"


We've overhauled our tip sheet, "Keeping Up With New Web Resources,"
which describes Web sites that, like LII, are useful for finding new
and newly-discovered Web sites. It includes a link to a handy
print-friendly version that you can use for personal reference,
training classes, library handouts, and so forth.


To read New This Week on the Web,  go to:

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IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

An intriguing potpourri of sites related to wine, strokes, SARS, Mars,
Rudyard Kipling, the disease caused by tippling, mad cow disease, and
the U.S. presidential election.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

More wine, more cows, more disease, and a few more sites.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors


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                              NEW THIS WEEK


    Wine Grape Network
    This site "for wine grape growers is a springboard for
    finding ways to improve farming techniques, facilitating
    communication with wineries, and keeping abreast of the
    marketplace." Features links to resources on growing grapes
    (topics include soils, irrigation, and pest and disease
    control), making wine (materials and regulations), marketing
    products (pricing and shipping), and grape exchanges (buying
    and selling). Searchable. Note: Events calendar is not
    regularly updated. From Pennsylvania State University.
    Subjects: Grapes...
    Created by je

    The 2004 US Presidential Election: A View From the Web
    Grid compares Web sites of 2004 presidential hopefuls,
    feature by feature. Includes links to individual
    politicians' sites. From PoliticalWeb.Info, a site that
    analyzes politics on the Web, and researchers "affiliated
    with at the University of Washington and
    SUNY Institute of Technology."
    Subjects: Presidents -- United States...
    Created by cdt

    Alcohol Problems and Solutions
    This site presents information about problems associated
    with alcohol consumption. Topics include alcohol facts and
    myths, links to state laws, advertising, youth issues
    (including minimum drinking ages throughout the world),
    drinking and driving, and health issues. Also includes a
    glossary covering beer, wine, and distilled spirits.
    Searchable. From an emeritus professor from the Sociology
    Department of the State University of New York at Potsdam.
    Subjects: Drinking of alcoholic beverages...
    Created by jh

    American Stroke Association
    This site provides information for both the professional and
    the layperson about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
    of stroke. The multimedia stroke information library
    provides a series of videos about treatment and
    rehabilitation techniques. The encyclopedia includes entries
    on topics such as cholesterol, smoking, and blood pressure.
    Searchable. From the American Stroke Association, a division
    of the American Heart Association.
    Subjects: Cerebrovascular disease
    Created by bb

    Basic Current Books: A Selected List of Current Wine Making
    and Grape Growing Books
    A brief but well-chosen list of core readings in the areas
    of wine making, grape growing, and wine history in the
    United States and Europe. From the Shields Library,
    University of California, Davis, "home to one of the finest
    collections of grape growing and wine making literature in
    the world."
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Bibliography...
    Created by kgs

    Beagle 2: The British Led Exploration of Mars
    "The Beagle 2 project is the British led effort to land on
    Mars as part of the European Space Agency's Mars Express
    Mission, launched in June 2003." This site provides
    information about the project, the science and technology
    involved with the project, and the planned landing, as well
    as press releases, news, a blog, resources, FAQs, and more.
    From the Open University in England.
    Subjects: Mars (Planet)...
    Created by cdt

    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), "Mad Cow Disease"
    Announcements, information, and resources on bovine
    spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or "mad cow disease," from
    the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).
    Discusses protection of livestock, pets, and the food
    Subjects: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy...
    Created by cdt

    Civet Cat
    Background information on the civet cat and its potential
    link to the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus
    in China. Includes a photograph of the animal. From the
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
    Subjects: Viverridae -- China...
    Created by cdt
    Web site for the advice service and radio program "dedicated
    to empowering the consumer through advice, education and
    problem resolution." Find advice on such topics as travel,
    cars, student loans, landlords, telephone service, and more.
    Includes examples of how to write a letter of complaint.
    Clark Howard, "America's consumer champion," is a regular on
    CNN's DayBreak, and is based in Atlanta. Searchable.
    Subjects: Consumer education...
    Created by smb

    CLIWOC: Climatological Database for the World's Oceans
    The primary aim of this project funded by the European Union
    "is to produce and make freely available for the scientific
    community the world's first daily oceanic climatological
    database for the period 1750 to 1850." Data has been
    obtained primarily through ships' logbooks "held in British,
    Dutch, French, Spanish and Argentinean archives." Site
    includes a database of transcribed weather information,
    maps, and a multilingual dictionary of wind force terms.
    Subjects: Marine meteorology -- History...
    Created by ha

    Consorzio Cal-Italia: California Wineries Producing Italian
    From a consortium of California vintners producing
    Italian-style wines using Italian wine grape varieties, this
    site includes descriptions of the wines typically produced
    from each variety, a directory of the members and their
    wines, and recipes paired with specific wines.
    Subjects: Wine and winemaking -- California...
    Created by pf

    Creating Superb Vegan Wine Sauces
    Recommendations and recipes for vegetarian wine sauces,
    including veloute, demiglaze, and red wine, white wine,
    port, Madeira, and mushroom sauces. From Vegetarians in
    Paradise, a Los Angeles vegetarian society.
    Subjects: Sauces...
    Created by je

  Dan Berger: On Wine
    Wine writings from Napa Valley Register columnist Dan
    Berger. Topics include selecting wine, bulk wine, champagne
    and sparkling wines, seasonal wine selections, and regional

    Subjects: Wine and winemaking
    Created by je

    ESA: European Space Agency
    Made up of 15 nations and headquartered in Paris, ESA seeks
    to "shape the development of Europes space capability." The
    site includes information about ESA and its programs, news,
    press releases, news from member countries, and multimedia
    galleries with audio, video, and photographs. Also features
    the home page for the Mars Express project. Searchable.
    Available in multiple languages.
    Subjects: European Space Agency...
    Created by cdt

    Flashbacks: A Century of Flight
    A sampling of historic articles from The Atlantic Monthly on
    the airplane, air travel, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and
    related topics. Includes excerpts of letters to and from the
    Wright brothers, and links to the complete text of some
    original articles.
    Subjects: Aeronautics -- History...
    Created by cdt

    HURIDOCS: Human Rights Documentation System, International
    The Web site for "a global network of organisations
    concerned with more effective ways of using information for
    the cause of human rights." Contains information about the
    organization's projects and initiatives, such as a
    searchable database of human rights information, use of XML
    (extensible markup language) to improve information flow,
    and standards for human rights information handling. Some
    materials available in French and Spanish. Searchable.
    Subjects: Human rights -- Information resources...
    Created by je

    Keeping Found Things Found (KFTF)
    KFTF is a research project of the Information School at the
    University of Washington. The project asks, "Once found, how
    are things organized for re-access and re-use later on? What
    can be done to avoid the need to repeat the [finding]
    process?" The "current research project focuses on ... World
    Wide Web use. Follow-on projects will look at ... email,
    electronic files and paper files." Includes publications and
    an online survey.
    Subjects: Information retrieval...
    Created by pf

    The Kipling Society
    The site features information about the life and works of
    Rudyard Kipling, poet and author of works such as "Just So
    Stories" and "Kim." Includes a brief biography, chronology,
    dozens of poems, scholarly articles, notes on Kipling's
    works, lists of works by and about Kipling, and a glossary
    of Hindustani, Urdi, and Hindi words found in Kipling's
    works. From the Kipling Society, a London-based membership
    organization and library founded in 1927.
    Subjects: Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936...
    Created by sf

    Kosher Wine ... A Little History
    This page from the Abarbanel Wine Company briefly explains
    what makes a wine kosher. It discusses the "Kashrut"
    (dietary law) regarding wine and describes kosher procedures
    for wine production and handling. It also addresses the
    place of wine in Jewish homes and religious services.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Religious aspects...
    Created by mrm

    This profile of Mars features facts, news, and photos.
    Includes information about missions, Canada's role in Mars
    exploration, the use of Canadian Arctic areas for space
    research, and an annotated timeline of Mars missions from
    the Soviet probes in the early 1960s to the present.
    Provides links to related stories and resources. From the
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
    Subjects: Mars (Planet)...
    Created by cdt

    Mars Exploration Rover Mission
    Home page for the "twin robot geologists," Spirit and
    Opportunity, and their mission to Mars to research the
    "history of water on the planet." Provides information about
    the mission and describes the science and technology
    involved. Offers pages designed for the press, educators,
    children, and students. Includes photos, news, and
    multimedia features. From NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
    Subjects: Mars (Planet) -- Exploration...
    Created by cdt
    "This Web site is designed to provide helpful information
    for every wine enthusiast who wants to learn more about
    Oregon's wonderful wines, and the wineries and grapes that
    produce them." Includes news, reviews, events, directories,
    educational articles, vineyard touring information, a forum,
    a free newsletter, and more.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Oregon...
    Created by cdt

    Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science: Viticulture
    "This page provides access to information on the World Wide
    Web related to Viticulture, a.k.a. grape growing, primarily
    in the United States of America." Covers reference tools,
    vineyard management, publications, organizations, research
    centers, government agencies, botany, grape pests and
    diseases, and regional information. From the Paul Evans
    Library of Fruit Science at Southwest Missouri State
    Subjects: Viticulture...
    Created by je

    Sake World
    Background information on sake (Japanese rice wine),
    including how it is made, sake types, and matching food with
    sake. Features a glossary, sake picks, and articles on
    brewing, history, and culture. Also provides brief
    information about shochu and awamori, two other alcoholic
    beverages from Japan. From a sake columnist and book author.
    Subjects: Rice wines...
    Created by je Wine
    Wine articles and resources from the San Francisco
    Chronicle, including news, columns, a directory of
    California wineries, Napa and Sonoma travel information, and
    features on cheeses, food pairing, bargain wines, wine
    selections, and wine culture. Also includes articles about
    spirits and cocktails. Searchable.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making...
    Created by je

    Taste California Travel
    This consumer-oriented Web magazine features "stories about
    California wineries, California travel, wine country
    destinations and events, wine reviews, and food, wine, and
    lodging news." Not searchable. From California Wine and Food
    Subjects: Tourism and gastronomy -- California...
    Created by jh

    U. S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: The 2004
    Presidential Election
    Special report "to mark the start of the 2004 presidential
    election season" provides facts and statistics relating to
    trends in voter registration and voter turnout based on the
    November 2000 election. Features information on turnout
    based on date of primary or caucus, and age and gender of
    voters. From the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Subjects: Voting -- United States -- Statistics...
    Created by cdt

    Vintage School: International Institute for Internet Wine
    This site offers a free introductory course about wine. A
    history unit includes chapters on Greece, Rome, Gaul, the
    Middle Ages, champagne, kosher wine, and Australian muscat.
    The course also discusses grape varieties and composition,
    vineyards, wine selection, regional wines, and palate
    priorities. Offers a glossary of wine tasting terms, essays,
    humor, a dictionary, and chat. Fee charged for additional
    courses beyond introductory unit. Searchable. From
    Australian wine merchants and scholars.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Study and teaching...
    Created by mrm

    The Wine Anorak
    Information for the wine hobbyist, covering topics such as
    buying, tasting, pairing wine with food, and traveling.
    Features book reviews, photos, a glossary, and annotated Web
    links. Searchable. From a London-based writer for wine
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Periodicals
    Created by je

    Wine Articles & Education
    Articles on topics such as pairing wine and food, planning a
    wine and cheese picnic, cooking with wine, wine flavors and
    aromas, and wine storage. Also features wine quotes, a list
    of wineries that produce organic wines, and data on wine
    bottle sizes and champagne sweetness. From Travel Envoy's
    Wine Guide.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making...
    Created by je

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