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NEW THIS WEEK for January 30, 2003

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We know you'll find a site that rings a bell for you!  Explore
China's laws, e-filing, tax refunds, walking, avalanches, textiles,
environmental compliance, a lavish site featuring temple bronzes,
sustainable agriculture, and information about the USA PATRIOT Act.

California sites feature business, Truckee, and Albany.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Hobnob with Dorothea Lange and Ralph Nader, then bug out over sites
featuring insects, field work, hedgehogs, a-bombs, and volcanoes.

Bon appetit!

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              NEW THIS WEEK

A Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the
 People's Republic of China (PRC)
   A guide to the legal systems and laws of the PRC (based
   on civil law) and of the Hong Kong (based on English
   common law) and Macao (based on Portuguese law)
   Special Administrative Regions. (Taiwan, with its own legal
   system, is not included.) The guide lists English and
   Chinese print and nonprint resources, arranged by topic,
   language, and format. Created by law librarians Wei Luo of
   Washington University and Joan Liu of New York University.
   Subjects: Law -- China
   Created by pf

 Albany Library Historical Photograph Collection
   The site contains more than 500 photographs "related to
   the history of Albany [California], dating from the 1860s to
   the present." Photographs are searchable, and browsable
   by title or subject heading.
   Subjects: Albany (Calif.) -- History...
   Created by slr

 America's Walking
   Companion site for the PBS series of the same name, this
   is a walking, fitness, travel, and active lifestyle site that
   offers information on how to start a daily walking habit,
   personal health, food and water, gear, how to make our
   communities more pedestrian-friendly, and the most
   walkable cities in the United States. With links and other
   Subjects: Walking
   Created by re

   The non-profit Canadian Avalanche Association seeks to
   develop an "understanding of avalanches, to encourage
   communication and promote industry standards, and to
   provide high quality avalanche education." The Web site
   includes safety bulletins by region (Canada only) and
   information on weather, training, and accidents. Provides
   yellow pages for related products, services, and
   organizations; a toll-free number for current bulletins; and
   discussion boards.
   Subjects: Avalanches...
   Created by cdt

 California Business Portal
   "Through this portal, you will find information you need to
   start and file a business entity [including nonprofit
   corporations] in the State of California. In addition, you can
   access information relating to business entity and other
   statutorily required filings, trademarks, service marks, UCC
   financing statements and Notary Public Commissions."
   Searchable. From the California Secretary of State.
   Subjects: Business enterprises -- California...
   Created by kgs

 California Secretary of State
   Extensive information about the duties of the Secretary of
   State, elections and voting, campaign and lobbying finance,
   business filings, the State Archives, and special programs
   such as domestic partnerships and Safe At Home, "a
   no-cost mail forwarding service designed to help victims of
   domestic violence and stalking keep their new addresses
   confidential." Searchable.
   Subjects: California. Secretary of State
   Created by kgs

 Early Truckee Records
   Early Truckee, California, history here is the late 1860s to
   the 1920s. There are property ownership records,
   cemetery plots and layout maps, old photographs, tax
   record abstracts for 1868 and 1870, various Nevada
   County civic records, local directories for 1867 to 1883, and
   an index to several local history sources. Family has a few
   rather sketchy family trees.
   Subjects: Truckee (Calif.)...
   Created by wh

 Enforcement and Compliance History Online
   A database of "inspection, violation, enforcement action,
   and penalty information" for over 800,000 facilities
   nationwide regulated by the Environmental Protection
   Agency (EPA) and state departments of environmental
   protection. Search by facility, inspection/enforcement
   history, location, or type of violation (air, water, hazardous
   waste) to find "dates and types of violations, as well as
   the State or Federal government's response." Includes
   project background, a FAQ, acronyms, and related links.
   Data updated monthly.
   Subjects: Environmental law...
   Created by slr

 Films of Marlon Riggs (California Newsreel) in
 the Media Resources Center Collection
   A collection of video clips from director Marlon Riggs, whose
   films explore themes of gay and African American identity.
   From the Media Resources Center, University of California,
   Subjects: Riggs, Marlon T....
   Created by tm

 Gay Bears: The Hidden History of the Berkeley
   Devoted to "the history of sexual minorities at [UC
   Berkeley] -- students, faculty, staff and visitors." Includes
   information on Douglas Tilden, Witter Bynner, Annie
   Alexander, Louise Kellogg, Rupert Brooke, Marlon Riggs,
   the White Horse Inn, and many other people, places, and
   events. Browsable. From the University Archives, University
   of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: University of California, Berkeley -- History...
   Created by tm

 Harmony, Inc.
   The Web site of an "international organization of women
   barbershop singers." The Web site includes information
   about events, competitions, and contacts for Harmony, Inc.
   chapters and quartets across the United States and
   Canada. The resource section has links to related Web
   sites, including other barbershop organizations, discussion
   groups, and sources for music, costumes, and supplies.
   Subjects: Barbershop quartets...
   Created by jh

 IRS e-file
   The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explains its electronic
   filing (e-file) system and covers tax return information for
   individuals, businesses, and preparers. Additionally,
   information for the Free File Services for eligible taxpayers,
   a service from members of the tax software industry, is
   Subjects: Income tax -- United States...
   Created by jh

 National Sustainable Agriculture Information
   This site "provides information and other technical
   assistance to farmers, ranchers, Extension agents,
   educators, and others involved in sustainable agriculture in
   the United States." From ATTRA (Appropriate Technology
   Transfer for Rural Areas), a "national sustainable
   agriculture information service managed by the National
   Center for Appropriate Technology." Most of the site is also
   available in Spanish.
   Subjects: Sustainable agriculture
   Created by kgs

 OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
   A central source for links to official international statistics
   sites, from the University of Auckland Library, New Zealand.
   Global, regional, and national statistics are available in a
   wide range of topic areas including demographics,
   economics, finance, crime, and religion. Searchable.
   Examples of statistics providers include the UN, World
   Bank, US Census Bureau, and the OECD. From University of
   Auckland Library, New Zealand.
   Subjects: Statistics
   Created by saw

 Privacy and Library Records Update: USA Patriot
   Annotated links relating to the USA Patriot Act of 2001
   including the text of the law, United States Department of
   Justice guidelines, and general analysis. Features links to
   analysis pertinent to libraries from the American Library
   Association and the International Coalition of Library
   Consortia (ICOLC). Also provides information specific to
   university, college, and public libraries. This material
   accompanied Mary Minow's August 2002 Webcast.
   Subjects: Privacy, Right of
   Created by slr

 Textile Links
   "Articles and links covering spinning, weaving, quilting,
   felting, knitting, sewing, dyeing, and the whole world of
   textiles. Links to supply sources, organizations, museums,
   events, training, etc." The links are annotated and the site
   also has a glossary. There are quite a few dead links but
   the collection is large and has a lot to offer.
   Subjects: Textile crafts...
   Created by ml

 The Bells Applet: Change Ringing on the Web
   The bells toll for thee. "This applet allows you to design a
   bell tower with up to eight bells, and ring the bells using
   change ringing....You can edit the pitches of the bells, the
   sharpness of the hammer striking the bell, and the number
   of modes. The sounds of bells 1-2(B) are synthesized using
   physical modeling."
   Subjects: Bells...
   Created by wh

 The Orange British Academy Film Awards
   The British Academy Film Awards are the counterpart to the
   American Academy Awards. You can see which films, actors,
   and other motion picture artists have won or have been
   nominated in several categories from 1998 to the present.
   There is also a history of the British Academy of Film and
   Television Arts (BAFTA).
   Subjects: Motion pictures -- Awards...
   Created by re

 The Sensuous and the Sacred: Chola Bronzes
 from South India
   This site documents an exhibit of the "temple bronzes cast
   a thousand years ago in the Tamil-speaking region of
   south India during the Chola dynasty." The online
   exhibition includes slide shows and videos highlighting the
   gods featured, an explanation of the process of wax to
   metal casting, and information on Hinduism and the Chola
   dynasty. From the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler
   Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.
   Subjects: Art, Hindu...
   Created by bw

 Where's My Refund?
   "You filed your [United States federal] tax return and
   you're expecting a refund. You have just one question and
   you want the answer now - Where's My Refund? Access
   this secure Web site to find out if the IRS received your
   return and whether your refund was processed and sent
   to you." From the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).,,id=96596,00.html
   Subjects: Income tax -- United States...
   Created by mg

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