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NEW THIS WEEK for January 23, 2003

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Hobnob with Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, and M.C. Escher; learn
more about Spokane, San Diego, poetry, prescriptions, women,
Washington, travel, and Black History Month.  

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Try out Tet, then tango through fascinating sites featuring Africa,
Alexandria, African-American history, AIDS, climate change, civil
liberties, tax fraud, labor uprisings, whales, barrier-free travel,
and the Japanese Canadian internment of World War II.

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, plus our 100+ intrepid contributors,
and our two project editors, Tom McGibney and Maria Brandt
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                           NEW THIS WEEK

 Access Washington: State Facts
   This site provides Washington State facts in a nutshell.
   Features include census data, history, government, and
   state symbols.
   Subjects: Washington (State)
   Created by jfp

 Accessible San Diego
   For seniors and travelers with disabilities, this nonprofit
   information center provides numerous resources to explore
   and to enjoy the city of San Diego and its surroundings. It
   includes hotlines, lodgings, news, tours, recreation areas,
   parking facilities, a Webcam, ADA Title 24 links, and much
   more. Some of the information is available in English,
   Japanese, Italian, and French.
   Subjects: People with disabilities -- Travel...
   Created by jh

 Black Facts Online
   Black Facts Online is a large "online database of Black
   History information." Users can search the database by
   date (month and day) or keyword for facts.
   Subjects: African Americans -- History...
   Created by sts

   The site for the annual 12-kilometer Lilac Bloomsday Run in
   Spokane, Washington provides news, entry information
   about the upcoming race, race history, and race results.
   Includes photos, a course map, and frequently asked    questions.
   Subjects: Running races...
   Created by cdt

 Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
   Openly gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin "organized the
   1963 March on Washington that culminated in King's I Have
   a Dream speech. Learn more about his legacy of protest
   and the making of the Martin Luther King, Jr.
   holiday....Read original essays by Bayard Rustin and listen
   to recordings of Rustin's speeches and songs, including his
   famous 1962 debate with Malcolm X." Includes related links.
   A companion site to the PBS television production.
   Subjects: Rustin, Bayard, 1912-1987...
   Created by kgs

 Children's Administration Adoption Services
   Information about the adoption of children in Washington.
   Includes information about state programs, adoption forms
   and publications, adoption FAQ, listings of adoption
   agencies and service providers, and links to nationwide
   adoption information. From the Washington State
   Department of Social and Health Services.
   Subjects: Adoption...
   Created by dbc

 Chinatown-International District Seattle
   This site provides information on Seattle's
   Chinatown-International District from a wide variety of
   sources. It includes the history, a virtual tour, and a
   directory of shops, service businesses, arts, entertainment
   venues, restaurants, and groceries. There is information on
   community demographics, news, and current events. There
   is also a map, directions to the district, and parking  information.
   Subjects: Asian Americans -- Washington (State) -- Seattle...
   Created by dbc

 Church Guide
   "Guide to over 600 churches in the Inland Northwest"
   (eastern Washington State and northern Idaho). Directory
   is browsable by church name, denomination, or area. From
   The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington.
   Subjects: Churches -- Washington (State), Eastern...
   Created by cdt

   Consumer health information about drugs, herbs, and
   supplements. Features include a page to check for drug
   interactions, glossary, drug comparison page, and a
   treatment options page. Searchable.
   Subjects: Drugs...
   Created by bb
   This site presents an interactive, three-dimensional model
   of a possible base station and habitat for the first humans
   on Mars. It includes the base exterior, the layout, work and
   living spaces, greenhouse, Mars car, robot rovers, and, and
   other details. There is also a section of Mars facts. From
   Nexterra, a nonprofit group composed of "design
   professionals and educators" interested in space exploration.
   Subjects: Mars (Planet)...
   Created by sf

 Governor's Office of Indian Affairs Washington State
   Information on tribal treaties, tourism, government
   relations, and economic development. Its major feature is
   a directory of Washington state tribes; there are also
   nineteenth-century treaties, a report on the role of tribes
   in the state's tourism industry, and brief histories and
   government information about specific reservations and tribes.
   Subjects: Indians of North America -- Washington (State)
   Created by dbc

 Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
   Information on Martin Luther King, Jr., including a
   biography, text of speeches and writings, some audio
   features, photographs, and a timeline of Dr. King's life and
   the civil rights movement. Also provides study guides, a
   quiz, and resource links, as well as reflections from others
   and an article about the holiday.
   Subjects: King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968...
   Created by cdt

 MEDLINEplus: Drug Information
   "Information on thousands of prescription and
   over-the-counter medications is provided through two drug
   resources -- MedMaster, a product of the American Society
   of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), and the USP DI
   Advice for the Patient, a product of the United States
   Pharmacopeia (USP)." Browse by generic or brand name of
   the drug from an alphabetical index. The results include
   warnings and side effects of the drug.
   Subjects: Drugs...
   Created by smb

   Full of featured poets, samples of their work, and archived
   back issues of the magazine, this is the Web access point
   to "the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the
   English-speaking world." Online issues list the contents
   and include a few of the works published in print.
   Subjects: Poetry...
   Created by rv

 SATH: Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
   Information about travel for people with various
   disabilities. It provides articles on how to travel with
   disabilities and a list of resources which includes offline
   material and links to Web sites. There are also a few
   articles from SATH's magazine, Open World, and information
   about this "non-profit educational
   promote awareness, respect and accessibility for disabled
   and mature travelers and employment for persons with
   disabilities in the tourism industry."
   Subjects: People with disabilities -- Travel
   Created by jp

   The Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau site
   provides information for residents, visitors, businesses,
   and journalists. It includes an events calendar and
   descriptions of the region and its lodging, dining, shopping,
   transportation, and attraction highlights. Also included are
   descriptions of convention services and facilities, a list of
   upcoming conventions, and resources and contacts
   specifically for travel writers.
   Subjects: Spokane (Wash.) ...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane Chamber
   The Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce site provides
   an events calendar, several local links, and a membership
   directory searchable by category or name. Links to
   chamber pages "" and
   "" which provide employment
   information and facts about the region on a wide variety of subjects.
   Subjects: Boards of trade -- Washington (State)...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane Chiefs
   The site for the Spokane WHL hockey team, the Chiefs,
   provides schedule and ticket information, basic hockey
   information, local and league news, and a news archive.
   Individual players are spotlighted with biography and
   stats. The site is searchable.
   Subjects: Spokane Chiefs (Hockey team)...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane Hoopfest
   The site for Spokane, Washington's annual Hoopfest, "the
   biggest street basketball festival in the world," provides an
   event overview, information about the association, and
   opportunities for sponsorship and volunteers. Includes
   information about the upcoming event, statistics, rules,
   eligibility, and frequently asked questions. Searchable by
   team, player, and bracket number.
   Subjects: Basketball...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane Indians
   The site for Spokane's Northwest League baseball team,
   the Indians, provides schedule, ticket, and merchandise
   information, news and stats, and information about
   players, coaches, alumni, and the league.
   Subjects: Spokane Indians (Baseball team)...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane Regional Sports Commission
   The Spokane Regional Sports Commission site provides an
   events calendar and descriptions of its programs, such as
   financial aid, sports development, and membership.
   Included are lists of local sports organizations and regional
   parks and recreation departments. Also included are links
   to area schools, sporting events, media, and relevant
   community sites.
   Subjects: Sports -- Washington (State)...
   Created by cdt

 Spokane: A Force at Work
   The official Spokane Economic Development Council site
   provides news, events, and area facts, including a video
   feature. There is a wide variety of information on regional
   topics, such as lifestyle, education, business, and finance.
   Subjects: Spokane (Wash.)...
   Created by cdt
   The Spokane Arts Commission site seeks to promote the
   "quality, accessibility, and presence of the arts in
   Spokane." The site includes an arts and cultural events
   calendar, news, and a regional arts directory. Also
   provided is information on the local gallery, awards, and
   artists' opportunities, as well as an extensive resource
   directory and children's directory.
   Subjects: Arts -- Washington (State) -- Spokane...
   Created by cdt

 The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher
   An examination of the mathematics behind the drawings of
   M.C. Escher. Included is a discussion of his use of
   tessellations and polyhedra. It continues on with
   discussions of The Shape of Space and The Logic of Space.
   There is also an exploration of Escher's art and its "
   relationship to the fields of information science and artificial
   intelligence." Examples of his works are included.
   Subjects: Escher, M. C. (Maurits Cornelis), 1898-1972...
   Created by dl

 The National Library of Wales/Llyfrgell
 Genedlaethol Cymru
   Since 1911, the library has collected "a copy of every
   printed work published in Britain and Ireland." In Welsh
   and English this site includes information about the library,
   catalogs of the collections, digital images of the library's
   manuscripts and artworks, online exhibits, and a form to
   send enquiries to the library. The Black Book of Carmarthen
   and the autobiography of William Owen, "noted smuggler,"
   are among the treasures reproduced in the Digital Mirror section.
   Subjects: National Library of Wales...
   Created by ls

 Washington Health Care Association
   A statewide non-profit organization representing nursing
   homes, assisted living facilities, and boarding homes. There
   is daily news, health care employment information, a
   calendar of events, and links to additional resources. There
   are also directories of nursing homes and residential care
   facilities, searchable by region, city, or name of facility.
   Subjects: Long-term care facilities -- Washington (State)...
   Created by dbc

 Washington State Board for Community and
 Technical Colleges
   This site provides a list of all the Washington Community
   and Technical Colleges. Each entry links to the campus
   Web site, staff directory, and campus map. There are also
   links to the three (Pierce, Seattle, and Spokane) community
   college district Web sites and their staff and board directories.
   Subjects: Community colleges...
   Created by dbc

 Washington State Department of Licensing:
 Engineers and Land Surveyors
   This board exists to "protect the public health, safety and
   welfare in regard to engineering and land surveying
   activities" by regulating practices in these professions. The
   Web site has a consumer guide, pertinent sections of the
   Washington Code of Regulations, exam outlines, and other
   information for Washington-specific qualification tests. It
   includes exam statistics, license renewal information,
   license look-up databases, forms, and meeting schedules,
   notices, and minutes.
   Subjects: Surveyors -- Certification -- Washington (State)...
   Created by dbc

 Women of the Century: 100 Years of American
   An annotated list of more than four dozen phenomenal
   American women of the twentieth century "who left an
   indelible mark on our nation." Browse decade by decade or
   in categories of activists, reformers, politics and
   government, arts, media, space and science, sports, and
   exploration. A site.
   Subjects: Women -- United States...
   Created by jh

 WorkSource Washington
   This Washington State employment database includes
   both public and private sector jobs, and is searchable by
   city, county, job category, and keywords. It includes links
   to other employment databases as well.
   Subjects: Job postings...
   Created by zm

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