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NEW THIS WEEK for January 22, 2004


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By popular demand, we offer another site on dishwasher cookery! We
also debut a suite of resources related to the upcoming presidential
election. Find sites to help you stop smoking, improve your
health, and polish your vocabulary. Hobnob with Ian Fleming,
send a valentine, learn about crocodiles, dogs, deer, unicorns,
teenage girls, slavery, and the Civil War, then meat--that is,
meet--the Donner Party.

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Find sites about cigarettes, copyright, deer, the presidential
elections, Dave Brubeck, and the nutritional value of Starbucks

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
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                              NEW THIS WEEK


    4 Girls Health
    This site for adolescent girls offers basic information
    about puberty, fitness, mental health, nutrition, healthy
    relationships, safety, and substance abuse prevention.
    Includes sections for parents and caregivers and for teens
    with chronic illnesses or disabilities. From the Office on
    Women's Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human
    Subjects: Teenage girls -- Health and hygiene
    Created by bb

    Absentee Voting
    Chart with state-by-state absentee voting information,
    including possible excuses, provision for permanent absentee
    status, application deadlines, and citations to statutes.
    From the Election Reform Information Project, administered
    by the University of Richmond and supported by The Pew
    Charitable Trusts.

    Subjects: Absentee voting...
    Created by cdt

    American Experience: The Donner Party
    This companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
    program features a description and transcript of the film,
    along with links to other books, articles, and Web sites on
    the Donner Party and the settlement of the West. Includes a
    map of the group's route and a teacher's guide for related
    activities and discussion ideas.
    Subjects: Donner Party...
    Created by ha

    Banished Words List
    This "annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English
    for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness" began in 1976
    as a tongue-in-cheek effort to publicize the "little-known"
    Lake Superior State University (LSSU); the list is now
    selected from worldwide contributions. The site features the
    current list; lists for previous years; a master,
    alphabetical, compilation of all the lists; a word
    submission form; and archived, printable posters for several
    years' lists.
    Subjects: English language -- Terms and phrases...
    Created by mg

    The British Museum: Ancient India
    This site, designed for teachers and students, presents
    information about ancient India through the use of objects
    from the British Museum's collection. Topics include
    geography, the Buddha, the growth of civilization around the
    Indus Valley, ancient writing and scripts, how time was kept
    in ancient India, and the evolution of early Hinduism and
    its gods and goddesses. This site includes illustrated
    essays, stories, timelines, maps, and interactive features.
    Subjects: India -- Civilization...
    Created by sf

    Comic Valentines: A Curious Collection of Valentines
    These unusual Victorian valentines are the antithesis of the
    lacy, sentimental valentine greeting. "These scurrilous
    printed sheets, entered into the humour of the common and
    middle classes, fun and mischief were their elements. In
    reality they were masterpieces of the grotesque, venomous in
    humour, spiteful and rude, expressing anything but love."
    Information about the origin, size, and approximate date of
    each card is included along with selections from period
    newspapers. From the Scrap Album.
    Subjects: Valentines...
    Created by mrm

    Dishwasher Cooking?
    Reporter J.M. Hirsch summarizes his experiments with cooking
    in his dishwasher. He invited friends to dinner and prepared
    three simple vegetable dishes: "broccoli with sesame seed
    oil and almond slivers, carrots with butter and dill, and
    butternut squash with olive oil and mixed herbs." He also
    included a handful of vegetarian wonton dumplings. The
    results were varied. The recipe for the most successful dish
    is included in the article.
    Subjects: Cookery...
    Created by mrm

    Dogs and More Dogs
    Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOVA
    program that examines dog evolution and diversity. "The
    program also investigates dog genetic diseases -- how they
    reflect misguided breeding practices and, surprisingly, what
    they tell us about our own genetic disorders." Features
    articles, photos, a book excerpt, interactive features on
    working dogs and dog breeds, a teacher's guide, and related
    Subjects: Dogs...
    Created by je Annenberg Political Fact Check
    This site describes itself as "a nonpartisan, nonprofit,
    'consumer advocate' for voters that aims to reduce the level
    of deception and confusion in U.S. politics." The site
    provides original articles, with summaries and sources,
    analyzing factual accuracy in "TV ads, debates, speeches,
    interviews, and news releases." Searchable. From the
    Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of
    Subjects: United States -- Politics and government...
    Created by cdt

    A Flowering of Affection: Victorian Valentine Cards at the
    Lilly Library
    This site features a browsable gallery of annotated images
    "of nineteenth century Valentine cards, from the sentimental
    to the comic." The site also provides users the opportunity
    to send electronic postcards of the images. Curated and
    designed by librarian Erika Dowell of the Lilly Library,
    Indiana University, Bloomington.
    Subjects: Valentines...
    Created by mcb

    Global Warming Kids Site
    This site "focuses on the science and impacts of global
    warming or climate change, and on actions that help address
    global warming issues. It is designed as a resource for both
    kids and educators. The site also features games,
    animations, events, and links to other relevant sites for
    kids and educators." From the U.S. Environmental Protection
    Agency (EPA).
    Subjects: Global warming...
    Created by je

    Historical Publications of the United States Commission on
    Civil Rights
    This site provides full-text historical reports of the
    commission "responsible for monitoring the civil rights
    activities at federal agencies. It is through monitoring
    that it can be assured that proper enforcement is taking
    place and the promise of civil rights is fulfilled."
    Browsable by title, subject, date of publication, and
    Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) number. From the
    Thurgood Marshall Law Library of the University of Maryland
    School of Law.

    Subjects: Civil rights -- United States
    Created by saw

    Ian Fleming and the World of James Bond
    This site from the Lilly Library, Indiana University,
    Bloomington accompanies "the first ever academic Fleming
    symposium," held in 2003, and "marks the 50th anniversary of
    the publication of 'Casino Royale.'" The site features
    images of the original James Bond novel dust jackets,
    descriptions of manuscripts held by the Lilly Library, and
    information about Ian Fleming as a book and article
    collector. Also includes related links.
    Subjects: Fleming, Ian, 1908-1964...
    Created by mcb

    Knowledge Hound: The How-To Hunter
    This site claims to be the "Web's biggest directory of free
    how-tos. We also offer original content in our 'KH How2s'
    section." Searchable or browsable by subject, such as arts
    and humanities, health and fitness, money and law, career
    and life skills, hobbies and crafts, recreation, the
    environment, and more. Also includes links to tutorials and
    tips for holidays and events. Useful despite some dead
    Subjects: Do-it-yourself work
    Created by sf
    This site contains information on licensed nursing homes in
    the United States. Enter a county or zip code to get a list
    with descriptions, records of complaints and corrections,
    and contact information. Free registration allows users to
    create bookmarks and compare facilities. Also provides
    general information on choosing, paying for, and getting
    admitted to nursing homes. Note: "Facility Focus" is a
    commercial service. Company founder has a long history of
    advocacy in long-term care.
    Subjects: Nursing homes...
    Created by bb

    National Key Deer Refuge
    One of the objectives of this refuge is to "protect and
    preserve Key deer and other wildlife resources in the
    Florida Keys." Site includes a description of the natural
    history of the refuge, management practices, and facts about
    the endangered key deer, the smallest subspecies of Virginia
    whitetails. Includes information about other national
    wildlife refuges in the Florida Keys.
    Subjects: Wildlife refuges -- Florida -- Florida Keys...
    Created by jf

    ", Inc. is a private company operating in
    association with Boston University School of Public Health."
    It aims to provide "effective tobacco cessation services to
    people worldwide," including information and personalized
    support services. The site includes news, testimonials,
    information about nicotine replacement, and chat rooms. Free
    registration is required for several of the services;
    selected services require a fee. Some material in Spanish.
    Subjects: Smoking cessation programs...
    Created by jbl

    Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
    Companion site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
    American Experience program that "tracks the extraordinary
    stories of ordinary Americans -- Southern and Northern,
    white and black -- as they struggle to shape new lives for
    themselves in a world turned upside down" following the
    Civil War. Features primary source materials, maps, a
    timeline, video clips, a teacher's guide, a bibliography,
    related links, and a program transcript.
    Subjects: Reconstruction...
    Created by sf

    Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS)
    RAVS, part of the Humane Society of the United States,
    "brings free veterinary services to poor communities in the
    U.S. and abroad." This site features information about the
    organization and its volunteers, who help animals in
    Appalachian communities, on Native American reservations,
    and in rural areas where there is no available veterinary
    care. Includes a schedule of trips to which "veterinarians
    and technicians are always encouraged to apply," a FAQ, and
    maps of RAVS destinations.
    Subjects: Veterinary services...
    Created by nh

    Science Friday Kids' Connection
    This site provides teaching materials to accompany the
    National Public Radio (NPR) show Science Friday. It includes
    program summaries and audio, classroom activities,
    discussion items, academic content standards, and related
    resources. Covers topics from all fields of science.
    Browsable and searchable.
    Subjects: Science -- Study and teaching...
    Created by je

    Secrets of the Crocodile Caves
    This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service
    (PBS) NOVA program about the animals (such as lemurs,
    fossas, and Nile crocodiles) living in and around the caves
    within the Ankarana reserve on the northern tip of
    Madagascar. Features a slide show and panoramas of the
    landscape, legends of Madagascar, a description of crocodile
    species from around the world, and information about
    crocodile anatomy. Also includes a teacher's guide and links
    to related information.
    Subjects: Animals -- Madagascar...
    Created by sf

    Teen Workers
    This site provides "teen worker safety and health
    information," as well as facts about teenager rights and
    responsibilities while working. Includes focus areas for
    restaurant and agriculture workers and sections for
    employers, parents, teenagers, and educators. Provides an
    overview of potential hazards and links to related
    resources, including materials in Spanish. From the
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
    Subjects: Teenagers -- Employment -- United States...
    Created by je

    Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association
    "The Winegrowers Association is a nonprofit regional
    organization dedicated to promoting the making and growing
    of quality wine and winegrapes in the Temecula Appellation."
    The site provides information about this wine region between
    Los Angeles and San Diego, California, including a map,
    profiles of wineries, and a list of growers. Also includes
    visitor information.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- California...
    Created by pmm

    Tokens of Love: Lace-Paper Valentines
    This beautiful Web site features a collection of Victorian
    lace-paper valentines. The valentines are "accompanied by
    interesting quotations from newspapers and magazines of the
    Victorian period," as well as some details about size, date,
    and origin, plus tidbits of information about the
    manufacturing process. From the Scrap Album.
    Subjects: Valentines...
    Created by mrm

    The Unicorn Tapestries
    "The Unicorn Tapestries are among the most popular
    attractions at The Cloisters, which houses part of the
    Metropolitan Museum's splendid collection from medieval
    Europe." This site presents detailed images and information
    about the flora, fauna, clothing, and symbolism of these
    seven textile artworks depicting a unicorn hunt. Also
    provides information about the weaving process and the
    Cloisters branch of the New York City Metropolitan Museum of
    Art, videos, and a bibliography.
    Subjects: Cloisters (Museum)...
    Created by mcb

    Victorian Times: 1837-1901
    Provides "an examination of the social, political, and
    economic development of Great Britain in the Victorian era."
    Subjects include health, education, housing, transportation,
    industry, and labor and trade unions. Information is for all
    education levels, but you can select an educational level
    for tailored results. Each subject area includes a timeline
    of events, brief essays and images on related topics, and
    virtual tours. Searchable.
    Subjects: Great Britain -- History -- Victoria, 1837-1901...
    Created by smb

    Voices From the Days of Slavery: Former Slaves Tell Their
    This site "provides the opportunity to listen to former
    slaves describe their lives. These interviews, conducted
    between 1932 and 1975, capture the recollections of
    twenty-three identifiable people born between 1823 and the
    early 1860s." Interviews are searchable and browsable. Also
    includes transcripts, biographies of many of the
    interviewers, and links to related resources. From the
    American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
    Subjects: Slaves -- United States -- Interviews...
    Created by sf

    Voter Registration Deadlines
    Chart with state-by-state voter registration deadline
    information. Does not include citations to statutes. From
    the Election Reform Information Project, administered by the
    University of Richmond and supported by The Pew Charitable
    Subjects: Voter registration...
    Created by cdt

    White House Tapes: The President Calling
    "Three of America's most compelling presidents -- Kennedy,
    Johnson and Nixon -- bugged their White House offices and
    tapped their telephones. ... In this documentary project,
    American RadioWorks eavesdrops on presidential telephone
    calls to hear how each man used one-on-one politics to shape
    history." Includes audio and a transcript of the
    documentary, and background information on each president
    and the tapes.
    Subjects: Presidents -- United States -- Sound recordings...
    Created by sf

    Whooping Crane: Lessons, Activities and Information
    This site "tells the story of restoring Whooping Cranes to
    their former Eastern and Midwestern ranges with ultralight
    planes 'teaching' the way. Follow the five-year adventure."
    Features highlights of the reintroduction project,
    discussion and journaling activities, reading and writing
    curriculum materials, a FAQ, a glossary, and related links.
    From Journey North, "a science education program that uses
    the Internet to track migration and signs of spring," in
    collaboration with the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership.
    Subjects: Whooping crane...
    Created by sf

    Winter Wise Tips
    "This page provides seasonal tips to help you and your
    family find ways to reduce pollution and learn about the
    environment." Features resources on winter heating safety,
    winter air quality, energy efficiency, heating ducts, radon
    protection, and related topics. From the U.S. Environmental
    Protection Agency (EPA).
    Subjects: Energy conservation...
    Created by je

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