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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for January 2, 2003

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Explore bungalows, doodlebugs, radio, Honest Abe, drinks, disasters,
diabetes, snack attacks, workhouses, household hints from Heloise, and
plain language in government.  

Web sites with a Pacific twist feature Pacific Northwest history, and
Hanford, Washington.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Feast your eyes on delicious eye-candy by way of digital collections
from Calfornia's UC system, ranging from aphids and ants to the
unctuous avocado, plus gorgeous Hmong textiles and rubbings of Chinese
inscriptions.  Wrap up the first "New This Week" of 2003 by nosing
your way through a particularly pungent database.

Bon appetit, and Happy New Year!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, plus our 100+ intrepid contributors,
and our two project editors, Tom McGibney and Maria Brandt
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              NEW THIS WEEK

American RadioWorks: Documentary Journalism on
 Public Radio and the Internet
   American RadioWorks is the national documentary unit of
   Minnesota Public Radio. It creates public affairs
   documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for
   the public radio system and the Internet. Online
   documentaries supplement all radio projects, providing
   background, original photography, and streaming audio of
   the radio documentaries. Documentaries explore noteworthy
   "social and cultural subjects through stories with strong
   narrative threads." The site provides audio files and
   transcripts of the programs.
   Subjects: Radio programs -- United States...
   Created by dbc

 Making a New Year's Resolution
   This site offers tips and techniques on the practice of
   making and keeping New Year resolutions including
   successes and failures, related background and traditions,
   and a checklist of suggested common resolutions.
   Subjects: New Year
   Created by jh

 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
   This site includes information about this Springfield, Illinois,
   facility and its architecture, a Kids Page with background
   information about Lincoln, material about Lincoln's family,
   selections of Lincoln's wit, a chronology, a bibliography, and
   links to additional resources.
   Subjects: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865...
   Created by sf

 American Bungalow
   This is the online presence of the magazine for those
   interested in the restoration and preservation of
   Craftsman/Bungalow homes and their Arts and Crafts
   movement furnishings. Site features include a description of
   bungalow styles, a resource directory, a bulletin board, and
   a Family Album where visitors can submit photos of their
   homes for posting. There are also a few selected articles
   from the print publication.
   Subjects: Architecture, Domestic -- Periodicals...
   Created by rls

 Archéire: Irish Architecture Online
   An "online community for Irish architecture and design. It is
   a diverse, growing collection of over 5,500 pages, with
   emphasis ranging from history and preservation to current
   architectural developments and issues." It includes news of
   events and competitions, descriptions and images of
   notable buildings, book reviews, and links to related
   Subjects: Architecture -- Ireland
   Created by sf

 CI Strategies & Tools: Internet Intelligence Index
   A comprehensive directory of business and industry
   resources. "The Internet Intelligence Index is designed to
   help you gather competitive intelligence information. It
   contains links to over 600 intelligence-related Internet
   sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to
   individual patent and stock quote information." Maintained
   by the library of Fuld & Company, a competitive intelligence
   Subjects: Business -- Research...
   Created by gd

 Diabetes Public Health Resource
   This site provides descriptions of the four types of diabetes,
   a diabetes fact sheet, various reports and studies, a FAQ,
   statistics, and listings of various diabetes projects and
   programs around the country. There are also links to related
   resources. From the U.S. National Center for Chronic
   Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of
   Diabetes Translation.
   Subjects: Diabetes
   Created by dl

 Disaster! Finder
   This searchable directory of links to disaster information
   includes sites on disaster preparedness and response,
   organizations, warning and observation systems,
   conferences, and general disaster resources. There are also
   links to resources for specific types of disasters such as
   avalanche, astronomical, drought, earthquake, epidemic,
   famine, farming, fire, flooding, nuclear, refugees, storms,
   volcanoes, war, and others. From the NASA Solid Earth and
   Natural Hazards Program.
   Subjects: Disasters...
   Created by jp

 Drink Recipes
   A collection of 300 drink and cocktail recipes, alphabetically
   arranged. There is also a description of the five major
   categories of glassware. From the American Bartenders
   Subjects: Beverages...
   Created by dl

   This online version of an exhibit at the American Museum of
   Natural History, New York, NY, highlights the life, scientific
   discoveries, and humanitarian activities of Albert Einstein.
   Subjects: Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955...
   Created by bb

 Hanford Cultural and Historic Resources Program
   Administered by the Department of Energy, this site
   provides historical information about the nuclear reactor and
   chemical processing facility in Hanford, WA. Information
   includes the history of the plutonium production facilities
   and a historic context statement on the effect of the
   Hanford site on the Native Americans. The role the site
   played in the Manhattan Project and the Cold War era is
   also covered.
   Subjects: Historic sites -- Washington (State)...
   Created by jfp

 Hints from Heloise
   The operative word, "hints," on this site covers a multitude
   of practical, inexpensive, and useful household suggestions
   and advice. Heloise (born Pónce Kiah Marchelle Cruse),
   author of the internationally popular column, "Hints from
   Heloise," shares numerous online hints, a short biography,
   and valuable travel tips. Don't miss the Tattoo Removal
   Subjects: Home economics...
   Created by jh

 Howard Besser's T Shirt Database
   A collection of over 500 images of T-shirts. Topics include
   anarchy, America, and environment. Also features many
   library-related T-shirts. Searchable by description and
   T-shirt text, and browsable by subject. Created by students
   at the UCLA Department of Information Studies.
   Subjects: Cataloging...
   Created by tm

 Oh What a Difference a Difference Makes: Gender
 in the Visual Arts
   Changes in the expression of gender and gender roles in
   portraits, nudes, depictions of mothers and fathers, and
   gendered work roles are the topics examined in this
   illustrated lecture from Mary Ann Sullivan, Professor of
   English at Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio.
   Subjects: Gender identity in art...
   Created by pf

 Plain Language
   "The Plain Language Action & Information Network is a
   government-wide group of volunteers working to improve
   communications from the federal government to the public."
   This Web site contains handbooks, examples, a
   bibliography, and many links to teach writers to
   communicate clearly.
   Subjects: Authorship...
   Created by jp

   This site explains the causes, symptoms, and treatment of
   seasonal affective disorder (SAD), "a biochemical imbalance
   in the hypothalamus due to the shortening of daylight hours
   and the lack of sunlight in winter." Often called the "winter
   Subjects: Depression, Mental...
   Created by jh

 Seattle Municipal Archives
   This site has digitized material, dating from 1870, from the
   city archives of Seattle, Washington. The highlight is a
   searchable collection of over 47,000 images of the city's
   history. The site has a chronological listing of elected
   officials, election results (beginning with 1910), quick facts
   about the city, and information about the city's symbols.
   There are also online exhibits, links to related Web sites,
   and suggested research topics and resources for students
   and teachers.
   Subjects: Seattle (Wash.) -- History...
   Created by dl

   A wide variety of information about smallpox, including
   background on smallpox as a disease, vaccines, vaccination
   programs, tips for lab handling, and the Smallpox Response
   Plan and Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control
   (CDC). Provides information for military members, children,
   parents, and health care providers, as well as toll-free
   numbers for the Public Inquiries Hotline. Some material in
   Spanish. From the U.S. Department of Health & Human
   Subjects: Smallpox...
   Created by kgs

 Smallpox and Smallpox Vaccination
   A series of articles from the January 30, 2003 issue of the
   New England Journal of Medicine "to help to inform the
   current national debate about smallpox vaccination." The
   section More information on smallpox and smallpox
   vaccination features additional articles and related links.
   Subjects: Smallpox...
   Created by kgs

 Snack Attack: Coping With Cravings
   Cravings may be physiological or psychological, sensory or
   emotional, an addiction, or a sign of serotonin deficiency;
   this article briefly discusses the differences and offers
   coping tips for easing cravings and for diminishing guilt
   Subjects: Compulsive eating...
   Created by jh

 The Antlion Pit: A Doodlebug Anthology
   A wide range of information about this insect including
   habitat, distribution, classification, behavior,
   metamorphosis, reproduction, capturing them, and
   zoological history. The site also discusses antlions in visual
   art, folklore, literature, mythology, popular culture, and
   academia. The Doodlebug Oracle answers randomly
   generated questions about the insect. There are also
   suggestions for additional resources, including Web links.
   Subjects: Insects...
   Created by dl

 The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals
   "Ornate edible architecture and sculptures were often
   created for celebrations in the cities and courts of early
   modern Europe." Illustrations from the sixteenth through
   the nineteenth centuries of these "ephemeral masterpieces"
   and of street feasts, festivals, and elaborate table wares
   and settings are the subject of this Getty Research Institute
   exhibition. Look for Harsdörffer's illustrations of piegatura,
   baroque napkin-folding.
   Subjects: Festivals...
   Created by pf

 The Establishment "Claus": A Selective Guide to the
 Supreme Court's Christmas Cases
   A "lighthearted guide to the literature concerning the
   Supreme Court's analysis of the Establishment Clause," or
   First Amendment, "as it relates to the Christmas holiday."
   Includes a brief history of Christmas, a review of key
   Supreme Court cases (most related to disputes about
   holiday displays such as creches and nativity scenes), and a
   bibliography. From librarian Stephen Young of The Catholic
   University of America for the Law Library Resource Xchange
   Subjects: Christmas...
   Created by kgs

 The Human Nature Review
   This online publication features articles, links, and book
   reviews from a variety of disciplines and viewpoints with the
   goal of bringing "into communication the variety of
   approaches to the understanding of human nature which
   have a regrettable tendency to be less in touch with one
   another than they might." There is also an Online Dictionary
   of Mental Health that is actually a searchable subject
   directory of Web resources.
   Subjects: Psychology -- Periodicals...
   Created by sf

 The Workhouse
   The British workhouse was "a fascinating mix of social
   history, politics, economics and architecture." This site
   includes information about life in the workhouse, the
   architecture, education for the poor, poor laws, poor law
   unions, parish workhouses, literature, and much more. There
   are also texts of the 1601 and 1834 Poor Law Amendment
   Acts, a glossary, a timeline, and a list of related links and
   other resources.
   Subjects: Great Britain -- History...
   Created by dl

 This is Baader-Meinhof: Germany in the Post-War
 Decade of Terror 1968-1977
   Focused on the radical leftist Baader-Meinhof Gang, which
   was responsible for bombings, arson, and kidnappings in
   Berlin in the 1970s, this Web site illuminates a significant
   chapter in the history of terrorism. A who's who, guide to
   terminology, detailed timeline, and lists of print, Web, and
   media resources are included. Some text is in German only,
   including the communiqués issued by the group, but these
   sections have background information in English.
   Subjects: Terrorists...
   Created by jm1

 Uniting the Kingdoms?
   A Web exhibition that "looks at how the governments and
   people of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and of
   England's French territories, interacted in politics, warfare,
   religion, trade and everyday life" during the Middle Ages.
   Each separate history is divided into chapters. There are
   maps and a listing of the monarchs for Scotland, England,
   and France. Sponsored by the United Kingdom's National
   Subjects: Great Britain -- History...
   Created by smb

 University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries: Digital
 Library Collections
   This site has digitized full texts of William Bryan's A History
   of the Pioneer Families of Missouri and Switzler's Illustrated
   History of Missouri, from 1541 to 1877. This online
   collection also has an early work on navigation of the
   region's rivers, a 1904 study of race relations in Columbia,
   MO, two 1904 works by Charles A. Ellwood on county
   almshouses and jails in Missouri, and a number other early
   works of regional history and biography.
   Subjects: Digital libraries -- Missouri...
   Created by sf

 UWired Outreach: Center for the Study of the
 Pacific Northwest
   This site contains news pertaining to the history of the
   Pacific Northwest, curriculum materials for secondary-school
   teachers and students, articles from back issues of Pacific
   Northwest Quarterly, and materials from a University of
   Washington course on Pacific Northwest history.
   Subjects: Northwest, Pacific -- History...
   Created by jfp

 Wisconsin Pioneer Experience: A Digital Collection
 of Original Sources Documenting
 Nineteenth-century Wisconsin History
   An online "collection of diaries, letters, reminiscences,
   speeches and other writings of people who settled and built
   Wisconsin." A joint project of the Council of University of
   Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) and the Wisconsin Historical
   Society (WHS).
   Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life...
   Created by sf

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