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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for January 16, 2003

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Get ready for Black History Month with several new sites featuring
the African-American experience.  Then let Lewis & Clark guide you
through a voyage along the Pacific Coast.  Climb the Space Needle,
read the Seattle Times, browse employment statistics and public
records, and see the flag that flies over the The Evergreen State.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Explore color, contractors, and commerce; acoustics and Maya
Angelou; veterans, immigrants, and famous women.

Bon appetit, and Happy Martin Luther King Day!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, plus our 100+ intrepid contributors,
and our two project editors, Tom McGibney and Maria Brandt

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African American Women's History
   A directory of sites about "the history of black women in
   America, from slavery through Reconstruction, Harlem
   Renaissance and civil rights." It includes biographies of
   notable and little-known African American women,
   organization and club memberships, participation in events
   and movements, educational and political activities, and
   more. There is also a list of "white women who worked for
   racial justice and the rights of African Americans." An site.
   Subjects: African American women...
   Created by jh

 Black History Hotlist
   This is a collection of links to Internet resources for
   exploring African-American history and issues. Topics
   include Black History Month (February), slavery, abolition,
   The Underground Railroad, "Buffalo" soldiers, civil rights
   movement, Million Man March, poetry, news, people, and
   much more. Part of the Education First initiative of SBC
   Pacific Bell.
   Subjects: African Americans -- History...
   Created by jh

   A collection of free Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to
   download for recording census data. Includes forms for all
   federal U.S. Census data, some state censuses, Canadian,
   English, Irish, and Scottish censuses, and special topics
   such as "the 1890 Surviving Veterans and Widows Schedule."
   Subjects: Genealogy...
   Created by dlm

 Charles Booth Online Archive
   Selected materials from Booth's Inquiry into the Life and
   Labour of the People in London (1886-1903). Users may
   "search the catalogue of original notebooks, search a
   digital version of the Maps Descriptive of London Poverty,
   1898-9, and view complete digital images of the 31 'police
   notebooks' from the survey. Selected extracts from the
   police notebooks have also been compiled into an online
   album of 'snapshots.'" There is also information on Booth
   and his methodology.
   Subjects: Booth, Charles, 1840-1916...
   Created by sf

 City of Spokane
   Official site of Spokane, Washington. Includes state and
   local news, arts and entertainment events calendar,
   current and forecasted weather, city documents and
   information, guide to city departments, employment
   information, visitor information, and traffic and service
   updates. Site is searchable and includes local, county,
   state, and federal government, business, and community  links.
   Subjects: Spokane (Wash.)...
   Created by cdt

 Clarence Seward Darrow (1857-1938)
   A biographical site devoted to "this sophisticated country
   lawyer, this hedonistic defender of the poor and
   downtrodden, this honest, devious man" Clarence Seward
   Darrow. Users will also find illustrated outlines of his
   famous defenses of Leopold and Loeb, Bill Haywood, and
   John Scopes in the renowned "monkey trial" of 1925.
   Subjects: Darrow, Clarence, 1857-1938...
   Created by dfs

 Ethnic and Special Audience Newspapers of the
 Pacific Northwest
   A listing of ethnic and special audience newspapers
   produced in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana,
   Idaho, and Alaska and the provinces of British Columbia
   and the Yukon. Listings can be browsed by title, place of
   publication, ethnic group, and special audience. Entries
   also include information about holdings in Pacific Northwest
   libraries and some have a few selected images of pages
   from the publications. From the University of Washington Libraries.
   Subjects: Northwest, Pacific -- Newspapers...
   Created by dbc

 Find It! Washington
   Find It! provides access to Washington state government
   information. Search features allow searching of
   government publications, information, and Web
   documents. Links to most frequently asked questions on
   state information. A product of Government Information
   Locator Service, sponsored by the Washington State Library.
   Subjects: Government information -- Washington (State)...
   Created by cdt

 Glimmering Goldfish
   A hobbyist's site with useful information for goldfish
   owners . There is information about feeding, breeding,
   diseases, lifespan, and the various varieties. Additionally,
   there are photos of common health problems, information
   about various medications, tank pests, a pH color chart,
   goldfish photos, related links, a discussion group, a FAQ,
   and much more.
   Subjects: Pets...
   Created by dl

 Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
   This site "Provides enhanced access to the UW Libraries
   holdings on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during
   World War II. Included in the project is a virtual exhibit
   focusing on the Puyallup assembly center, Camp Harmony,
   and enhanced access to archival guides and inventories of
   the UW Libraries Manuscripts and University Archives
   Division." There is also a brief discussion of the war time
   relocation of Japanese Canadians from British Columbia to
   inland areas.
   Subjects: Japanese Americans...
   Created by zm

 Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West
   A cooperative project of several organizations, this site
   provides access to Lewis and Clark maps, with related
   activities and lesson plans.
   Subjects: Lewis and Clark Expedition -- (1804-1806)...
   Created by jfp

 MOHAI: Seattle's Museum of History and Industry
   MOHAI, a private heritage organization, preserves the
   history of the Pacific Northwest as far back as 1850. Its
   site provides information on their current exhibits,
   educational programs, and special events. Online visitors
   can search from over a million photos in MOHAI's historical
   photo collection, search its database of oral history
   interviews, and experience "the sights and sounds from
   Seattle's past" with MOHAI's audio/video archive.
   Subjects: Historical museums...
   Created by dbc

 National Civil Rights Museum (NCRM)
   "The National Civil Rights Museum exists to assist the
   public in understanding the lessons of the Civil Rights
   Movement and its impact and influence on the human
   rights movement worldwide...." The site shares scenes
   from the Memphis, Tennessee, museum's exhibits along
   with text covering highlights of U.S. civil rights history.
   Subjects: Civil rights movements...
   Created by cdt

 Northwest Income Indicators Project
   Annual economic, income, and employment statistics from
   1969 through 2000 for Washington, Idaho, Montana,
   Oregon, and Nevada, broken down by county and
   metropolitan vs. nonmetropolitan areas; national data are
   presented by state. Some of the tables allow the user to
   generate customized analyses of trends. Based on federal
   Bureau of Economic Analysis data and sponsored by
   Washington State University.
   Subjects: Northwest, Pacific...
   Created by jm1

 Northwest Justice Project (NJP)
   "NJP has developed this web site to serve as a
   clearinghouse of legal self-help materials and tools that
   provide information about non criminal legal problems
   affecting low income people in Washington state." This
   federally funded site is searchable and provides a
   drop-down menu of self-help resources for over a dozen
   legal problem areas; some of these publications are also
   available in Spanish and Russian.
   Subjects: Legal assistance to the poor...
   Created by jm1

 Online Journal of Business
   Online version of the bi-weekly Journal of Business serving
   the Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d'Alene (Kootenai
   County), Idaho, market areas. Free search of online edition
   since 1997 provides full texts. All published articles since
   1986 can be searched through a link to an index kept by
   the Spokane Public Library.
   Subjects: Business -- Newspapers...
   Created by cdt

 Photographs from the Chicago Daily News:
   "This collection comprises over 55,000 images of urban life
   captured on glass plate negatives between 1902 and 1933
   by photographers employed by the Chicago Daily News,
   then one of Chicago's leading newspapers." The photos
   are from the collection of the Chicago Historical Society;
   over one-third are related to sports. Search by keyword, or
   browse by names or subjects. Another excellent site from
   the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
   Subjects: Photograph collections...
   Created by smb

 PRD (Public Records Database): Washington
 State Business Records Database
   Search for businesses in Washington State using this
   database of more than 1.5 million businesses. Searchable
   by business name, owner, or business tax number. Listings
   include name, state tax number, address, open/closed
   dates, and owner type (corporation, partnership, etc.).
   Telephone numbers are not listed. From the Washington
   State Department of Revenue.
   Subjects: Business enterprises -- Washington (State)...
   Created by kb1
   Online version of the morning daily newspaper, The Seattle
   Post-Intelligencer. There are some two dozen forums about
   local issues, with registration required for posting but not
   for reading. Searching available for online articles since
   June 1999.
   Subjects: Seattle (Wash.) -- Newspapers...
   Created by cdt

 Space Needle
   History, trivia, and virtual tour of Seattle's most recognized
   landmark. Also has all the information needed for a visit,
   including ticket prices, hours, directions, and parking information.
   Subjects: Space Needle (Seattle, Wash.)...
   Created by ms

 Spokane County, Washington
   This county government site provides information for
   residents, visitors, and businesses. Also provided are links
   to other online resources, a search feature sponsored by
   the Washington State Library, and employment
   information. Excellent site map and government index
   make navigation easy.
   Subjects: Spokane County (Wash.)...
   Created by cdt

 State Library (Washington State)
   Washington State Library's site serves the state
   government and its employees, libraries throughout the
   state, and individual users, particularly in accessing
   information regarding Washington state. A search engine
   allows searching of the library catalog as well as
   government publications, consumer information, and other
   state resources.
   Subjects: State libraries -- Washington (State)
   Created by cdt

 The Seattle Times
   Online version of the morning daily newspaper, The Seattle
   Times, contains about 80% of the print edition. Searching
   available for online articles since February 1996. Excellent
   site index makes navigation easy.
   Subjects: Seattle (Wash.) -- Newspapers...
   Created by cdt

 The Symbols of Washington State
   This site lists nearly twenty Washington state symbols,
   including the state song, bird, flag, and motto, with some
   explanation of their origins and local significance.
   Subjects: Emblems, State -- Washington (State)...
   Created by zm

 Through Spokane's Eyes: Moments in Black History
   Articles originally run in a special Black History Month series
   in The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington. This site
   "chronicles pivotal events in the civil rights movement as
   they unfolded in Spokane and the rest of the country."
   Includes historic photos, audio features, and off-site links.
   Subjects: Civil rights movements -- United States...
   Created by cdt

 Unclaimed Property (Washington State)
   Locate unclaimed property in Washington State. Unclaimed
   property is assets turned over to the state by businesses
   and organizations unable to locate the owner of the
   property. This database lists over 800,000 names,
   approximately $200 million in assets, and is maintained by
   the Washington State Department of Revenue. Searchable
   by name.
   Subjects: Unclaimed estates -- Washington (State)...
   Created by kb1

 Washington State Newspapers
   This page provides information about past and present
   state newspapers, the state library's collection and
   microfilm resources, indexes, and the Washington
   Newspaper Publishers Association (which has job listings).
   Some searching available by city or county in addition to
   author, title, and subject searches. Includes links to
   Washington state newspapers. From the Washington
   State Library.
   Subjects: Newspapers...
   Created by cdt

 Washington State Parks
   In addition to providing a searchable directory of the state
   parks, this site provides information on events and
   programs, rental facilities, vacation houses, and ADA
   accessible outdoor recreation sites. Online reservations
   are also available. From the Washington State Parks and
   Recreation Commission.
   Subjects: Parks -- Washington (State)...
   Created by dbc

 Whitman Mission National Historic Site
   This site presents the mission Marcus and Narcissa
   Whitman established along the Oregon Trail near Walla
   Walla, Washington. Information about activities, lodging
   and fees, a virtual tour of the mission, and a printable map
   and travel guide are included. There are also links to many
   educational resources here, including teachers' guides,
   biographies, a timeline, archaeological information, mission
   recipes for students to try, and hundreds of current and
   historic photos.
   Subjects: Whitman, Marcus, 1802-1847...
   Created by lvm

 Women's Online Golf
   This site has information about the activities of several
   women's golf associations, mostly in Southern California. It
   includes tournament information and results, general
   articles about women and golf, information on their
   member golf clubs, and links to news and other sites
   related to women's golf.
   Subjects: Golf...
   Created by jp

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