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LII: Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for January 15, 2004


Tip of the Week: Black/African American History Month Theme Collection


We are pleased to announce we have updated and expanded our theme
collection, "The African-American Experience."  Librarians, lifelong
learners, home-schoolers, and others will find this collection
interesting and useful.  The collection includes hundreds of sites
on a variety of topics.  To pique your interest, here are some
favorites, linked to our own LII records:

      Shadows in the Range of Light
      Buffalo Soldiers in the Sierra

      The Chitterling Site
      Mouth-watering recipes

      John Brown's Holy War
      A great PBS site about this abolitionist

      Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
      A major organizer of the 1963 March on Washington

But don't stop there... go see for yourself!


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IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

Learn about day trading, cooking in your dishwasher, foodborne
illnesses, wine-making, California's financial situation,and the
color of money.  Hobnob with Abe Lincoln, Ian McKellen, and Humphrey
Bogart, get down at a honky tonk, then learn more about identity
theft, Italy, oceans, and submarines.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Wines, vines, and factbooks.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors


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                              NEW THIS WEEK


    USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center
    This site "provides information about foodborne illness
    prevention to educators, trainers, and organizations
    developing education and training materials for food workers
    and consumers." Features searchable databases of citations
    to training materials and to educational materials, stories
    from educators, a discussion group, and selected Web links.
    From the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S.
    Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA).
    Subjects: Food -- Safety measures...
    Created by sf

    The War Times Journal
    An "on-line magazine which covers all periods of military
    history and military science." Its goal is "the quality
    presentation of articles and archives relating to wars and
    armed conflict, with an emphasis on eyewitness accounts and
    personal experiences." The highlight of this site is the
    collection of orders, dispatches, and memoirs of such famous
    people as Napoleon and Ulysses S. Grant.
    Subjects: Military history -- Periodicals...
    Created by dlm

    California Local Government Finance Almanac
    "Data, statistics, analyses, and articles on California city
    and county finance." Topics include vehicle license fees
    (VLF), state and local fiscal relationships, legislation,
    and property taxes. Provides links to government and other
    related sites. The author "is the League of California
    Cities' chief fiscal advisor, and is closely involved with
    proposals to reform local government finance."
    Subjects: Local government -- California...
    Created by wh

    The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church
    This site provides "biographies of the 17th to the 21st
    century cardinals and [descriptions] of the events and
    documents concerning the origin of the Roman cardinalate and
    its historical evolution." It features a biographical
    dictionary (1590 to the present), images, lists of cardinals
    by country and other criteria, a bibliography, and links to
    related sites. Some material also in Spanish. From Salvador
    Miranda, a retired librarian from Florida.
    Subjects: Cardinals...
    Created by mcb

    Day Trading
    Fact sheets, tips, and warnings about day trading and day
    traders, who "rapidly buy and sell stocks throughout the day
    in the hope that their stocks will continue climbing or
    falling in value for the seconds to minutes they own the
    stock, allowing them to lock in quick profits." Includes
    links to related information about Internet fraud and online
    investing. From the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
    Subjects: Day trading (Securities)...
    Created by je

    Dishwasher Salmon with Cilantro Sauce
    Bob Blumer, author of "The Surreal Gourmet: Real Food for
    Pretend Chefs" and "The Surreal Gourmet Entertains," answers
    questions about the art of cooking in a dishwasher. He
    provides his recipe for salmon with cilantro sauce. The
    salmon is poached in the dishwasher, the sauce is cooked on
    a stove. Suggests music to cook by, recipe alternatives, and
    food and wine accompaniments. From
    Subjects: Cookery (Salmon)...
    Created by mrm

    Faces of Valor
    This site provides "a photo tribute to the [American] men
    and women of Operation Iraqi Freedom." Images are browsable
    by service branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps)
    or by date. Also includes articles, a U.S. casualty list,
    maps of Iraq, and discussion forums. From,
    a "gateway to Military Times news and information websites."
    Subjects: Iraq War, 2003...
    Created by sf

    The Web site for "an ongoing project, the aim of which is to
    transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages
    and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free
    Internet access to the transcribed records." Database is
    searchable by a number of factors, such as name, dates of
    birth and death, and location. Site also features a FAQ,
    update information, and database statistics. From a "charity
    registered in England and Wales."
    Subjects: Registers of births, etc. -- England...
    Created by sf

    Get Real...Or Get Taken
    Special Agent Banks of the U.S. Secret Service acts as guide
    to government measures against money counterfeiting. "Click
    What's New to learn about the security features of our
    redesigned currency. You'll learn what to do if you suspect
    a bill is fake in the Is It Bogus section. Visit the
    redesigned bill gallery by clicking the On the Money button
    to get a recap of the security features." From the U.S.
    Department of the Treasury.
    Subjects: Counterfeits and counterfeiting...
    Created by wh

    Godchecker: Your Guide to the Gods
    This site takes a lighthearted view of gods and mythological
    figures from around the world. It "aims to cover all Gods of
    mythology, literature and legend" as well as pagan figures.
    Information on over 1,300 deities is browsable by
    pantheon/culture or searchable. Several types of gods are
    not yet available, including Roman and Indian gods. From a
    group of religion and mythology enthusiasts.
    Subjects: Gods...
    Created by sek

    The Government Performance Project: The Way We Tax: A
    50-State Report
    This report from Congressional Quarterly's Governing
    magazine analyzes "the tax structures and tax management of
    the 50 states" and evaluates "the way each state raises its
    revenues." It includes an overview of major sources of state
    revenue (sales taxes, personal income taxes, property taxes,
    and corporate taxes) and features a description of the tax
    structure for each state. Also provides related reports back
    to 1999.
    Subjects: Taxation -- United States -- States...
    Created by sf

    Guido Mazzoni Collection
    "The collection consists of pamphlets, newspapers, programs,
    catalogs, and small volumes dating from the 16th through
    20th centuries," including "many pamphlets relating to the
    Unification of Italy" and other Italian topics. The site
    includes a description of the collection, Mazzoni
    biographical information, a searchable database of the
    collection, and images of selected items (browsable by
    category). From the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special
    Collections Library, Duke University.
    Subjects: Italian literature...
    Created by mcb

    Home Wine 101
    This site offers more than two dozen fruit wine recipes, a
    very general explanation of basic steps for wine making, and
    a list of tips for beginners. Includes recipes with
    everything from apples to watermelon as primary ingredients.
    Among the more notable selections are wines made from
    tomatoes, pumpkins, persimmons, and dandelions. From a
    homebrew supply store.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making -- Amateurs' manuals...
    Created by mrm

    Honky Tonks, Hymns & the Blues
    Companion site to a 2003 National Public Radio (NPR) program
    that "highlights American musical traditions" and features
    "historic performances, rare archive tape, and interviews
    with artists." Covers topics such as the role of women in
    country music, racial issues, the fiddle, and accordion
    legends. Includes program overviews, audio clips from the
    shows, images, a bibliography and discography, and related
    links. Searchable.
    Subjects: Honky-tonk music...
    Created by sf

    Ian McKellen
    Official Web site of British actor Ian McKellen, who "has
    starred in scores of films, television, and radio
    productions." Features a guide to McKellan's acting career,
    a biography, writings, a list of awards, and information
    about his work as a gay activist. Includes a virtual
    scrapbook, an e-mail correspondence section, video clips,
    and links to related sites. Searchable; production list
    browsable by title and date.
    Subjects: McKellen, Ian...
    Created by nh

    Identity Theft Resource Center
    This is a "nonprofit organization dedicated to developing
    and implementing a comprehensive program against identity
    theft -- by supporting victims, broadening public awareness,
    disseminating information about this crime and decreasing
    the potential victim population." Provides links to
    resources for victims, information about scams and consumer
    alerts, prevention tips, and statistics. Some material
    available in Spanish.
    Subjects: False personation...
    Created by ccm

    Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES); Center
    for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
    This site features information about IGES, a research
    institute dedicated to improving "understanding and
    prediction of the variations of the Earth's climate through
    scientific research on climate variability and climate
    predictability" and its research center, COLA, "dedicated to
    basic research on the Earth's current climate." Includes the
    full text of technical reports, lists of journal articles
    and conference papers, weather and climate data, a bulletin
    on experimental forecasting, and related information. Not
    Subjects: Climate...
    Created by sf

    Jess Mowry's Website
    Official site of "the author of Way Past Cool as well as
    other novels for and about Black children and teens, and
    Black life, such as Six Out Seven, Babylon Boyz, Ghost
    Train, Rats In The Trees and Children Of The Night."
    Includes selections from his short stories, novels, and
    essays, plus advice about writing and biographical
    information. The site produces commercial pop-ups but
    provides much information, links, and straight talk from the
    Subjects: Mowry, Jess, 1960- ...
    Created by wh

    Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)
    Resources on MTBE, a chemical compound that is "almost
    exclusively used as a fuel additive in motor gasoline."
    Features documents on the use of MTBE in gasoline, effects
    of MTBE on the water supply, research and testing of
    potential health and environmental risks, preventing MTBE
    leaks from underground storage tanks, and cleanup and
    treatment actions. Includes local contacts for information
    about MTBE in drinking water. From the U.S. Environmental
    Protection Agency (EPA).
    Subjects: Butyl methyl ether...
    Created by je

    Minority Links
    Quick links to the latest U.S. Census "data on racial and
    ethnic populations in the United States." Features browsable
    facts and statistics on Black/African American,
    Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American
    Indian/Alaska Native populations in the United States. From
    the U.S. Census Bureau Public Information Office.
    Subjects: Minorities -- United States -- Statistics...
    Created by je

    Neighborhood Knowledge California (NKCA)
    "NKCA serves as statewide, interactive website that
    assembles and maps a variety of databases that can be used
    in neighborhood research. Its aim is to promote greater
    equity in housing and banking." The site presents reports
    and maps of California counties with associated demographic,
    housing, and lending information. From the University of
    California, Los Angeles School of Public Policy and Social
    Subjects: Community development -- California...
    Created by mcb

    The Official Site of Humphrey Bogart
    Biographical information about actor Humphrey Bogart, star
    of films such as "Casablanca," "The African Queen," and "Key
    Largo." Features career highlights, quotes, fast facts, a
    listing of awards, a filmography, photo galleries, video
    clips, related links, and a site FAQ. From entertainment
    agent CMG Worldwide.
    Subjects: Bogart, Humphrey, 1899-1957...
    Created by sf

    The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: The Lincoln Log
    This daily chronology of the life of Abraham Lincoln is
    based on "Lincoln Day-by-Day: A Chronology," published in
    1960 by the Government Printing Office. It attempts to
    account for activities every day, no matter how mundane, in
    the life of the president. Browse by year, or search by a
    specific date or keyword. A project of the Illinois Historic
    Preservation Agency and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential
    Library and Museum.
    Subjects: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865...
    Created by jp

    Perchlorate Questions and Answers
    Fact sheet on the chemical perchlorate and its effects on
    the health of the human body and the food and water supply.
    Includes discussion of perchlorate in produce (such as
    lettuce) and drinking water. From the U.S. Food and Drug
    Administration (FDA), Center for Food Safety & Applied
    Subjects: Perchlorates...
    Created by je

    Professional Friends of Wine
    This site "is dedicated to increasing wine appreciation by
    providing wine education, wine information, and wine
    training, and offering wine opinions." It provides a broad
    range of information about wine and wine making, covering
    history, grape growing, wine label interpretation, selecting
    and serving wine, tasting notes, and more. Includes event
    listings, editorials, reading recommendations, and related
    links. Searchable. From a group of grape growers, merchants,
    and restaurateurs.
    Subjects: Wine and wine making...
    Created by je

    Submarines, Secrets, and Spies
    Companion site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) NOVA
    program that "goes in search of clues to two tragedies of
    the Cold War, the wrecks of the nuclear submarines Thresher
    and Scorpion." The site features virtual tours through two
    submarines, information about the U.S. Navy loaning out its
    submarines, and stories about life on submarines. Also
    includes links to related information and a program
    Subjects: Submarines (Ships) -- United States...
    Created by sf

    Who Mentored You?
    This site provides interviews with celebrities on the topic
    of people who affected their early lives and encouraged them
    to become who they are today. Interviewees include James
    Earl Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Walter Cronkite, Gloria Estefan,
    Quincy Jones, Martin Sheen, Colin Powell, Tom Brokaw, Larry
    King, and others. Also features details about National
    Mentoring Month and Thank Your Mentor Day (January).
    Includes audio and video clips. From the Harvard School of
    Public Health.
    Subjects: Mentoring...
    Created by jh

    World Bank Group: Climate Change
    The World Bank Climate Change Team "provides resources and
    expertise for the World Bank's participation in
    international climate change negotiations under the United
    Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and
    provides technical advice to the World Bank's Global
    Environment Facility (GEF) Program." This site includes a
    database of descriptions of the group's projects,
    publications, and press releases.
    Subjects: Climatic changes...
    Created by sf

    Yale, Slavery & Abolition
    This essay addresses the issue that while "three Yale
    leaders stand in a tradition of strong opposition to
    slavery. ... In the 1930s and 1960s, Yale chose to name most
    of its colleges after slave owners and pro-slavery leaders."
    Essay includes discussion of individuals with buildings
    named after them and of Yale abolitionists, a description of
    an effort to establish a "Negro" college in New Haven,
    Connecticut, and a bibliography. From three Yale Ph.D.
    Subjects: Yale University...
    Created by mcb

    The Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress
    This site presents "a selection of ten plays written by
    [Zora Neale] Hurston (1891-1960), author, anthropologist,
    and folklorist. Deposited in the United States Copyright
    Office between 1925 and 1944. ... The plays reflect
    Hurston's life experience, travels, and research, especially
    her study of folklore in the African-American South."
    Includes a chronology, a bibliography, and searchable and
    browsable images of pages from the plays. From the American
    Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
    Subjects: Hurston, Zora Neale...
    Created by mcb

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