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NEW THIS WEEK for February 6, 2003


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We honor the fallen crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia with some  
resources you will find below, including a poem by Yeats.  You will
find additional links on our main page, and a search of the
database will provide even more information about space flight,
astronauts, and related topics.

Then hobnob with Robert Baden-Powell (founder of scouting), Marcus
Garvey, Sherlock Holmes, and Nebraska Congressman Edward Kimball
Valentine.  Other resources we added this week feature HIV, biology,
travel to Japan, cancer care, chess, women's history, ticks, spiders,
butterflies, Jewish scholarship, and a game invented by Mozart.

California resources feature plants, UC Davis "Aggies," and a lovely
gem of a site.  Online, in addition to all of these sites, you'll
find a delightful assortment of sites related to Washington State.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

You're on your own with sites related to bladders, incontinence,
brain tumors, dangerous beaches, sheet music, and a bounty of other
great resources.

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, plus our 100+ intrepid contributors,
and our two project editors, Tom McGibney and Maria Brandt
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be more assertive with those parents, principals and fellow
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             NEW THIS WEEK

Aztlan: International Journal of Chicano Studies
   Contains the full-text of articles from volume 1 (1970)
   through volume 23 (1998) of Aztlan, a journal "dedicated to
   scholarly research relevant to or informed by the Chicano/a
   experience." Browsable by author, title, and issue. From
   the Chicano Studies Research Center Library, University of
   California, Los Angeles.
   Subjects: Mexican Americans -- Periodicals
   Created by tm

   Devoted to Benitoite, the state gem of California. Includes
   photographs, articles (including George D. Louderback's
   1909 article Benitoite, Its Paragenesis and Mode of
   Occurence), and topographical maps. From the Museum
   Informatics Project (MIP), University of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: Benitoite...
   Created by tm

   An interactive portal designed "to connect life sciences
   researchers with free, useful resources and other
   like-minded scientists from all around the world." Includes
   annotated links to news and life science Web sites, a
   nomenclatural glossary for zoology, a zoological thesaurus,
   a forum for biologists and scientists to discuss findings,
   and more. Searchable.
   Subjects: Life sciences...
   Created by smb

 HIV Prevention Fact Sheets / Hojas Informativas
   A collection of nearly fifty fact sheets containing
   "summaries of specific topics important to HIV prevention."
   Available in English and Spanish. Selected fact sheets are
   available in Kiswahili. From the Center for AIDS Prevention
   Studies (CAPS), University of California, San Francisco.
   Subjects: HIV infections...
   Created by tm

 Hot Topics: Women's History Month
   "Designed to honor women in every walk of life" this site
   emphasizes government resources "to inform, enlighten
   and to close the gender gap in American history." It links to
   information on Women's History Month, International
   Women's Day, biographies, women's history, and women
   and defense, education, suffrage, labor, health, science,
   family, and violence. From from the Daniel J. Evans Library
   of The Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington).
   Subjects: Women...
   Created by pf

 How Chess Computers Work
   This site illustrates how a computer program plays chess
   and diagrams how it calculates all possible moves using a
   formula called the minimax algorithm and a technique
   called alpha beta pruning. Information is also available on
   "Man vs. Machine" contests, IBM's Deep Blue, Deep Junior,
   international chess champion Garry Kasparov, and more.
   Subjects: Chess...
   Created by jh

 How Space Shuttles Work
   This site examines the complexity of space shuttles,
   including their parts, design, and various systems. It
   covers information on shuttle history and future, space
   environment and life support, getting into orbit, re-entry
   and landing, and many related resources such as the
   International Space Station, educational activities, NASA,
   and more.
   Subjects: Space shuttles
   Created by jh

 Information and Coping Tips for Patients and
   Information for cancer patients and caregivers. Topics
   include caregiver and cancer-related fatigue; coping with
   chemotherapy; hospice; evaluating health information;
   health insurance and disability benefits; helping children
   understand cancer; nutrition; and communicating with your
   doctor. Browsable. From the Comprehensive Cancer
   Center, University of California, San Francisco.
   Subjects: Cancer -- Patients...
   Created by tm

 Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
   A travel guide to Japan that has facts such as climate,
   geography, population, and language, and essential
   information about business hours, customs, national
   holidays, getting around, eating out, places to stay, things
   to do, regional travel plans, and tourist guides. The tourist
   guides details hundreds of tourist sites divided by regions.
   Additionally, there is a searchable map, related links, and
   the weather. Also available in French, German, Chinese,
   and Korean.
   Subjects: Japan
   Created by dl
   Self-billed as "the definitive online source of Latin American
   art," this site contains information about artists and
   exhibitions, articles on pertinent issues, and a worldwide
   directory of museums, galleries, institutions, and
   foundations which feature Latin American art. There is also
   a glossary of general art terms.
   Subjects: Art, Latin American...
   Created by tr

 Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia
   CNN presents a special report on the loss of the
   space shuttle Columbia's flight STS-107 and its seven crew
   members on February 1, 2003. The coverage includes
   information on the shuttle's past launches and milestones,
   the final contact and communication moments with mission
   control, and the resulting investigation that followed.
   Related crew information, photo galleries, and audio and
   video clips augment the news coverage.
   Subjects: Columbia (Spacecraft) -- Accidents...
   Created by jh

 Mozart's Musikalisches Wurfelspiel
   This is the electronic implementation of a musical
   composition dice game which was written by Mozart in
   1787. Mozart wrote instructions, and a Table of Rules, plus
   176 possible minuet measures and 96 possible trio
   measures. Users can create a minuet by selecting two
   numbers representing different instruments--one for the
   right hand, one for the left. Results are generated as
   sound files and also as musical scores.
   Subjects: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791...
   Created by mrm

 Our Shared History: African American Heritage
   This site showcases United States National Park Service
   (NPS) resources related to African American history and
   culture. It includes travel guides for exploring relevant
   national parks, exhibits, and collections. Through numerous
   links, this Web site also serves as a portal to NPS online
   resources on this subject.
   Subjects: African Americans -- History...
   Created by jh

 Pictures, Israel, Events: Space Flight
   A directory of links related to Colonel Ilan Ramon, an Israeli
   astronaut, who died when the Columbia Space Shuttle
   crashed on February 1, 2003. Includes links to official
   biographies, news articles, speculation about when
   Sabbath starts in space, and an essay about Col. Ramon's
   mother, a Holocaust survivor.
   Subjects: Ramon, Ilan...
   Created by kgs

 Plant Communities of California
   A chart of California plant communities and vegetation
   types. Includes information on geographic distribution and
   elevation, weather, soil properties, important influences
   and adaptions, diversity, and cover. From the Department
   of Geography, University of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: Plant communities -- California
   Created by tm

 Research Guide - Compiling a California
 Legislative History
   Legal researchers, lay advocates of legal issues, and
   students frequently try to determine what legislators had
   in mind in drafting a particular law. Finding such information
   for laws passed earlier than 1980 may be especially
   difficult; data may be in many different locations--print,
   microform, and online. The Hastings Law Library (University
   of California, Hastings College of Law) staff has prepared
   this step-by-step guide to compiling the history of a
   California law.
   Subjects: Legislative histories -- California...
   Created by sek

 Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of the World
 Scout Movement, Chief Scout of the World
   A paean to the English founder of the scouting movement.
   As the British empire began to evaporate, the fervent
   patriot and marketing genius Baden-Powell sought to build
   a "character factory" and in the process forged the largest
   youth movement in history. This well-organized site
   contains numerous links to biographical essays, interviews,
   and extended excerpts from his value-laden writings.
   Subjects: Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth
   Baden-Powell, Baron, 1857-1941...
   Created by dfs

 Shuttles Are the Work Horses from Outer Space
   This collection of information and links captures the
   essence of a space shuttle's work responsibilities, stories
   and histories, and past, current, and future ventures, plus
   the background and components of the U.S. shuttles
   Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, Endeavour, and Challenger.
   Additionally, it includes a video of the space shuttle
   Challenger explosion in 1986 and more. From Space Today
   Subjects: Space shuttles
   Created by jh

 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Coverage:
 Resources, Story Ideas and More
   The site is designed for news reporters and editors, and
   contains up-to-the-minute coverage of the space shuttle
   Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003. Includes links to
   various news agencies' coverage, local authorities,
   information on the crew members, graphics, radar images,
   historical information, and a list of science experiments
   conducted during the flight, as well as the Rogers
   Commission report on the Challenger explosion in 1986.
   This site is an invaluable resource for journalists and
   laypeople alike.
   Subjects: Space shuttles...
   Created by sek

 Spaceflight Now
   This space news site reports on breaking news (e.g. the
   Columbia flight STS-107 tragedy), current and future shuttle
   missions, and launch schedules, plus related space
   activities, archived news, and current video clips. Don't
   miss the spectacular photo gallery at Features which looks
   back on 100 dramatic shuttle launches.
   Subjects: Space shuttles...
   Created by jh

 Spiders and Other Arachnids at UC Riverside
   Contains articles, distribution map, and identification
   information for brown recluse spiders; and facts and
   photographs of other types of spiders (including hobo
   spiders and daddy-longlegs). From the Department of
   Entomology, University of California, Riverside.
   Subjects: Spiders...
   Created by tm

 The Butterfly Farmer: Educational Resources
   Find out just what the difference is between a moth and
   butterfly as well as many additional butterfly facts at this
   site. Included is information and photos of many different
   types of butterflies, butterfly farming, and even how to
   volunteer in a Costa Rican National Park. There are a few
   links to related resources. Sponsored by a butterfly farm
   near San Jose, Costa Rica.
   Subjects: Butterflies...
   Created by tr

 The California Aggie
   Online version of the student newspaper serving The
   University of California, Davis campus and community. It
   includes news, opinions, columns, sports, arts, classifieds,
   and more. Searchable archives from January, 2001.
   Subjects: College student newspapers and periodicals...
   Created by mlc

 The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy material about the Holmes
   legend at this entertaining site. Included is information
   about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's life and non-Holmes works,
   but the featured focus is on the adventures of Holmes and
   Watson. Visitors can read interesting essays about
   Holmes' character development and his fictional death, as
   well as play games, send greeting cards with Holmes
   quotes, participate in polls, and ask Holmes a question.
   Subjects: Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930...
   Created by sf

 The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro
 Improvement Association Papers Project
   Contains a fact sheet on Marcus Garvey; information on
   Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association
   (UNIA); transcripts of selected correspondence,
   documents, and writings by and about Garvey; audio of
   speeches; and photographs. Browsable. From the James S.
   Coleman African Studies Center, University of California,
   Los Angeles.
   Subjects: Garvey, Marcus, 1887-1940...
   Created by tm

 Ticks Commonly Encountered in California
   Brief profiles and photographs of soft ticks (pajahuello,
   spinose ear, poultry) and hard ticks (winter, Pacific Coast,
   Rocky Mountain wood, American dog, and western black
   legged ticks). Includes background information on tick
   biology. From the Department of Entomology, University of
   California, Davis.
   Subjects: Insects...
   Created by tm

 Underfloor Air Technology
   Outlines the basic characteristics of an underfloor air
   distribution (UFAD) system. Includes design guidelines;
   profiles of buildings currently using the technology; FAQs; a
   bibliography; and a glossary of underfloor and heating,
   ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) terminology.
   Contains photographs and diagrams. From the Center for
   the Built Environment (CBE), University of California,
   Subjects: Ventilation...
   Created by tm

 Valentine: Nebraska's Heartcity
   Named for Nebraska Congressman Edward Kimball
   Valentine (1884), this is the place from which "thousands"
   of Valentine's Day (February 14) greetings bearing the
   city's postmark are mailed each year. Cachet in the
   Valentine's Day section tells how to do this from afar. The
   Web site for this popular wedding locale has information
   about events, tourist attractions and facilities,
   entertainment, and outdoor recreation. There are also
   "official" valentine and other electronic greeting cards.
   Subjects: Valentine's Day...
   Created by jh

 Women's History Month celebrates Women's History Month and
   International Women's Day (March 8) by featuring articles
   on the women's history movement and on women's current
   status in politics, business, the arts, and other fields. There
   is a categorical list of notable women and reference articles
   and links on awards, achievements, education, the labor
   force, motherhood, health, crime statistics, and
   organizations. There are also some puzzles, trivia games,
   and other "fun stuff."
   Subjects: Women...
   Created by jh

 Women's Rights
   Contains transcripts and video of interviews with over ten
   political leaders and activists, sociologists, economists, and
   others, emphasizing the "unfinished struggle to secure
   women's rights." Includes a timeline of people and events
   related to women's rights (1776-2001), a glossary, and
   activities for students. From the Conversations with History
   Archive, University of California, Berkeley.
   Subjects: Women's rights...
   Created by tm

 Yeats: An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
   This poem, written for wartime, describes the "lonely
   impulse of delight" shared by pilots, astronauts, and
   aviation workers everywhere. From
   Subjects: Poetry...
   Created by kgs

 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research: Online
   Founded in Vilna, Lithuania, the YIVO Institute is one of the
   foremost centers of Jewish learning. The Web site has
   several online galleries with artifacts and photographs of
   the Jewish Labor Bund, actress Ida Kaminska, treasures
   from the archives, posters from prewar Poland, and
   artifacts from the Vilna Ghetto.
   Subjects: Jews -- History...
   Created by bb

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