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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for February 27, 2003

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'S wonderful, 's marvelous--yes, this week we offer a lovely (but
Flash-only) site on Gershwin.  Other searchalicious resources for your
enjoyment feature children's games, gas pump prices, coral reefs,  
Tudor England, Lord Byron, Lewis and Clark, many mammals, and that
mammoth of squirrels, the marmot.  Then learn more about the Iraq
crisis, antimicrobial resistance, a 1920 lynching in Duluth, and the
Japanese American experience in World War II.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Several resources to augment our women's collection (debuting
tomorrow!) plus a bevy of sites on disabilities, ethnicities, and
national emergencies (including

Bon appetit!

-- Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria,
  And our 100+ intrepid contributors!      

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              NEW THIS WEEK

 Antimicrobial Resistance
   The National Center for Infectious Diseases provides
   both basic general information about the growing
   problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and clinical and
   technical information for health professionals. The site
   has a glossary, links to relevant Web sites, and tips for
   preventing the spread of drug resistance and of
   infectious diseases.
   Subjects: Drug resistance in microorganisms...
   Created by bb

 British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and
 Protectorate 1638-60
   The "War of the Three Kingdoms" involved Scotland,
   Ireland, England, and Wales. It "laid the foundations of
   the modern British constitution and underlies many of
   the political tensions in today's United Kingdom and
   Republic of Ireland." Find timelines, interactive
   biographies, a military history (with individual battles
   and sieges), and annotated Web links. Searchable.
   Subjects: Great Britain -- History...
   Created by smb

 Byron: A Comprehensive Study of His Life and
   Contents include a biography of the poet; a timeline of
   his life and work; portraits of him, his friends, and his
   family; selections from his works; information on his
   wife, Anne Isabella Milbanke, and his lover, Lady
   Carolyn Lamb; and more on this writer of the English
   romantic era.
   Subjects: Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron 1788-1824...
   Created by rs

 CILIP: Chartered Institute of Library and
 Information Professionals
   Web site of the professional body formed following the
   unification of the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS)
   and The Library Association (LA) in the United Kingdom.
   Encompasses a wide range of information of interest to
   degreed and non-degreed library workers throughout
   the UK, including general information on library careers,
   job listings, and detailed descriptions of training
   programs and professional development opportunities.
   Subjects: Librarians -- Great Britain...
   Created by sd1

 Discovering Lewis and Clark
   Provides extensive coverage of the events and natural
   history of the expedition. With over 1400 pages and
   monthly updates, the site contains selections from the
   expedition journals, photographs, maps, graphics, and
   sound. Searchable. Content centers on a synopsis of
   the expedition by history professor Harry Fritz, of the
   University of Montana, Missoula.
   Subjects: Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)...
   Created by saw

 Duluth Lynchings Online Resource: Historical
 Documents Relating to the Tragic Events of
 June 15, 1920
   This digital collection provides access "to a variety of
   primary source materials relating to the 1920 lynching
   of three young black men--Isaac McGhie, Elias Clayton,
   and Elmer Jackson--in Duluth, Minnesota." It includes
   background information on the event, newspaper
   accounts, legal documents, photographs, oral histories,
   a timeline, and recommended additional online and
   print resources. Searchable. From the Minnesota
   Historical Society.
   Subjects: Lynching | African Americans -- History...
   Created by mg

   This site offers a searchable index of current and past
   conservation projects in Mesoamerica. Includes project
   descriptions, interviews with conservationists,
   highlights of innovative projects, stories from the field,
   monitoring and evaluation progress, online news
   bulletin and reports, success of goals, lessons learned,
   and more. Materials are available in English or Spanish.
   From the Rainforest Alliance.
   Subjects: Conservation of natural resources...
   Created by sf

 Forms of Address
   Forms of address and salutations for academics, clerical
   and religious orders, government officials, military and
   naval officers, and professions. From
   Subjects: Forms of address...
   Created by dlm

 French Volunteers and Supporters of the
 American Revolution
   About two dozen brief biographies, a few with
   portraits, of some of the many French officers who
   joined the United States forces in the Revolutionary
   Subjects: United States -- History...
   Created by wh

 Games Kids Play
   Contributed by users, the rules for games include hide
   and seek, dodgeball, and hopscotch, as well as jump
   rope rhymes and variations of jacks and marbles.
   Subjects: Games
   Created by sek

 How Gas Prices Work
   Learn how gas prices are determined at this
   informative site. Includes information on U.S. gasoline
   usage and consumption, a percentage breakdown of
   components that determine gas prices, control and
   impact of the oil market by the Organization of the
   Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), U.S. domestic
   production and supplies, and related resources.
   Subjects: Petroleum products -- Prices...
   Created by jh

 Human Rights Watch World Report 2003
   Human Rights Watch's annual assessment of human
   rights practices covers fifty-eight countries, from
   November 2001 through November 2002. It analyzes
   the state of human rights in a country; the responses
   of other countries, organizations, and institutions; and
   "the freedom of local human rights defenders to
   conduct their work." Special attention is given to the
   United States' fight against terrorism in relation to
   human rights, bilateralism, and the possibility of war in
   Subjects: Human rights
   Created by slr

 Life Interrupted: The Japanese American
 Experience in WWII Arkansas
   The University of Arkansas and the Japanese American
   National Museum in Los Angeles focus this site on the
   experiences of Japanese Americans in World War II
   Arkansas. In an appealing open book format, it
   provides history, educational links, materials and
   resources for teachers and the public, reading lists, a
   timeline, archival photos, recent press articles,
   downloadable posters, panoramic views, maps
   pinpointing Rohwer and Jerome camps, and driving
   directions from Little Rock.
   Subjects: Japanese Americans...
   Created by re

 Mammals of Washington
   This attractive site features a checklist of all 148
   species of mammals found in Washington state--32
   marine species, 16 species of flying mammals, and 91
   species of land mammals. These are grouped according
   to their biological order. Photographs, distribution
   maps, range in Washington, habitat, diet, identifying
   features, and links are provided for each animal. From
   the University of Washington's Burke Museum of
   Natural History and Culture in Seattle.
   Subjects: Mammals...
   Created by mrm

 Medicaid Resource Book
   This full text reference is intended "to assist the public
   and policymakers in understanding the structure and
   operation of the Medicaid program." Describes program
   eligibility, benefits, financing, and administration. Also
   includes legislative history, resource bibliographies, and
   indexes to federal laws and regulations. From the
   Kaiser Family Foundation.
   Subjects: Medicaid...
   Created by saw

 NOAA's Coral Reef Information System
   Created to provide public "access to NOAA coral reef
   information and data products, especially those derived
   from NOAA's Coral Reef Initiative Program." Site
   includes information about coral biology and reef
   ecology, threats to coral reefs, a glossary of coral reef
   terminology, and reports on the environmental status
   of U.S. and worldwide reefs. The data are searchable
   as text and by geographical location.
   Subjects: Coral reefs and islands...
   Created by pf

 Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention
 Resource Center (PPRC)
   "Promoting a cleaner environment through pollution
   prevention." Intended primarily for business, industry,
   and government, but with much generally accessible
   information, this searchable Web site provides an
   online newsletter, factsheets, reports, and case studies
   on pollution, a Pollution Prevention Request for Proposal
   Clearinghouse of grant opportunities (not limited to the
   Northwest), and a database of pollution prevention
   research and evaluations of pollution prevention
   Subjects: Pollution -- Prevention...
   Created by jm1

 PJALS: Peace and Justice Action League of
   The Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane is a
   "grassroots, multi-issue organization...for a just and
   nonviolent world." The site provides news, events,
   issues, newsletters, and membership information.
   Subjects: Social change...
   Created by cdt

 Saddam's Ultimate Solution
   A companion site for a television program that explored
   the question, "are Iraq's chemical and biological
   weapons attacks on Kurdistan part of a larger agenda
   of terror?" Discussion, photo essay, interactive maps,
   and more. From the WIDE ANGLE documentary series
   produced by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).
   Subjects: Iraq -- Foreign relations...
   Created by kgs

 Tennessee Electronic Atlas (TEA)
   This state atlas contains "brief overviews of
   socio-economic aspects of each county, and links to
   county specific information" and includes place
   populations, population characteristics, racial and
   ethnic composition, business and economic profiles,
   selected agricultural statistics, and payroll by economic
   sector. State topics includes agriculture, economics,
   education, physical landscape, and social aspects.
   Interactive mapping allows the user to create their own
   layers and variables by utilizing GIS mapping.
   Subjects: Tennessee -- Maps...
   Created by dl

 The Israel Museum
   This museum's Web site includes information about its
   collections of Judaica, regional archaeological artifacts,
   and extensive art holdings. Visitors can view selected
   images from different galleries, and explore the Shrine
   of the Book online, which details the discovery,
   preservation, and research of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
   Visit online archaeological exhibits including the
   evolution of Jewish coins, examination of the daily life of
   the Essenes, and more. The museum, founded in 1965,
   is in Jerusalem.
   Subjects: Art museums...
   Created by sf

 The Official George and Ira Gershwin Web
   Gershwin fans will enjoy this site about the American
   songwriting team whose memorable music and lyrics
   reflected the Jazz Age of the twentieth century. Visitors
   can listen to portions of sound recordings, view a
   timeline and photographs of the brothers' lives, and
   read their personal profiles. Includes references,
   descriptions of selected films and shows, and lists of
   concert schedules and happenings. Requires
   Macromedia Flash Player.
   Subjects: Gershwin...
   Created by sf

 The Red Hat Society
   This site describes how Sue Ellen Cooper and some
   friends formed the Red Hat Society after being inspired
   by the words, "When I am an old woman" from Jenny
   Jones' poem, "Warning," which mentions red hats and
   purple attire. The society's purpose is to "seek their
   earned fun, frivolity, and some foolishness in their later
   years." Includes information about membership, fees,
   regulations, activities, and chapter locations.
   Subjects: Middle aged women...
   Created by jh

 Tudor England: 1485 to 1603
   Biographical and historical information on Tudor
   monarchs, including Henry VII, Henry VIII and his six
   wives, Edward VI, Jane I (Lady Jane Grey), Mary I, and
   Elizabeth I; Tudor relatives; and other citizens. Includes
   images, primary sources (including letters written by
   Henry VIII's wives), life in Tudor England, genealogy,
   bibliography, and filmography. Frequently updated with
   new material. From a hobbyist.
   Subjects: Great Britain -- History...
   Created by rs

 USA Patriot Act Resolutions of State Library
   A browsable directory of resolutions about the USA
   PATRIOT Act from national, state, and local library
   associations. Includes related links and contact
   information for submitting additional resolutions. From
   the Office of Intellectual Freedom of the American
   Library Association (ALA).
   Subjects: Librarians -- United States...
   Created by kgs

 Vancouver Island Marmot Pages
   There are 14 species of marmots, the largest members
   of the squirrel family; Marmota vancouverensis lives
   "only in the high mountains of Vancouver Island, British
   Columbia, Canada." This enthusiastic site features a
   lavishly illustrated field guide, slide shows, and
   publications concerning these marmots and their future.
   Also included are sound files, marmot trivia, links, and
   information about the Marmot Recovery Project.
   Subjects: Marmots...
   Created by mrm

 Washington State Department of Ecology
   Washington's environmental management agency
   provides information about state law and agency
   programs such as toxic/nuclear waste management,
   soil contamination projects, watershed planning, and
   specific initiatives. There are links to the permits office,
   printable publications, forms, and newsletters, and
   information on current contracting opportunities,
   ecology job opportunities, public meetings, and ecology
   activities in centers around the state. Available in
   several languages. Searchable.
   Subjects: Environmental management -- Washington (State)...
   Created by lvm

 Washington State Ferries Homepage
   Route maps, terminals, sailing schedules, and fares for
   Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands via Washington
   State ferries. There are also links to other Pacific
   Northwest ferry services and to related tourist
   resources. Official site from the Washington State
   Department of Transportation.
   Subjects: Ferries -- Washington (State)
   Created by ebs

 Washington State Health Foundation
   The foundation assists low-income families, awards
   grants to rural health care providers, trains consumers
   and professionals, and runs a statewide campaign to
   enroll children in public insurance programs. The site's
   consumer and professional sections include continuing
   education opportunities, rural and tribal health issues
   and programs, county health profiles, the AIDS/HIV
   Care Access Project (ACAP), the Washington Health
   Today newsletter, and many links.
   Subjects: Medical care -- Washington (State)...
   Created by jmn

 Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
   "Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that is being written
   collaboratively by the readers of this web site. The site
   is a WikiWiki, meaning that anyone...can edit any
   article...." The English version has over 100,000 entries.
   Spanish, French, and Esperanto are among the several
   other languages offered.
   Subjects: Encyclopedias and dictionaries
   Created by ll

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