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NEW THIS WEEK for February 20, 2003

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Hobnob with Martin Luther King, Fats Waller, and Napoleon; learn more
about wars past, present, and possibly future; tell a story, find a
little home on the prairie, tend a garden, and celebrate an Asian

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Hobnob with young adult author Chris Crutcher, get arty, enjoy minor
league baseball, explore organ transplants, and enjoy lovely sites
from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Bon appetit!

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              NEW THIS WEEK


 Asian Public Holidays
   A listing, by country, of holidays observed in Asia,
   Australia, and South Pacific nations. The listings were
   "gathered from embassies, consulates, and other
   holiday websites" by AsiaSource, an online resource of
   the Asia Society.
   Subjects: Holidays -- Asia...
   Created by mg

Black History Month Resources
   A directory of links to sites celebrating Black History
   Month, including biographies, articles, almanacs,
   associations, historical events, encyclopedias,
   periodicals, military and government sources, archives,
   research centers, and more.
   Subjects: African Americans -- History...
   Created by jh

 California Garden Clubs, Inc. (CGCI)
   This Web site, from an "affiliation of over 250 garden
   clubs and plant societies throughout the state," has
   Garden Notes, with articles and tips from California
   gardeners; archived articles from the organization's
   publication Golden Gardens; and a directory of the club's
   regional districts and the individual clubs within the
   districts. There is also club news, information about
   classes, an events calendar, and links to other
   gardening resources.
   Subjects: Gardening...
   Created by mg

 California Thinkers
   "A list of scholars, writers, and culture workers
   available to speak at or assist with programs at
   [California] museums, schools, libraries and other
   cultural and educational events. Each thinker's profile
   lists their areas of expertise, programming experience,
   and ways they might participate." Browsable by last
   name, and area of specialization/knowledge. From the
   California Studies Association, University of California,
   Subjects: California -- Study and teaching
   Created by tm

 Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural
 Resources (CSANR)
   "The mission of the CSANR is to develop and foster
   agriculture and natural resource management
   approaches that are economically viable,
   environmentally sound, and socially acceptable." This
   site informs visitors about sustainable agriculture and
   natural resources and provides information on
   agriculture facilitation, networking, funding, and
   education programs. Site features also include a
   calendar of upcoming events and library of CSANR
   Subjects: Sustainable agriculture...
   Created by dbc

 EMD: Washington Military Department,
 Emergency Management Division
   This Washington State agency "provides access to
   emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and
   mitigation government services and information online."
   The searchable site provides links and information
   about the agency and its programs, policies, news,
   facts, events, and contacts.
   Subjects: Washington (State). National Guard...
   Created by cdt

 Fats Waller Forever
   "Jazz pianist and organist of extraordinary facile
   technique and seemingly limitless invention," Fats
   Waller "perfected and expanded the style known as
   stride." This site includes essays on Waller's life and
   music, a discography, photos, and sheet music. Each
   page is ornamented with sound files of his music. From
   The Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
   Subjects: Waller, Fats, 1904-1943...
   Created by pf

 Iraq Policy Information Project
   This organization "exists to spur informed national
   debate about Bush administration policy toward Iraq
   and to broaden US media coverage of the impending
   Iraq policy crisis." It offers resources for those "seeking
   credible sources on the consequences of a precipitous
   US-led attack on Iraq." There are celebrities'
   statements in support of the Win Without War coalition,
   Issue Briefs, a list of Expert Sources, and related links.
   Sponsored by the Center for International Policy.
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by dl

 Iraq Special Weapons: Nuclear, Biological
 Chemical and Missile Proliferation News
   "A comprehensive compilation of news sources, news
   reports, analysis and official documents on nuclear,
   biological and chemical weapons and delivery systems."
   Iraq and the United Nations provides in-depth
   information, resolutions, documents, and related
   resources on the world's core conficts. From The
   Federation of American Scientists.
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by jh

 Justice Department Drafts Sweeping
 Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Act
   "The Bush Administration is preparing a bold,
   comprehensive sequel to the USA Patriot Act passed in
   the wake of September 11, 2001, which will give the
   government broad, sweeping new powers to increase
   domestic intelligence-gathering, surveillance and law
   enforcement prerogatives, and simultaneously
   decrease judicial review and public access to
   information." Not officially released, this draft, dated
   January 9, 2003, is titled Domestic Security
   Enhancement Act of 2003. From the Center for Public
   Integrity (CPI).
   Subjects: National security -- United States...
   Created by dl

 Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
   The home of Martin Luther King, Jr., a National Historic
   Site in Atlanta's "Sweet Auburn" district, is featured at
   this Web site, which is available in a printable travel
   version. Included are links to events, Black History
   Month activities, concert series calendar, educational
   opportunities, Atlanta's historic places, the African
   Experience Fund, in-depth focus for children, bookstore,
   and volunteer information. From the National Park
   Subjects: King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968...
   Created by sf

 Napoleon Series
   This extensive, searchable site is "Dedicated to the
   study of Napoleon Bonaparte and the era in which he
   lived." It contains a FAQ, articles written by amateurs
   and professionals, texts of reference works, and book
   reviews. There are diplomatic documents, maps, and
   battle lists. It is run by volunteers, and has information
   covering such details as the Sphinx's nose and in-depth
   profile of specific battles, as well as more general
   Subjects: Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821...
   Created by smb

   A journal of the comics medium, with a focus on critical
   and analytical perspectives. Includes essays, editorials,
   interviews, creator profiles, critical reviews, and
   thoroughly annotated booklists. Searchable archives.
   Updated twice weekly.
   Subjects: Comic books, strips, etc....
   Created by sd1

 Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World:
 Conflict Regions Iraq!
   A collection of annotated links about Iraq and the
   developing crisis. Links are arranged topically and
   include news, background information, US/UK War
   Against Iraq, actions and statements against the war,
   U.N. inspections, sanctions, exiled Iraqi, and more. Part
   of a larger collection of links by a "socially committed
   German citizen and physician." Also available in
   Subjects: Iraq...
   Created by dl

OMB Watch
   This nonprofit's goal "is to improve access to our
   governmental decision-makers and energize citizen
   participation"; formed to track activities of the White
   House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), OMB
   Watch now tracks issues reviewed by OMB. Their focus
   areas are budget and government performance issues,
   regulatory and government accountability, information
   for democracy and community, and nonprofit advocacy,
   policy, and technology. Includes forums, a newsletter,
   and other publications.
   Subjects: United States. Office of Management and Budget...
   Created by mrm

 Pacific Northwest Newspaper Clippings
   A searchable "selection of over 13,100 newspaper
   articles from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Clippings
   Collection. The articles were collected and organized in
   the late 1930's by dedicated historians working for the
   Works Progress Administration....[from] sources that
   describe a period of rapid growth and development in
   the history of the Pacific Northwest." Enhanced by
   bibliographies and links to related Web sites.
   Developed and maintained by the Washington State
   University Libraries.
   Subjects: Northwest, Pacific -- History...
   Created by jm1

 Poets Against the War
   A Web site featuring thousands of poems submitted by
   poets opposed to the "planned assault on Iraq" by the
   United States. Includes news, related links, a form for
   submitting poems, and background on the site, which
   supports a movement that began "after many of the
   nation's finest poets declined [a White House]
   invitation" to a poetry symposium.
   Subjects: Poetry...
   Created by kgs

 The Elements of Digital Storytelling
   The digital frontier is explored at this site with an
   in-depth examination of the elements of digital
   storytelling and storymaking: media, action, relationship,
   context, and communication. The site has innovative
   story forms and media examples, a discussion forum, a
   clearinghouse of effects research on user responses,
   links to related resources, and a taxonomy of digital
   storytelling. From the University of Minnesota, School of
   Journalism and Mass Communication's Institute for New
   Media Studies.
   Subjects: Digital media
   Created by sf

 The Inland Northwest Community Access
 Network (TINCAN)
   This searchable electronic community network serves
   Spokane, Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille counties in
   Washington State and, through partnership with its
   sister network NICON, the counties of North Idaho.
   Linked resources include the following areas: arts and
   entertainment, business and economic development,
   children and youth, education, employment,
   government, health, human services, libraries,
   neighborhoods and towns, religion, and volunteering.
   Subjects: Community information services...
   Created by mrm

 Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge
   In a unique ecosystem of basalt outcrops, channeled
   canyons, wetlands, lakes, and pine forests, this
   Washington wildlife refuge lies at the eastern edge of
   the Columbia Basin. Twenty species of mammals and
   more than 200 bird species, including 27 duck species,
   have been observed here. The site has information on
   Turnbull's educational (including field trip preparation),
   biological, volunteer, and fire programs, including
   summaries of reports and public comments.
   Subjects: Wildlife refuges...
   Created by mrm

 Unified Vision: The Architecture and Design of
 the Prairie School
   Founded by Louis Sullivan and popularized by his
   famous pupil, Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie School of
   architectural design was predominantly middle western.
   This site offers a look at elements that define the style,
   a virtual tour of Prairie School buildings in Minnesota,
   and an online tour of the exemplary Purcell-Cutts
   house. From The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and
   based on their collections.
   Subjects: Architecture -- Minnesota...
   Created by pf

 Unseen Gulf War
   A collection of images of the human consequence of
   war. These photographs were taken "along 'the mile of
   death' the morning the day the war stopped" during
   the First Gulf War. According to the photographer, the
   "televised, aerial, and technological version of the
   conflict" failed to show the horror of its human realities
   as does this collection. From The Digital Journalist.
   Warning: Some of the images are very graphic; some
   people might find them disturbing.
   Subjects: Persian Gulf War, 1991...
   Created by dl

 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:
   Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has
   put up nonintrusive Web cameras that enable the
   watching of native wildlife native. Eagles, bats, heron,
   salmon, and seals can be seen in their natural habitats.
   Also included are news and information on each species
   and interviews with biologists.
   Subjects: Wildlife...
   Created by jmn

 Washington Secretary of State: Charitable
 Solicitations and Trusts
   "The Charitable Solicitations Program registers
   individuals, organizations, and commercial fundraisers
   that solicit charitable donations from the general
   public." In addition to a searchable Charitable
   Organizations and Commercial Fundraisers Registration
   Database, the Web site provides reports listing
   commercial fundraisers and their charity clients, laws
   related to charities, a Charity Client Index, and
   Consumer Tips and FAQs.
   Subjects: Charities...
   Created by jm1

 Washington State Archives
   Site visitors will find information about the state and
   regional branch archive holdings, research policies, and
   service fees. Under Genealogy, search for names in
   county naturalization and census records (minimal
   information is retrieved). The holdings of the online
   archive catalog can be searched by keyword or
   government agency for a description of documents and
   their locations. This site also provides information about
   retention schedules and other records management
   Subjects: Washington State Archives...
   Created by dbc

 Washington State Convention and Trade
   The Washington State Convention and Trade Center in
   Seattle provides everything a visitor needs to know,
   such as facts on local lodging, tours, maps, and
   restaurants. The trade center information includes a
   calendar of events, floor plans, booking information,
   and listing of opportunities for contractors and small
   Subjects: Convention facilities -- Washington (State)...
   Created by dbc

 Washington State Data Book
   This online version of the current edition of this popular
   reference book contains frequently requested
   information about the State of Washington including
   population, economy, education, and local government.
   Subjects: Washington (State) -- Statistics
   Created by kb1

 Washington State Department of
 Transportation (WSDOT)
   Provides information on Washington traffic, mountain
   passes, ferries, licensing, road conditions, construction
   projects, and freight, aviation and public transportation.
   Divides the state into six regions for localized
   information. Also provides environmental and agency
   information, news, links, contacts, views from many
   traffic cameras throughout the state, and an excellent
   site index.
   Subjects: Roads -- Washington (State)...
   Created by cdt

 Washington State Office of Archaeology and
 Historic Preservation (OAHP)
   As the primary Washington state agency with expertise
   in historic preservation, OAHP uses education and
   information to advocate for "the preservation of
   Washington's irreplaceable historic and cultural
   resources--significant buildings, structures, sites,
   objects, and districts--as assets for the future." The
   site includes information on grants, the Historic
   Resources Inventory, the Washington Heritage
   Register, Historic Investment Tax Credit, historic places
   in Washington, the Historic Preservation Plan,
   legislative building rehabilitation, and OAHP e-forms.
   Subjects: Historic sites -- Washington (State)...
   Created by mrm

 WFEA: Washington Festivals and Events
   Find the latest news about WFEA and check the events
   calendar by region, date, or activity. You can also
   search the member directory by name or city and view
   the association's calendar for scheduled seminars or
   conferences. Marketplace includes a directory of vendors
   of event goods and services.
   Subjects: Festivals -- Washington (State)
   Created by dbc

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