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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for December 4, 2003


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We are proud to announce a feature that with any luck you won't even
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The net result for you, our Gentle Readers, should simply be that
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Frolic with ants and tortoises, then explore aviation,
Guantanamo Bay, election spending, the children of World War II,
Medicare, Christmas trees, anti-war books, Ben Franklin, and
resources for congregational libraries.

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Mules, robots, management experts, and more.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Wendy, Pat, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian, Charlotte...
and our 100+ intrepid contributors!


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                           FOUR HUMOROUS SITES


    Forgotten NY: The Infrastructure of a Lost Metropolis
    Photographs of vintage New York City, arranged in sections
    for signs, street lamps, trolleys, trains, subways, alleys,
    and more. Includes an eclectic collection of links, most of
    which are related to New York City.
    Subjects: New York (N.Y.) -- History...
    Created by cdt

    AARC: The Assassination Archives and Research Center
    The "Public Library" section of this site for a
    not-for-profit historical center offers tens of thousands of
    pages of "reports, transcripts, and documents relating to
    political assassination," with an emphasis on President John
    F. Kennedy. Also find many documents related to the Church
    Committee, named for Senator Frank Church, who led
    investigations on "U.S. attempts to assassinate foreign
    leaders, ... the intelligence agencies' response to the JFK
    assassination, and related topics."
    Subjects: Assassination...
    Created by kgs

    ABCs of the ASVAB: All About the Armed Forces Vocational
    Aptitude Battery
    A history and explanation of this test, which "does not
    measure intelligence. The battery of tests were designed
    specifically to measure an individual's aptitude to be
    trained in specific jobs." Covers the high school and
    recruitment paper tests and the computerized version of the
    recruitment test, with information on judging test
    preparation materials and reviews of several study guides.
    From a retired Air Force sergeant, author of an ASVAB
    preparation book.
    Subjects: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery...
    Created by wh

    Answering Questions About Desert Tortoises: A Guide for
    People Who Work With the Public
    Provides information on the life and habitat of this
    reptile, threats to the species, laws protecting it,
    directories of government agencies and organizations
    involved in its welfare, managing captive tortoises, and a
    list of veterinarians in Arizona, California, Nevada, and
    Utah who can treat turtles and tortoises. The desert
    tortoise, Gopherus (Xerobates) agassizii, is the California
    state reptile. From the Desert Tortoise Council.
    Subjects: Desert tortoise...
    Created by wh

    While the search function on this site is limited to images
    and taxonomic names and does not support common terms (such
    as "fire ant"), AntWeb is nonetheless a useful introduction
    to "the ant faunas of California and Madagascar, and ... ant
    genera." Features very high-quality, brilliant images. From
    the California Academy of Sciences.
    Subjects: Ants...
    Created by kgs

    Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc.
    The first week in December is National Aplastic Anemia
    Awareness Week, and this Web site has information on bone
    marrow failure diseases (including aplastic anemia,
    myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), and paroxysmal nocturnal
    hemoglobinuria (PNH)). It also provides information about
    clinical trials and research, news, and a FAQ section that
    includes a glossary of relevant medical terms and links to
    related sites. Some information in other languages.
    Subjects: Aplastic anemia...
    Created by jf

    Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center
    Not just for artists. Links to health insurance and health
    access information "for artists and people in the
    entertainment industry" as well as "the self-employed,
    low-income workers, the under-insured, [and] the uninsured
    who require medical care." Browsable by state, and
    searchable within a state listing. Also includes a glossary
    and links to news items. From the Actors' Fund of America.
    State information can be slow to load.
    Subjects: Insurance, Health -- United States -- States...
    Created by ccm

    The Atlantic World: America and the Netherlands/De
    Atlantische Wereld: Amerika en Nederland
    This searchable site "explores the history of the Dutch
    presence in America and the interactions between the United
    States and the Netherlands from Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage
    to the post-World-War-II period." It is browsable by theme,
    such as the sale of Manhattan, or by type of material,
    including books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, and prints.
    A joint project of the Library of Congress and the National
    Library of the Netherlands. Available in English and Dutch.
    Subjects: Dutch -- United States...
    Created by pmm

    Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    This organization receives formal complaints from consumers
    on issues relating to air travel and "provides guidance to
    the industry and members of the public." The site includes
    complaint procedures, travel tips, selected news, and
    monthly consumer reports that discuss flight delays,
    mishandled baggage, oversales, and consumer complaints. Also
    includes information about customer service plans. Some
    information available in several languages. From the Office
    of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings of the U.S.
    Department of Transportation (DOT).
    Subjects: Aeronautics, Commercial...
    Created by smb

    Centre for Whistler Studies
    This site provides information about "the life, work and
    correspondence of [artist] James McNeill Whistler." The site
    provides an illustrated biography, a large collection of
    correspondence in full-text and a searchable database of
    citations to all of his correspondence, bibliographies, a
    chronology of Whistler's butterfly signatures, and links to
    related sites. From the University of Glasgow.
    Subjects: Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903...
    Created by mcb

    Children of World War 2 (1939-1945)
    This site from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
    provides a glimpse of what life was like for British
    children during World War II. It features annotated images
    of a replica of a typical home, a rationing activity, and
    evacuees' letters. It also includes resources such as
    posters, photographs, letters, documents, an audio clip of
    an air raid siren, and materials for teachers.
    Subjects: World War, 1939-1945 -- Great Britain...
    Created by sf

    Declare Yourself
    This "is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to
    energize and empower a new movement of young voters to
    participate in the 2004 presidential election." The site
    provides information about voter registration, absentee
    ballots, and locating polling places. It also includes brief
    information about presidential candidates, video clips
    promoting voting, and links to related sites.
    Subjects: Youth -- Political activity...
    Created by sf

    The Electric Ben Franklin
    "The remarkable Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade, a
    scientist by fame, and a man of action by all accounts,
    continues to shape American thinking and action. The
    Independence Hall Association has commissioned and assembled
    resources for you to explore the diversity that was Benjamin
    Franklin." Features biographical information, images, a
    timeline, articles, activities, interactive features
    (including panoramic views of historical buildings), quotes,
    and related links.
    Subjects: Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790...
    Created by sf

    Fund Race 2004: Follow the Money
    Eyebeam, a nonprofit media arts organization, uses
    electronic data from the current presidential race to create
    rankings of ten candidates based on size and frequency of
    contributions and number of contributors. It also provides a
    map that shows the geographic distribution of funding
    contributions to these candidates by state, county, or zip
    Subjects: Presidential candidates...
    Created by mrm

    History of Guantanamo Bay
    Based on two volumes of "the history of both the area and of
    the base, contributed to the base by a former Commander,
    Naval Base Guantanamo Bay." It begins with Columbus'
    discovery of the Cuban bay in the Caribbean through the
    Spanish loss in 1898 and until 1982. Includes appendices for
    the flora and fauna, treaties and agreements of 1934,
    bibliography, and more. Also provides related links.
    Subjects: Guantánamo Bay (Cuba)...
    Created by dl

    Home Gardening
    This site provides "ecologically sound, science-based
    practices" for gardening and lawn care. Features illustrated
    growing guides for specific flowers and vegetables, a
    tutorial on designing flower gardens, lawn care tips and
    techniques, and fact sheets on gardening techniques,
    avoiding pests and diseases, and lawns. From Cornell
    Subjects: Gardening...
    Created by je

   Medicare Drug Benefit Calculator
    Use this site to estimate costs for prescription drugs under
    the Medicare proposal under consideration by Congress. Enter
    annual prescription drug costs, then view estimates for
    out-of-pocket costs, costs plus the estimated annual
    premium, and the percentage of drug expenses absorbed by the
    payer under the new benefit. From the Henry J. Kaiser Family
    Subjects: Prescription pricing...
    Created by mrm

    The Myth of the Alascattalo Lumbers Ever Forward
    "Alascattalo Day, the first Sunday after the third Saturday
    in November. Named for a hybrid of the moose and walrus with
    a flipper for a tail, this indigenous mythical Alaska beast
    has enjoyed the unlikely distinction as our champion of the
    absurd" since 1982. The day is observed in Anchorage,
    Alaska, with a five-second parade and prizes for the
    smallest and ugliest floats.
    Subjects: Animals, Mythical -- Alaska...
    Created by wh

    National Christmas Tree Association
    This industry organization promotes the use of real
    Christmas trees in the United States. The site features a
    description of tree types, tree care tips, recycling
    information, and a searchable database for locating tree
    vendors. Also includes information about the official White
    House Christmas tree.
    Subjects: Christmas trees...
    Created by mcb
    This site presents a brief narrative of the development of
    spirituals sung by blacks in the United States along with
    information about singers, songs, and composers. It includes
    a searchable and browsable list of songs with lyrics. Also
    includes related links.
    Subjects: Spirituals (Songs)...
    Created by mcb

    Old Japanese Christmas and Samurai Santa
    An "account of a Christmas unknown to Westerners - and to
    most Japanese too! Including an amusing account of Santa
    dressed as a Samurai." This article follows the observance
    of Christmas in Japan from 1549 to the present day, with
    examples of "mirror customs of European traditions."
    Originally written in Japanese by a writer for the Felissimo
    Christmas Museum in Hokkaido, Japan.
    Subjects: Christmas -- Japan...
    Created by wh

    Origin of the Name California
    "The origin of the name 'California' is a mystery that may
    never be solved." This brief essay explores the word's
    origins in a 16th century account of an Amazon queen,
    variously called Califa, Califia, and Calafia. From a
    professor of geography at California State University,
    Subjects: Names, Geographical...
    Created by wh

    Politics Navigator
    A selective guide (lightly annotated) to Web sites about
    politics, government, political issues, and other political
    information. Includes parties, political media and
    commentary, public opinion, private organizations, state
    polls, and presidential candidates. A great place to start
    for political information. Site requires (free)
    registration. From the New York Times.
    Subjects: United States -- Politics and government...
    Created by pmm

    Research 101
    This resource is "an interactive online tutorial for
    students wanting an introduction to research skills. The
    tutorial covers the basics, including how to select a topic
    and develop research questions, as well as how to select,
    search for, find, and evaluate information sources." While
    some of the information is specific to the University of
    Washington Libraries, this nationally-recognized tutorial
    has global utility. From John Holmes of the UW Libraries.
    Subjects: Research...
    Created by kgs

    RSS in Government: News About How RSS is Being Used by
    International, Federal, State, and Local Governments
    Find breaking coverage about RSS in local, state, national,
    and international governments, as well as in the Department
    of Defense and other agencies. (RSS, most commonly known as
    Really Simple Syndication, is an Internet tool for tracking
    news and updates.) Searchable. The editorial team includes
    Ray Matthews, an RSS apostle based at the Utah State
    Subjects: Government information...
    Created by kgs

    Selection Sources for Congregational Libraries
    A great site for anyone running (or planning to start) a
    church library, or looking for religious books or videos.
    Some of the many resources on this site include "links to
    library associations, software for running a library, and
    reviews of print and electronic sources designed to aid in
    library purchasing." Searchable and browsable. From
    librarian Ellen Bosman of Indiana University Northwest.
    Subjects: Church libraries...
    Created by kgs

    Swimming the Channel
    "An online resource on the early history of swimming the
    English Channel." Although this site does not present a
    comprehensive list of all attempts to swim the English
    Channel, it does include a list of records and firsts and
    provides highlights of Channel swimming attempts from the
    1870s through 1950s. From the Dover Museum.
    Subjects: Long distance swimming -- English Channel...
    Created by je

    Weapons of Mass Instruction: Anti-War Books for Young People
    List of books about "war or its consequences," compiled by
    librarians Alison Clement and Bruce Jensen with Spanish in
    Our Libraries. Includes an alphabetical list of books in
    English, as well as some comics and titles in Spanish and
    Japanese. Includes age/reading level recommendations and
    links to related lists.
    Subjects: War and literature...
    Created by je
    Online resource to alert the public on federal recalls of
    defective, hazardous, or unsafe products. Use the site "to
    obtain the latest recall information, to report a dangerous
    product, or to learn important safety tips." Categories
    include consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food,
    medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products. Some
    categories are searchable. A cooperative effort of six
    federal agencies. Some material available in Spanish.
    Subjects: Product recall...
    Created by saw

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