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********************************************************************** Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for April 24, 2003

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Toast Mother's Day with a glass of mead, then read about
appliances, Arab countries, eggs, Iraq, ALS, job
shadowing, microbes, welfare, DNA scientist Rosalind
Franklin, and the space shuttle Columbia.


Cut through a forest of information, read up on music
theory, and explore brains, energy, and the nature of soil.

Bon appetit!

Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian,
Charlotte... and our 100+ intrepid contributors!

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                              NEW THIS WEEK

    Iraq 2003: Sources of News
    Librarian-selected   links  to  Iraq  and  war  information,
    covering  both  mainstream  and  alternative press. Includes
    links  to  independent and alternative media, peace movement
    organizations,  government  news  releases,  mainstream news
    coverage  (U.S.,  Canada,  and international), military news
    sources,  think  tanks, blogs from embedded journalists, and
    many  other resources. From the Leddy Library, University of
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada.   idesIraq2003
    Subjects: Iraq -- News...
    Created by cdt

    A Mother's Day Tribute
    Several  articles  describe  how  Mother's  Day  (the second
    Sunday  in May) was founded by Anna Jarvis in tribute to her
    mother,   Ann   Marie   Reeves   Jarvis,  for  her  tireless
    accomplishments  and  selfless  humanitarian  services  as a
    mother.   The   articles   include  portraits,  photos,  the
    Birthplace  Museum,  the  International Mother's Day Shrine,
    the  meaning  of carnation symbols, and genealogical data of
    the Jarvis family.
    Subjects:  Jarvis, Anna | Mother's Day...
    Created by jh
    This   consumer   information   site  offers  "general  home
    appliance  information,"  with sections for purchasing, home
    service,  repair  parts,  and  links to major home appliance
    manufacturers.  Highlights  include  Q?A Forums (for posting
    appliance-related  questions),  a glossary of appliance part
    terms,  and  information about retro appliances. Promotional
    materials on the site are clearly marked.
    Subjects:  Household  appliances...
    Created  by sf

    ArabNet: Kuwait
    Information  on  Kuwait,  or  Dawlat al-Kuwayt, from an Arab
    perspective.  Provides  a  quick  overview  with  facts  and
    statistics,  as  well  as  sections  on  history, geography,
    business,  culture, transportation, and tourism information.
    Includes   links   to   related   Web  sites.  From  ArabNet
    Technology, Saudi Research and Marketing Group.
    Subjects: Kuwait...
    Created by cdt

    ArabNet: Saudi Arabia
    Information  on  the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or Al-Mamlaka
    al-Arabiya  as-Saudiya, from an Arab perspective. Provides a
    quick  overview  with  facts  and  statistics,  as  well  as
    sections   on   history,   geography,   business,   culture,
    transportation,  and  tourism information. Includes links to
    related  Web  sites. From ArabNet Technology, Saudi Research
    and Marketing Group.
    Subjects: Saudi Arabia...
    Created by cdt

    ArabNet: Syria
    Information  on  Syria, or the Syrian Arab Republic, from an
    Arab  perspective.  Provides a quick overview with facts and
    statistics,  as  well  as  sections  on  history, geography,
    business,  culture, transportation, and tourism information.
    Includes   links   to   related   Web  sites.  From  ArabNet
    Technology, Saudi Research and Marketing Group.
    Subjects: Syria...
    Created by cdt

    Arms Sales Monitoring Project
    This  program  "works for restraint in the global production
    and  trade of weapons." Searchable site includes information
    about  the  project's  campaign  areas  (such  as terrorism,
    subsidies,  small  arms, landmines, and ballistic missiles),
    as   well   as  numerous  publications.  Offers  arms  sales
    statistics,   and   links   to   related  organizations  and
    information. From the Federation of American Scientists.
    Subjects:  Arms  control...
    Created  by dl Mother's Day
    This   site   celebrates   Mother's  Day  by  featuring  the
    biographies   of   famous   moms--celebrities,  rock  stars,
    athletes,    royalty,    politicians,   supermodels,   media
    personalities,  and  more.  The site includes the origins of
    Mother's  Day  and  a  section  for  submitting  tributes to    mothers.
    Subjects:  Mother's  Day...
    Created  by jh

    Delaware: "It's Good Being First"
    The  official  tourism  Web  site  of  the first of the U.S.
    states  to  sign  the  Declaration of Independence. There is
    information   about   attractions,  events,  accommodations,
    dining,  and  more.  There  are  links to related resources,
    including  one with state facts and emblems. An introduction
    with  some  information for foreign visitors is available in
    French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.
    Subjects:  Delaware...
    Created  by mg

    "Within  this  volume are facts and figures, definitions and
    diagrams,  graphs ... related to various aspects of the egg.
    From  air cell to yolk with such diverse topics as games and
    mythology,  cooking  tips  and  nutrient  content  tucked in
    between,  the  information is all arranged alphabetically by
    subject."  Some  of  the  "facts" are debatable, such as the
    argument  that caging chickens "is actually designed for the
    welfare of the birds." From the American Egg Board.
    Subjects: Eggs...
    Created  by jh

    How Easter Works
    Explains  "the origin and significance of the Easter holiday
    and  of many of the traditions associated with it." Includes
    information   about  religious,  commercial,  and  worldwide
    celebrations;  an explanation of Easter's date; and links to
    related resources. From How Stuff Works.
    Subjects: Easter...
    Created by cdt

    How Income Taxes Work
    A history of the federal income tax and basic explanation of
    the tax process. Includes overviews of alternative tax ideas
    (flat  tax  and  national  sales  tax), and links to related
    information. From How Stuff Works.
    Subjects:  Income tax -- United States...
    Created by cdt

    International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations
    This  organization  provides  "a  forum  for support and the
    exchange  of information between the worldwide associations"
    concerned  with  the  disease  known  as amyotrophic lateral
    sclerosis  (ALS)  or  motor neuron disease (MND). Searchable
    site includes a directory of international organizations, as
    well as news and a chat room. A collection of resource tools
    and  literature  is  under  construction,  and  will require
    registration when completed.
    Subjects: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...
    Created  by ad

    Iraq:  The Cradle of Civilization at Risk: Cultural Heritage
    and Historical Monuments
    Directory   that  "looks  from  a  cultural  and  historical
    perspective  at present developments concerning the military
    conflict in Iraq." Provides annotated links to international
    news  articles  from  1991 to the present. Includes links to
    selected  articles  and  documents,  museums and collections
    (art  and  archaeology),  and online resources. Available in
    English,  German,  and  French.  From H-Museum at H-Net, "an
    international consortium of scholars and teachers."
    Subjects:  Iraq -- Antiquities...
    Created by cdt

    Job Shadowing 2003
    Nationwide  program that provides students with "an up-close
    look  at  the world of work" by matching them with workplace
    mentors.  Provides  materials  for employers, educators, and
    students;  a  newsletter  and  news  updates;  job shadowing
    statistics; and details of state and national Job Shadow Day
    activities.  A  coordinated  effort  of  America's  Promise,
    Junior  Achievement,  the  U.S. Department of Labor, and the
    U.S. Department of Education.
    Subjects:   Vocational  education...
    Created  by jh

    Mead Made Complicated
    This  site  provides  exhaustive  information on the making,
    tasting,  history, and science of mead, a fermented beverage
    made  of  water,  honey,  malt,  and  yeast.  It  includes a
    glossary,  a quiz for beginners and experienced mead makers,
    current  news,  and mead resources. Available in English and French.
    Subjects:  Mead...
    Created  by jh The Microbiology Information Portal
    This searchable directory of microbiology resources includes
    links  to  sites  about  specific  microbiology  disciplines
    (environmental,   food,  industrial,  medical,  veterinary),
    education,     employment,     organizations,     companies,
    publications,   news,   events,   articles,  and  FAQs.  The
    directory,    compiled   by   a   microbiologist,   includes
    information  of  interest to both scientists and the general public.
    Subjects: Microbiology...
    Created  by sf

    Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography
    A  collection  of  over  150  nature  photographs  taken  in
    Southern  California  and  northern Baja California, Mexico.
    Many  of  the  photographs  are  underwater  ones of whales,
    sunfish,  crabs, rays, and other marine life. There are also
    a  few  underwater  video clips. Students may use the images
    for class reports if "they properly credit the source."
    Subjects:  Nature  photography  --  California,  Southern...
    Created  by dl

    Mocha Moms: Stay at Home Mothers of Color
    "Mocha  Moms,  Inc. exists to give support and encouragement
    to  at-home  mothers  of  color  whose  decision to not work
    full-time  outside  the  home  puts  them  at  odds with the
    majority  of  women  in  their culture." The site provides a
    list  of  chapters  around  the U.S., links, and a number of
    message boards about child rearing and other family topics.
    Subjects:  Mothers  --  Self-help groups...
    Created  by jh

    Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
    This   site   offers   "articles,   standards  of  practice,
    resources,  and glossaries" for nonprofit management. Topics
    include  fundraising  and  financial  stability, governance,
    staff     development     and    organizational    capacity,
    accountability   and   evaluation,   volunteer   management,
    communications  and  marketing,  management  and leadership,
    advocacy, and technology. Searchable.
    Subjects:  Nonprofit organizations...
    Created  by sf

    North Carolina
    This   official  tourism  Web  site  has  information  about
    attractions,  events,  lodging,  and dining; maps; suggested
    itineraries;  and more. Among the many articles are features
    on regions, towns, golf, food, the Wright brothers and their
    flight, and three North Carolina authors: journalist Charles
    Kuralt,  mystery  writer  Margaret  Maron,  and novelist Jan
    Karon.   Site   is  searchable  and  has  links  to related resources.
    Subjects: North Carolina...
    Created  by mg

    Painted  from  Nature:  Engravings  and Lithographs by Women
    Botanical  Illustrators  of  the  Eighteenth  and Nineteenth Centuries
    Brief  biographies of fifteen artists, with a representative
    work   of   each.  There  is  a  brief  essay  on  botanical
    illustration  at  the  beginning  of  the  tour (access from
    bottom  of Introduction page). The artists are Maria Merian,
    Elizabeth Blackwell, Clara Pope, Magdalena Bouchard, Augusta
    Withers,  Mary  Lawrence,  Mrs.  Priscilla  Susan  Bury, the
    Misses  Maund,  Augustine Dufour, Miss S.A. Drake, Elizabeth
    Twining,  Anne  Pratt,  Mrs.  Clarissa W. Munger Badger, and
    Jane Loudon.
    Subjects:  Botanical  illustration...
    Created  by mg

    PolishRootsR: The Polish Genealogy Source
    Searchable  directory  of  "materials  of  interest to those
    researching   their  Polish  ancestry."  Although  the  site
    focuses  on  genealogical  resources  (for  example, surname
    search,  online forum, databases), it will be of interest to
    anyone   looking   for  information  about  Polish  history,
    customs,   geography,   and   heraldry.  Includes  links  to
    information in both English and Polish.
    Subjects: Poland...
    Created  by ad

About E-Books, Best Books , Contracts, Discussion Groups
Legal, Copyright, Insurance, Registration

    Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf
    The  purpose of this nonprofit organization is "to establish
    and  maintain  a  society  of  Deaf  Gays  and  Lesbians  to
    encourage  and  promote  educational, economical, and social
    welfare;  to  foster  fellowship;  to defend our rights; and
    advance  our  interests  as  Deaf  Gay  and Lesbian citizens
    concerning social justice." Site offers fact sheets, chapter
    and event information, a necrology, and a discussion group.
    Subjects:  Deaf -- North America -- Societies, etc....
    Created by mrm

    Secret of Photo 51
    This  companion site to a PBS NOVA episode "investigates the
    seminal role that Rosalind Franklin and her remarkable X-ray
    photograph  played"  in  the  discovery  of the double helix
    structure  of  DNA.  Includes  background materials, program
    transcript, images, a slide show, and related resources.
    Subjects:  Franklin,  Rosalind, 1920-1958...
    Created  by sf

    STS-107 Investigation Reference Page
    Documents  and  images related to the accident investigation
    of  the  space  shuttle  Columbia's  flight  STS-107. Offers
    photos  of  debris,  diagrams  of  recovered components, and
    other shuttle and accident imagery. Documents include mishap
    response  status reports, press releases, public meeting and
    press    briefing   transcripts,   e-mail   exchanges,   and
    investigation  updates.  An  acronym  list  is  included for
    interpretation of timelines and technical reports. From NASA
    Human Spaceflight.
    Subjects:  Columbia  (Spacecraft)  --  Accidents...
    Created by cdt

    The World Factbook: Syria
    Key  facts,  maps,  statistics, demographics, and a nutshell
    history   of  Syria.  From  The  World  Factbook,  published
    annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
    Subjects: Syria...
    Created by cdt

    The World Factbook: Turkey
    Key  facts,  maps,  statistics, demographics, and a nutshell
    history  of  Turkey.  From  The  World  Factbook,  published
    annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
    Subjects: Turkey...
    Created by cdt

    Welfare Information Network (WIN)
    WIN  is  a  "clearinghouse for information, policy analysis,
    and  technical  assistance  related  to  welfare,  workforce
    development,   and  other  human  and  community  services,"
    created  to  serve  "policy  makers,  program developers and
    community  leaders,  including  state  and  local officials,
    foundation   executives,   academic   researchers,   service
    providers  and  advocates."  The  dozens  of  welfare issues
    include  rural,  tribal, family, housing, work, and research
    and  management topics, each with WIN documents and links to
    related sites. From The Finance Project.
    Subjects:  Public  welfare -- United States...
    Created by saw

    The  official  tourism  Web  site  for  Pennsylvania. It has
    information  about  nature  and outdoor activities, arts and
    entertainment   (includes  shopping),  historic  sites,  and
    accommodations  and  dining.  A special section for children
    includes  tips  for family travel, state emblem information,
    interactive games and activities, and a few lesson plans for
    teachers. Searchable.
    Subjects:  Pennsylvania...
    Created  by mg

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