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********************************************************************* Librarians' Index to the Internet

NEW THIS WEEK for April 17, 2003

Looking for Easter or Passover Resources? See our holiday page:

Panicked late tax filers should see:

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IN NEW THIS WEEK, below, and online at :

April showers bring May flowers... and Mayflowers bring pilgrims,
featured in a site maintained by a descendant of those intrepid
voyagers.  When you've disembarked from that site, you can decorate
an Easter Egg, take a stand against supermarket frequent-shopper
cards, then learn about bankruptcy, British sign language, the U.S.
budget, poetry, jazz, Jewish liturgy, Iraq casualties, the USS Pueblo,
and the much-awaited Do Not Call Program.  Finally, even more fun
than an Easter egg hunt is Window to My Environment, a site from the
U.S. EPA offering powerful and easy search capabilities for locating
pollutants, monitored sites, geographical information, maps, and much

MORE NEW THIS WEEK, online at :

Travel through Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait; read about
forests and ; then hobnob with John Jay and Ernie Pyle.

Happy Easter, Chag Sameach Pesach, and bon appetit!

Karen, Martha, Wendy, Pat, Diana, Tom, Maria, Jennifer, John, Brian...
    And our 100+ intrepid contributors!

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                              NEW THIS WEEK

    This site (previously Mayflower Web) provides historical
    information related to the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and
    early Plymouth Colony. Read passenger lists, wills of some
    of those on board, crew lists, the Mayflower Compact, and
    other early letters and documents. Also includes genealogy
    resources, and links to related museums and societies.
    Maintained by Mayflower descendent and researcher Caleb Johnson.
    Subjects: United States -- History...
    Created by dlm

    California Bankruptcy Law
    Informational site explains the federal bankruptcy process
    and issues pertaining to California residents. Includes
    California exemptions, a list of U.S. bankruptcy courts in
    California, and legal referral service contact information.
    The site also discusses alternatives to filing for
    bankruptcy, including debt consolidation and consumer credit
    Subjects: Bankruptcy...
    Created by skw

    CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and
    An organization staunchly opposed to supermarket "loyalty"
    or frequent shopper cards, contending that stores benefit
    from them more than consumers do. In addition to its own
    editorials and action alerts, the consumer group compiles
    Web links and articles from other media sources. A
    supermarket list details the shopper registration and
    monitoring practices of chain and independent grocery
    stores, and notes ownership (conglomerate and subsidiary)
    Subjects: Consumer protection...
    Created by ha

    Dangerously Curvy Novels
    "This database owes its existence entirely to the fans,
    publishers, and authors of novels who took the time to add
    the titles of their favorite stories featuring realistically
    proportioned heroines ranging from the slightly plump, to
    the lushly voluptuous, to the largely abundant." Reading
    lists, links to related Web sites, free stories, a message
    board, book discussion group, newsletter, help for aspiring
    writers, and general book descriptions and reviews arencluded.
    Subjects: Fiction genres...
    Created by mlc

    Features tools and information about deafness and British
    Sign Language (BSL), including a discussion forum, e-mail
    subscription list, FAQ, news articles, deaf awareness
    materials, games, and resources for schools. Interactive
    features include fingerspelling and keyboard translators, in
    both BSL two-handed and deaf-blind versions.
    Subjects: Deaf -- Great Britain...
    Created by mrm

    Design Your Own Egg!
    This site provides children and families with basic and
    creative egg decorating tips, accompanied by colorful
    illustrated sample photos. From the American Egg Board.
    Subjects: Easter eggs...
    Created by jh

    Drawtoy vs. Byokal
    Draw into a space and a sweeping pie-slice shape translates
    45° of your work into 360° of kaleidoscopic art. You pick
    colors, lines, and shapes and draw with your mouse. As you
    draw, a kaleidoscope is created. Includes an undo button and
    the ability to stop, slow down, or speed up your
    kaleidoscopic creation. There is a link to an explanation of
    how it works.
    Subjects: Computer games...
    Created by cdt

    Ethnology Database
    "Photographs and detailed information...for more than 400
    cultural objects" from the Pacific region. Surfboards, hula
    drums, barkcloth, quilts, featherwork, makaloa mats, wooden
    bowls, and stone pounders are included in the online
    exhibit. From the collection of more than 70,000 items in
    the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Oahu, Hawaii.
    Subjects: Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum...
    Created by sf

    Fiscal Year 2004 Budget
    A breakdown and analysis of the U.S. president's military
    budget request for 2004. Included are highlights, weapons,
    discretionary spending, ballistic missile defense,
    comparison of the various military branches, unmanned aerial
    vehicles, and more. Global shows comparisons with selected
    countries. Related articles are also available. From the
    Center for Defense Information, a nonpartisan, nonprofit
    research organization.
    Subjects: United States -- Armed Forces...
    Created by dl

    Gary Price's List of Lists
    The List of Lists, or LOL, is "a database of ranked listings
    of companies, people and resources freely available on the
    Internet." Browse by subject. "The masterlist entry pulls
    all of a magazine's rankings from all of the different
    subject headings into one place," arranged alphabetically by
    title. A resource started by librarian Gary Price and now
    provided by
    Subjects: Lists...
    Created by dl

    gltbq: An Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,
    Transgender, and Queer Culture
    Searchable and browsable encyclopedia that focuses primarily
    on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer culture as
    it relates to the arts and literature. Individual entries
    include bibliographies, citation information, and links to
    related topics. Also includes a discussion board, an e-mail
    newsletter, and sections for featured topics and birthdays.
    Subjects: Arts -- Encyclopedias...
    Created by dl National Poetry Month
    Celebrates National Poetry Month (April) by featuring
    recommended poetry sites, notable poets, poetry books for
    children, poetry award winners and poets laureate, and a
    selection of seasonal and topical poetry. Includes crossword
    puzzles and quizzes, as well as a glossary of poetry terms.
    Subjects: National Poetry Month...
    Created by jh

    InterAction Disaster Response: Iraq
    A directory of relief agencies accepting contributions for
    humanitarian assistance to those affected by the crisis in
    Iraq. Listings include contact information, descriptions of
    types of aid offered, and links to Web sites. Those listed
    are members of InterAction, "a coalition of more than 160
    US-based private relief, development and refugee assistance
    Subjects: Humanitarian assistance -- Iraq...
    Created by mg

    Iraq and the Media
    FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting),"the national
    media watch group [that] has been offering well-documented
    criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986," offers
    their analysis of news articles about the situation in Iraq.
    Related links and broadcasts from Counterspin, their weekly
    radio program, are also included.
    Subjects: Iraq War, 2003 -- Press coverage...
    Created by dl

    JAZZ Connection Magazine
    Online magazine "celebrating the fine art of jazz music
    in Northern California." Includes feature articles, CD
    reviews, photos, and sections devoted to big band and the
    local music scene. Although the site is updated regularly, a
    lack of dates or tags makes it difficult to locate new content.
    Subjects: Jazz...
    Created by mlc

    L'egg'ing It Around the USA
    Each Easter season during Bill Clinton's administration,
    First Lady Hillary Clinton and the American Egg Board
    arranged a White House display of eggs decorated to
    represent each state and the District of Columbia. This site
    features the 1999 eggs, with information about the artists,
    the symbolism of the decorations, and 360 degree views of
    each egg. The site also has egg decorating tips and a game
    to guess which egg is for which state.
    Subjects: Egg decoration...
    Created by mg

    Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
    The Clerc Center, located at Gallaudet University, aims "to
    improve the quality of education for deaf and hard of
    hearing children and youth from birth through age 21." The
    Center operates demonstration schools and outreach services
    focused on three priority areas: literacy, family
    involvement, and transition to postsecondary education and
    employment. Site includes bibliographies, brochures,
    discussion groups, and other resources related to these priorities.
    Subjects: Deaf...
    Created by mrm

    Lost Labor: Images of Vanished American Workers 1900-1980
    A browsable "selection of 155 photographs excerpted from a
    collection of more than 1100 company histories, pamphlets,
    and technical brochures....Many of the images document
    factories and jobs that no longer exist." Images may be
    browsed by category such as textile or automotive. Presented
    by "a visual artist interested in images of labor."
    Subjects: Labor -- United States -- History...
    Created by slr

    NPIC's West Nile Virus Resource Guide
    Developed by the National Pesticide Information Center as a
    "source of available information on the West Nile virus and
    pesticide related topics." Includes background information
    about the virus, and topical areas for health effects,
    mosquitoes, veterinary and wildlife, and pesticides and
    toxicology. Find maps and statistics from a variety of
    sources, as well as links to state, federal, and
    international information on the virus.
    Subjects: West Nile fever...
    Created by ls

    On This Day: Today's Highlights in History
    Presents news and events from the day in history, with links
    to selected articles, obituaries, and cartoons. Includes
    current and historical birthdays, a lesson plan, and a
    browsable archive. From The New York Times Learning Network.
    Subjects: Chronology, Historical...
    Created by cdt

    Portals to the World: Iraq
    Selected Internet resources on Iraq, organized by such
    topics as general, business, culture, education, geography,
    government, history, language, media, religion, tourism, and
    others. Each category provides a list of annotated links.
    From the Library of Congress.
    Subjects: Iraq
    Created by cdt

    Pre-register for the National Do Not Call Program
    Allows Californians to get on the "list that consumers can
    join to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls to their home
    and cellular phone numbers." Includes a FAQ about the
    program, which the Federal Trade Commission expects to
    launch by Summer 2003 and enforce in Fall 2003.
    Pre-registration services (available in English and Spanish)
    offered by the California Department of Justice, Office of
    the Attorney General.
    Subjects: Telemarketing...
    Created by skw

    Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed
    The site for a United Nations agreement that addresses
    protection of "monuments of architecture, art or history,
    archaeological sites, works of art, manuscripts, books and
    other objects of artistic, historical or archaeological
    interest, as well as scientific collections of all kinds."
    Includes a list of ratifying countries, guidelines for
    soldiers, background documents, and answers to Possible
    Questions. From the United Nations Educational, Scientific
    and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 
    Subjects: Cultural property...
    Created by kgs

    Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
    This is "a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing
    free legal assistance to journalists since 1970." The Web
    site has news on legal actions involving freedom of the
    press, and white papers on such topics as how government
    policies affect the public's right to know. There are also
    guides for accessing legal and public records, medical
    privacy, photographers and privacy rights, gag orders, and
    much more.
    Subjects: Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press...
    Created by sf Ceremonies for Jewish Living
    Offers resources for "contemporary Jewish liturgy and
    ritual" and facilitates "access to creative innovation in
    Judaism." Find information on rituals by occasion (including
    life cycle events, holidays, and Shabbat), symbol, content
    type (for example, songs or recipes), and author. Offers
    e-mail updates, an annotated bibliography, a glossary of
    symbols, and suggestions for making and sharing rituals.
    Subjects: Judaism...
    Created by bb

    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
    The New York Times coverage the medical syndrome SARS.
    Includes domestic and international news from current and
    archived articles, a forum, and links to key online
    Subjects: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome...
    Created by cdt

    The Iraq Body Count
    This project aims "to establish an independent and
    comprehensive public database of media-reported civilian
    deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by
    the USA and its allies in 2003....figures are derived from a
    comprehensive survey of online media reports. Where these
    sources report differing figures, the given." The
    methodology used is documented and the sources used to
    compile the figures are cited. In English, with some
    material also in Spanish, French, and Italian.
    Subjects: Iraq War, 2003...
    Created by mg

    The Payphone Project
    Searchable and browsable database of pay phone numbers in
    the United States and around the world. Started as a
    "whimsical joke" in 1995, this site has evolved to include
    pay phone news stories, numerous photos of phone booths, and
    links to other pay phone resources.
    Subjects: Public telephones...
    Created by jh

    The Pura Belpré Award
    This biennial award is "presented to a Latino/Latina writer
    and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and
    celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding
    work of literature for children and youth." The award is
    named for Pura Belpré, the New York Public Library's first
    Latina librarian. Includes award winners, selection
    criteria, and application information.
    Subjects: Literary prizes...
    Created by skw

    USS Pueblo (AGER-2)
    Historical background, with anectodal and personal
    commentary, on the Pueblo Incident of 1968. In that year
    North Korea hijacked this ship, killed a crewmember, and
    held the remainder as prisoners for 11 months. Includes
    excerpts of the Court of Inquiry. The Pueblo was one of the
    Auxiliary General Environmental Research (AGER) ships which
    were "small unarmed or lightly armed...vessels." Published
    by the USS Pueblo Veteran's Association.
    Subjects: Pueblo Incident, 1968...
    Created by smb

    Window to My Environment
    A "powerful new web-based tool that provides a wide range of
    federal, state, and local information about environmental
    conditions and features in an area of your choice." Find
    regulated facilities, monitoring sites, maps, Superfund
    sites, air and water quality, fish advisories, and much
    more. Search by zip code, city, or state, or browse U.S.
    map. Provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    (EPA) "in partnership with federal, state and local
    government and other organizations."
    Subjects: United States -- Environmental conditions...
    Created by kgs

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