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ComplixityEngine will be BETTER THAN GOOGLE !! ~ Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.

"My favorite student compliment we used to get was, 'I love your class because we don't have to work,'" says Dr. Kovacs. "Of course everyone was working very hard, but it seemed to them like it wasn't work because they were engaged." Dr. Philip Kovacs Associate professor Education

"We know that reading is fundamental to the educational development of students because lots of studies have shown that to be true. So then you ask, how do you make the Internet so that teachers can provide the right level of materials for a student's reading level for free?"

New search engine delivers content matched to ability

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Feb. 27, 2014) – An Internet search engine developed specifically for schools by two University of Alabama in Huntsville professors is being tested as a way to increase reading abilities in challenged students and help motivate intellectual development in gifted students, while saving schools money on textbooks.

Complexity Engine has been awarded a $10,000 development grant from the UAH Charger Innovation Fund and is in the final round of vying for an Alabama Launchpad grant. Launchpad is a program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama to promote, reward and increase the pipeline of high-growth, innovative ventures that have the potential to grow and thrive in the state.

"We just have a host of features we want to roll out with Complexity Engine and that's why winning the Launchpad competition is essential," says developer Dr. Philip Kovacs, an associate professor of education who conceived the system and is collaborating with Dr. Ryan Weber, an assistant professor of English, to develop it. Tripp Roberts, a Georgia Institute of Technology computer science junior, collaborates to produce the necessary software.




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