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K12 Sites and Resources

Integrating Folklore, Music, & Traditional Culture Into K-12 Education

Historians are great at telling linear stories and written
narratives that have a specific point of view, and an agenda.
Historians try to make define a moment in time with a certain
set of facts while they leave out others. Now with the advent of
web 2.0 pictures might prove to be history's next frontier.
The Internet uses pictures to show off the natural social
process that history actually is.

Teach Nursery rhymes origins and history
Dr. Knickerbocker and THE ORAL TRADITION

Origins and History of Folksongs

Oral History Project in Labor History [pdf]
Labor history is a field that has enjoyed a resurgence of interest,
including significant attention from journalists, scholars, and curious
members of the general public. This particular set of labor history
documents is primarily concerned with oral histories compiled by Elizabeth
Balanoff in the early 1970s. Three decades later, several librarians at
Roosevelt University received a $10,000 grant from the Illinois State
Library to digitize these interview transcripts. Interviews include Irving
Abrams, who was a member of the Industrial Workers of the World, and Joseph
Keenan, who served as the secretary of the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers. This fascinating collection is rounded out by a number
of interview transcripts from conversations with faculty members at
Roosevelt University on the subject of faculty participation in university
government. [KMG]

Teach American History Through Song

Teach History through Roots Music. Where does it come from?
American Culture Makers

Music Travels - History and Stolen Legacy

The New Cyber Playground
Published 1997 written for the first online conference by the
NEA, hosted by ARTSEDGE, on Music and Technology.

Integrating Folk Music, Folklore and Traditional Culture Instruction
Into K-12 Education.
Appalachian Fiddle Workshop -
Hear the stories and music from Dr. Alan Jabbour

Crisis - UF study reports children don't know their folk songs
anymore and schools aren't teaching them. Our RHYMING HISTORY
is on the endangered species list.

From The Scout Report


OpenTalkLive 3.17

Software that allows users to talk with other distant individuals is not
unusual these days, but some of these programs can be rather expensive.
Fortunately, OpenTalk Live is free, and allows users to talk with up to 100
people at a time. While the program may seem to be suited for socializing,
one can imagine that could be used for effective videoconferencing in either
the worlds of businesses or higher education. This particular version is
compatible with computers running Windows 98 and newer.

jetAudio 6.2.8 Basic

Contained within a streamlined silver package is jetAudio 6.2.8 Basic. It
presents a welcome alternative to other multimedia players, and it allows
users to utilize a number of equalizers, speed controls, and of course, the
cross-fade option. Additionally, for the truly brave, the application also
includes a synchronized lyrics display for karaoke. This version is
compatible with computers running Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP. [KMG]


Despite criticism from some quarters, anticipation and excitement about
upcoming Olympic Games continues unabated
UNEP Reaffirms support to "Green" Olympics in Beijing

British Olympic official warns of Chinese "superstate" ahead of Beijing

Olympics race: Chicago vs. the world

Chicago 2016 [Macromedia Flash Player]

Site See

Hearing America: A Century of Music on the Radio [QuickTime]

Women Physicians, 1850s-1970s

Mark Twain's Mississippi River [RealPlayer]
In a very real way, Samuel Clemens cut his teeth on the Mississippi River as
an apprentice steamboat captain in the late 1850s. Years later he would draw
on these experiences for a number of the works he would write under the
name, "Mark Twain". This multimedia website created at Northern Illinois
University explores his time in and around Big Muddy through a number of
interactive maps, historic images, and audio content. By clicking on the
"Twain's Life and Works" section, visitors can read a number of essays
written by Gregg Camfield of the University of the Pacific on such topics as
the economic importance of the river during Twain's life, as well as other
pieces on related topics. Moving along, visitors can perform detailed
searches across the entire database and also listen to songs from the
period, such as "Steamboat Bill". [KMG]

The Pacific Film Archives at Berkeley has been collecting all types of film
ephemera for decades. Over the past few years, they have worked to place
this material online for the use of film historians and persons with a
general interest in cinema. The CineFiles site serves as a database of
reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles
and other documents from their collection. On their homepage, visitors can
perform simple searches, or also perform a filmographic search to search for
films by title, subject, genre, and so on. To get visitors started, they
have included several sample searches that will be most illustrative.  From
a 1927 Variety review of Buster Keaton's masterpiece film "College" to an
interview with John Cassavetes regarding his 1974 film "A Woman Under the
Influence", the CineFiles collection is quite engaging and useful. [KMG]

Buffalo Bill Historical Center
As a member of the Museums West consortium, the Buffalo Bill Historical
Center is itself comprised of five separate museums, including the Buffalo
Bill Museum, the Plains Indian Museum, and the Cody Firearms Museum. For
those who may not be able to make it to their location in northeastern
Wyoming, there are a number of online features that will provide as a
suitable substitute for the actual experience of being there. Visitors can
feel free to browse the online guide to their research library, and they
will most certainly want to look at some of the online exhibits. Some of
these online exhibits include features on Buffalo Bill himself, and others
(such as those within the Cody Firearms Museum section) feature information
on Winchester collectibles and firearms-related sayings.

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