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RIP Steve Jobs

Just speaking for myself ...
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There's A big question when it comes to curriculum in schools - and the choices regarding what to leave in and what to take out the core curriculum. For those of you with kids who have to decide to put your kid in a public or private, charter, or online school with the hopes that they will go to college one day ....

I think it's best to watch this wonderful, wonderful video when Steve Jobs talk about his life in 2005

I feel people are in morning for a person that they feel did something right in this country. Who else comes to mind that makes you feel that way? His grew his company to be as big as exxon. Was Jobs also evil? That's another discussion about Fair Trade.

But in my life I've had the privilege to know some of the Internet pioneers, and like the giants who come before us, Steve may not have invented electricity but he knew what to do with it.

~Karen Ellis
Educational CyberPlayGround ®

Steve Jobs has definitely been underappreciated in the tech community.

What this represented was the fight for creative control. In Hollywood everybody wants creative control and it's not an ideological issue. In Silicon Valley, the technical guys think they should have creative control but so do the business guys. Most of the business guys don't know enough, but Jobs knew more than enough.

He didn't invent anything, but his taste and judgment in selecting what others came up with, and unifying it all, created a user world of elegance and charm. In this I think he should be compared to Walt Disney, who likewise put together the contributions of others into unique completions that only he imagined.

And as at the Disney organization, the music and corporate image will go on without him, but the soul will not.

Ted Nelson

Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.

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