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 From the Cyberplayground Twitter Feed

1) India, China and water security <http://ow.ly/vCEH>http://ow.ly/vCEH 

2) Sequoia Voting Machines inadvertently released it's secret code!! they may 
have cheated elections. <http://ow.ly/vCDG>http://ow.ly/<http://ow.ly/vCDG>vCDG 

3) UPDATE OCT. 20 2009: all evidence now points to "failed redaction", not 
vandalism. The files CAN be read in MS-SQL - header data is intact. 

4) This is where we'll discuss what Sequoia did to the original data files: 
"redaction" or "vandalism"? 

5) Abuse report: 10,440 children died 2001-07 - USATODAY.com 

6) Sequoia code download locations <http://ow.ly/vCp5>http://ow.ly/vCp5 #vote 
#sequoia #vote fraud

7) New research supports Ch 6 of The World in Six Songs: A neural region for 
religion shaped human social evolution. <http://ow.ly/voNQ>http://ow.ly/voNQ 

 courses 'being dumbed down' 

9) <http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/168160.php>Epilepsy Treatment Is A 
Possible Culprit For Development Of Schizophrenia 

<http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/168039.php>Link Between Children's 
Blood Lead Levels And Lower Test Scores 
Exposure to lead in early childhood significantly contributes to lower 
performances on end-of-grade (EOG) reading tests among minority and low-income 
children, according to researchers at Duke University and North Carolina 
Central University.

11) New study done on 
<http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Technology/cell_phone.html>Cell phones - Kids and 

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