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Hi K12 Newsletter Readers,

Oil Spill Animal Relief

I can recommend working with this organization if your school wants to help 
Kelly Overton, MPA, MPH Executive Director People Protecting Animals & Their 
Habitats - PATH Inc. 


Kelly Overton, MPA, MPH Executive Director 
People Protecting Animals & Their Habitats - PATH Inc. 

Oil Spill Animal Relief

In the coming days our country will begin to suffer the consequences of the 
worst oil spill in U.S. history. The aftermath of the spill will be truly 
devasting to animals and their habitats across the gulf coast. PATH has 
determined a need for logistical, supply and rescue support will be needed for 
months to come. 

I will be leaving NYC to travel to the gulf region and mobilize a central 
supply and rescue/information center in the wake of the oil spill. PATH 
volunteers are currently establishing supply/donation drop sites in locations 
across the country. The supplies and donations secured at these sites will be 
efficiently sent to our central location in the gulf region and then 
distributed to areas of most need. Below are some items that are needed. Items 
that cost less to buy locally than mail/transport are not included. 


Volunteers to collect supplies/donations in their communities/offices/schools 
Nets w/ Handle 
Tents w/ stakes/etc. 
WaterPic(K)s - water spray - not electric brush 
Sun Protection Lotion (non animal tested please) 
Wading Boots 
Syringes for feeding (NO NEEDLES) 
Digital camera (s) with appropriate connecting cords 
Video camera w/ appropriate connecting cords 
Vet Wrap 
Veg/Vegan snack bars 
Walmart/Target gift cards 
Heating pads 
Electrical extension cords 
Hotel/airline points/miles 
Financial support - donations 

In NYC supplies/donations can be dropped off at 

Moo Shoes 
78 Orchard Street 
New York, NY 10002 
(Lower East Side b/t Grand/Broome) 

We are also in dire need of funding/support. This is an all volunteer effort, 
but housing/lodging will be needed. Please consider making a tax-deductible 
donation via www.ppath.org All funds collected will go to rescue efforts - no 
salaries, no advertising, no administrative costs! 

Checks can be mailed to: 
PATH Inc. 
151 First Avenue 
Suite 161 
New York, NY 10003 

Supplies can be mailed to: 
c/o 420 Palm Lake Drive 
Pensacola, FL 32507 

To learn how you can volunteer to help call 617-354-2826 

Our Hen House will be blogging/podding about our efforts in the region and how 
you can help. Please visit www.ourhenhouse.org 

Thank you! 

Kelly Overton, MPA, MPH 
Executive Director 
People Protecting Animals & Their Habitats - PATH Inc. 

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