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SCAM ALERT - Ivy League Solicits Students Only to Reject Them
Public institutions are provided for the general welfare of our communities
NOT the private mercantile interests of its citizens. New Ways to Exploit Raw 

Paul Pastorek, who had a stormy tenure as the Louisiana superintendent of 
education, has announced he is quitting his post to take a job in the private 

The Los Angeles Times has released a major update to its elementary school 
teacher ratings.

The union representing Los Angeles teachers is pursuing a legal challenge to a 
key early step in creating a new teacher evaluation system that includes the 
use of student scores on standardized tests.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has tempered his initial enthusiasm for 
publishing teacher effectiveness ratings based on test scores.

Oklahoma public schools no longer will be able to promote third-grade students 
who cannot read at appropriate levels under a bill signed into law.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder HAS named a former General Motors Co. executive, 
Roy S. Roberts, to take of Detroit's troubled school district.

More than 3,700 D.C. teachers and parents are petitioning the U.S. Department 
of Education and the Government Accountability Office to investigate 
questionable test scores under Michelle Rhee's tenure.

The Idaho Education Association has released partial results of a statewide 
poll showing that likely voters in Idaho continue to have strongly favorable 
views of teachers, but give state schools Superintendent Tom Luna considerably 
higher unfavorable ratings now than a year ago.

A group led by critics of the new common academic standards has issued a 
manifesto arguing against development of shared curriculum and tests for those 

Many schools of education are marshalling against the upcoming review of more 
than 1,000 teacher ed programs in U.S. News & World Report.


Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation: Grants for Youth with Disabilities
The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation Grants Program is dedicated to 
helping young Americans with disabilities maximize their potential and fully 
participate in society. The foundation supports organizations and projects 
within its mission that have broad scope and impact and demonstrate potential 
for replication at other sites. A major program emphasis is inclusion: enabling 
young people with disabilities to have full access to educational, vocational, 
and recreational opportunities, and to participate alongside their non-disabled 
peers. Maximum award: $90,000. Eligibility: 501(c)3 organizations. Deadline: 
June 01, 2011.

Save-the-Redwoods League: Grants for Education on Forest Stewardship
The Save-the-Redwoods League, a nonprofit organization that works to protect 
the ancient redwood forest from destruction, will grant funds to schools, 
interpretive associations, and other qualified nonprofits engaged in quality 
redwood education. Grants are designed to foster and encourage public awareness 
of redwoods, redwood ecology, and forest stewardship. Maximum award: $3,000. 
Eligibility: schools and 501(c)3 organizations. Deadline: June 30, 2011.

American Academy of Pediatrics: CATCH Resident Funds Grants
2012 CATCH Resident Funds grants will be awarded on a competitive basis for 
pediatric residents to plan community-based child health initiatives. CATCH 
Resident Funds projects must include planning activities, but also may include 
some implementation activities. Maximum award: $3,000. Eligibility: pediatric 
residents working with their communities. Deadline: July 29, 2011.

NCTM: Improving Students' Understanding of Geometry Grants
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Improving Students' 
Understanding of Geometry grant is to develop activities that will enable 
students to better appreciate and understand some aspect of geometry that is 
consistent with the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics of NCTM. 
The project should include applications of geometry to, for example, art, 
literature, music, architecture, nature, or some other relevant area, and may 
integrate the use of technology into the teaching of geometry. Proposals must 
address the following: geometry content, the appropriateness of the 
application, the link between the Geometry Standard and the project's 
activities, and the anticipated impact on students' learning. Maximum award: 
$4,000. Eligibility: teachers preK-8 who are NCTM members as of October 14, 
2011 or teach at a school with a preK-8 NCTM school membership as of October 
14, 2011. Deadline: November 11, 2011.

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