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Do you like the sound of this?
At the AFT's annual convention, Randi Weingarten, the union's president, called 
for a new brand of unionism focused not only on helping members but the 
communities in which they work and live. Weingarten described "a new normal" 
that unions must accept and face: an ideological climate hostile to unions and 
middle-class aspirations generally. This new reality requires a 
"solution-driven unionism," one that focuses on solving problems, not on 
winning arguments, and that "unites those we represent and those we serve, and 
in so doing, ensures that we don't merely survive, but we succeed." As to 
recent bashing of public pensions as overly generous or under-funded, as a 
pretext for dissolving them, Weingarten called for changing the conversation. 
Why not ask how these funds can be leveraged not only to secure union-member 
retirements, but to help the country? She called for working with pension 
trustees to allocate some pension money -- in a responsible and sound manner -- 
to support projects that rebuild the national infrastructure and retrofit 
out-of-date buildings to make them more energy-efficient. She also urged 
members to support Barack Obama in the November election, saying he shares many 
of the same values as union members. As for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, "His 
idea of education reform is vouchers, which study after study has shown do not 
improve achievement." The two candidates "couldn't be more different."

Tens of thousands of young children from low-income families could be dropped 
from Head Start programs if Congress cannot find a way to prevent automatic 
cuts to the federal budget in 2013, The New York Times reports. 

Thousands of freshly minted Minnesota high school graduates wouldn't have 
gotten a diploma this year without a waiver from the state because they 
repeatedly failed Minnesota's math requirement.

In an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, Republican Presidential candidate 
Mitt Romney called his education plan revolutionary and said funds should 
follow the student.

Taxpayer dollars in Louisiana's new voucher program will be paying to send 
children to schools that teach creationism and refute evolution.

D.C. school officials said that 98 teachers were fired this week for poor 
performance, a large-scale dismissal that has become almost routine in the city 
but remains rare among school systems nationwide.

The NASSP/Virco National Assistant Principal of the Year program recognizes 
outstanding middle-level and high school assistant principals who have 
demonstrated success in leadership, curriculum, and personalization. Maximum 
award: $5,000. 

The MetLife/NASSP National Principal of the Year honors secondary school 
principals who have succeeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities 
for students as well as demonstrated exemplary contributions to the profession. 
Maximum award: $5,000. 

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