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K12 Education, Technology, St. Patricks Day, Sports & Music Fans:

MARCH 1913 at spring training for SF SEALS BASEBALL TEAM that the word JAZZ
first appears in S.F. Bulletin Newspaper sports columns of SPORTS REPORTER
SCOOP GLEESON. It appears as many as a hundred times that summer as only a
sports and baseball word.

PHILADELPHIA =96 The Irish, Baseball and JAZZ Heat up the Educational

Karen Ellis founded the Educational CyberPlayGround [ECP]
http://www.edu-cyberpg.com provides a community for intuitive learners,
adult learners, and educators working with students on the Web and in
classrooms. Using her experiences teaching music, dance, and elementary
education to young people in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ellis set up a
learning site that celebrates diversity in students' backgrounds while
"highlighting the variety in students' preferred approaches to learning."

Ellis integrates linguistics, music, and technology into the classroom and
while doing research for her most recent project the National Children=92s
Folksong Repository she hit upon an answer to a question that has eluded
everyone in the 20th century.

"News is the first rough draft of history." Philip L. Graham (1915-63), U.S.
newspaper publisher.

Where does the word Jazz Come From?  It all starts with the Irish sports
writers and baseball. Ellis: =93There have been many discussions and debates
over where the word Jazz comes from and we are now able to explain it=92s
origins.=94  Dan Cassidy, Director of Irish Studies at New College in San
Francisco, singer, author of 2 books: Irish Language influence on Poker and
American Gambling and The Tongue of the Saol Luim (slum) from University
press in Ireland due out in the fall of 2005, explains its roots.

"The word Jazz, like the music, is part of our entwined American roots
culture and was first used in March 1913, by Irish American sports reporter
"Scoop" Gleeson in The San Francisco Bulletin as a baseball slang term for
exciting, hot, spirited play=94 says Cassidy.

Jazz Etymology: Irish American Vernacular English and the hidden influence
of Irish and Scots-Gaelic on what we call American English. The sanas of
jazz is explained in 7 articles with numerous resources.
The Pizzazz of Jazz:  The Sanas (Irish etymology) of Jazz, Fizz, Fizzle, and
St. Bridget's House of Fire and The Secret Irish Traveller Bain-Fhile
(Woman-Poet) of
"Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies" is available.

The Educational CyberPlayGround recognizes the
nation's unknown culture makers through the
National Children's Folksong Repository
A public folklore project where children record and submit their folksongs,
indigenous playground chants and songs into the online archive.
You may go to the NCFR URL above and click on the power point demo and
workshop document made for her presentation to Pennsylvania Educational
Technologists at the PETE & C conference last week to hear songs submitted
by participants.

Another opportunity for children to integrate literacy, music, and=
is with the "Funk Brothers Webquest"
Standing In The Shadows of Motown Grammy Winners
where they get personal advice from the Funk Brothers on
why they should stay in school, and the kinds of skills they
needed to make in the music business.

When you access her award-winning site, you can choose the map that matches
your learning style (intuitive, logical, or visual) by clicking on the
"search this site" pull-down menu. Explore playful educational approaches to
music, arts, literacy, linguistics, internet, technology, teachers and
online curriculum.

The New York Times Learning Network selected the Educational CyberPlayGround
as its "Site of the Day."

The Times noted that the site provides opportunities for parents, teachers,
and librarians, even with limited online experience, to learn how to use the
World Wide Web to provide more effective teaching.

USA Today in January 2000 selected the Educational CyberPlayGround as one of
its "Best Bets for Educators." The Educational CyberPlayGround was also a
USA Today "Hot Site," in both its online and print editions, and MSNBC News
online named the portal as a "Web Pick."

The site also includes the Hot List a Master Registry of K12 Schools Online,
6 Mailing Lists reaching across the world with thousands of readers
and access to "Ring Leaders," experts in their fields who will assist site=


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