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For Release:

Frank H. Mackaman
The Dirksen Congressional Center
301 South 4th Street, Suite A
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: (309) 347-7113
Fax: (309) 347-6432

*** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Congress in the Classroom 2003 ***

Congress in the Classroom is a national, award-winning education program
now in its eleventh year. It is sponsored by The Dirksen Congressional
Center located in Pekin, Illinois, in cooperation with Bradley
University, Peoria, Illinois, and is dedicated to the exchange of ideas
and information on teaching about Congress.

Congress in the Classroom is designed for secondary school teachers and
community college faculty who teach U.S. history, American government
civics, political science, social studies, or related subjects. Between
30 and 35 teachers from throughout the country are selected each year to
take part in the program. Nearly 200 applied for last year's workshop.

The 2003 program theme will be "An Overview of Congress." Individual
sessions and presenters that will be offered include:

- The Honorable Ray LaHood, U.S. House of Representatives, "Plenary
Address: A View from Capitol Hill"

- Burdett Loomis, University of Kansas, "Republic on Trial: The Case for
Representative Democracy"

- Randall Strahan, Emory University, "What You Can Learn about Congress
Members from Statistics"

- Stephen, Frantzich, U.S. Naval Academy, "How Congress Members Decide"

- Frank H. Mackaman and Cindy Koeppel, The Dirksen Congressional Center,
"A Teacher's One-Stop Shop for Information about Congress: The Dirksen
Center's Web Suite"

- Douglas Clouatre, Kennesaw State University, "Congressional Survivor:
A Competitive Project for Teaching Congress"

- Lauren Cohen Bell, Randolph-Macon College, "How Does a Bill Become
Law? Not the Way the Textbooks Say, Use a Simulation Instead"

- Kathryn Pearson, University of California, Berkeley and the Brookings
Institution, "How Does One Lead Congress?  Party Leaders in Charge"

- Daniel J. Reagan, Ball State University and Gary Lee Malechia,
University of Portland, "The Media and Congress"

- Denise Baer, The George Washington University, "The Congress vs.
Parliament: Which is More Democratic?"

- Charles B. Cushman, The George Washington University, "Congress and
the Complexity of Public Policy-Making: Creating the Department of
Homeland Security"

- Ryan C. Hendrickson, Eastern Illinois University, "Understanding
Congressional War Powers"

- Gabraelle Lane, National Association of Manufacturers, "Congressional
Insight: A Computer Simulation of a Members' First Term in the House of

- "Best Practices for Teaching About Congress and Government"
[demonstrations by participating teachers of effective lesson plans and
teaching strategies]

Participants will also gain experience with The Center's educational Web
site, CongressLink - http://www.congresslink.org -- which features
online access to lesson plans, student activities, historical materials,
related Web sites, and subject matter experts. Throughout the program,
participants will work with national experts as well as colleagues from
across the nation. This combination of first-hand knowledge and
peer-to-peer interaction will present new ideas, materials, and a
professionally enriching experience.

The workshop will take place from July 28 through July 31, 2003, on the
campus of Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. Congress in the
Classroom is free to participants. Teachers who are selected for the
program will be required to post a $100 deposit which will be refunded
in full once they have completed the program. Participants also have the
option of purchasing one hour of graduate credit from Bradley
University. We expect the per hour charge for graduate credit to be from
$435 - $450.

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Those teachers who are not selected for the program will have an
opportunity to register for the Web-based Congress in the Classroom

The deadline for applications is March 15, 2003. Enrollment is
competitive and limited to thirty-five. Selection will be determined by
The Center. Individuals will be notified of their acceptance status by
April 1, 2003.

Take a look at The Dirksen Center Web site -
http://www.dirksencenter.org/progcongressinclassroom.htm -- to see what
participants say about the program.

If you are interested in registering for the Congress in the Classroom
2003 workshop, you can complete an online registration form found at:

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