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There is perhaps no greater draw for teachers coming online for the
first time than the potential for professional camaraderie and
support. Educators who have felt isolated instantly flock like birds
of a feather around specialty areas, high interest topics and even
geographic locations. And the energy that is generated from finding
others of like mind is so powerful, this kind of networking can
truly transform one's career. To this end, here is a digital dozen
of the best teacher networking sites online!

Classroom Connect Community -

Includes Connected Teacher, online discussions, email lists, ask an
expert, education news, live events and even opportunities to join
online collaborative projects with your class. The find a teacher
function is an especially convenient tool.

Education with New Technologies -

An online learning community, ENT is sponsored by Harvard University
and promotes collegial investigations of current hot topics in
education in a synchronous environment where teachers from disparate
locations can work together to advance their knowledge and

Inspired Learning -

This is a virtual meeting place where educators and lifelong
learners can come together to share ideas related to various aspects
of more progressive structures and holistic approaches to education.
The online forums and library references explore diversity and
school reform.

Net Happenings -

Gleason Sackman moderates one of the oldest and most revered teacher
lists online. It is chocked full of teacher resources and timely
announcements of upcoming Internet-based education events.
Approaching 6,000 subscribers, this list is a great way to get your
message out!

New Century School House -

The New Century School House uses the metaphor of a 1950s style
school building that has been gutted of its industrial age ideas.
Educators are invited to help repurpose rooms so students can learn
in ways that are more relevant to a technology and information rich

Special Needs Opportunity Windows -

SNOW is made specifically for special education teachers, this site
offers discussion, bulletin boards, a listserv, events and resources
to help with the task of teaching children with special needs.
Nicely formatted and kept current - worth your time.

TappedIn -

At TI, teachers have real-time discussions and classes in
the "virtual conference center," browse web sites together, learn
about new professional development activities, and interact via
mailing lists and discussion boards all in a single on-line venue.

Teacher Mail Rings -

Over 8,000 of the world's brightest educators, connected through the
magic of e-mail. No cost to join - simply complete the form and
select the mailring you'd like to join. Grade levels, interest
groups, regions of the country - you decide how you would like to
plugin to this invaluable resource.

Teacher Talk -

With more than 23,000 registered users, this site promises lots of
exposure for your questions and ideas. Recently renovated, the new
format is even more user friendly in its layout. You will not have
to worry about nonsense on these boards - legitimate teacher queries

Teacher2Teacher -

This is the closest thing I have found to a text-based faculty
lounge. Teachers inquire about resources and practices pertinent to
their immediate needs, but they also celebrate life's daily
surprises in the classroom as they support one another in their
ongoing efforts as educators. -

This is a very hands-on. up front teacher networking site, with chat
rooms, chat boards, live meetings, live conferences, job chatboards,
teacher mailrings, and the new web ring to promote your
own WWW page. It's a very busy page that takes time to sift through.

TeachWave -

TeachWave attempts to bridge the gap between all schools in need of
teachers and educators in need of jobs. It allows you to search and
post your resume, covering 1,532 K-12 employers (26,555 schools)
across the United States. A great way to test the waters and expand
your horizons.

Find More Great Resources at

Next Month's Topic: "Summer Sites for Kids"

You can email URL's of high quality sites which may be of interest
to our readers as well as new topic ideas and input and feedback!

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