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version of this week's newsletter:

Summer is coming and teachers and students everywhere know it!
Looking for recommendations for summer activities that will help
keep kids thinking, reading and sharpening those digital skills even
while on summer vacation? These links will help. Thanks to Jerry
Blumengarten and Judy Curtis for their recommendations!

Now that I've moved to a monthly format, I will be publishing July
and August issues of the ITN. These issues will help keep the wheels
turning as you plan for another exciting year of fun and learning in
your classroom!


Next month's issue takes a break from professional topics, offering
recommended recreational reading for teachers. I really need to hear
from you the next few weeks with the best new titles you've read. We
will all benefit from your suggestions! Please send your
Recommendations (title, author and why it's one of your top picks
for reading) to walter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by May 24, 2003. Thanks!


DLTKs Summer Activities - http://www.dltk-
DLTK and her Dad have put together this collection of great summer
fun ideas for kids aged 4 - 8. Here you'll find crafts, games,
puzzles, printable activity sheets, recipes, summer themes and links
to additional online resources.

Josie has a Secret -
Looking for another way to get them reading? Josie Has a Secret is a
full-length Web-based novel published by Jitterbug Fantasia, a web
magazine intended for children aged fifteen and over. It is was
written by Kristen Brennan and illustrated by Kris Dresen and
contains thirteen chapters.

Kids' Avenue -
Kids' Avenue promotes kids sharing their vacation experiences with
their peers through Stuff to See, Places to Go and Things to Do. In
addition to learniung about other great summer vacations, children
can post their own recommendations for great kid travels.

My Summer Vacation -- On the Internet! -
Education World offers this virtual scavenger hunt based on the
travels of Kate and Matt. Each stop includes a link to a URL wherein
students must find the answer to a specific question in order to
complete the hunt successfully. Great practice for research and Net

National Geographic Book Club -
Summer reading is always a great idea, and summer reading promoted
by National Geographic makes it even better! Great recommended
reading lists, the opportunity to be a featured book reviewer, and
links to other NG sites - and you have to check out the Book Mark

911 Safety Rage -
This ThinkQuest Junior entry presents safety tips for hiking and
swimming as well as fire safety. There's a school beach hiking game,
coloring activities, and a collection of safety friends. Perfect for
younger students!

Popsicle -
This is a virtual meeting place where educators and lifelong
learners can come together to share ideas related to various aspects
of more progressive structures and holistic approaches to education.
The online forums and library references explore diversity and
school reform.

Rainbow Magic Summer - http://www.rainbow-
Here's an elementary-level site that offers puzzles, games, stories,
recipes, music and links all around the theme of summer. Children
can learn how to make lemonade while reading "The Lemonade Stand"
and planning their daily boredom busters!

Roadside America -
Whether you're planning to hit the road or pining for a getaway,
Roadside America will offer you a fun glimpse at all kinds of
offbeat stops along America's highways. You can search by state or
town, and the Hypertours are definitely worth seeing!

Seashells -
Dedicated to beachcombers everywhere, this site offers detailed
instructions on classifying, cleaning and showcasing your finds on
the beach this summer. Great pics - here is also nice section on
preserving sealife. Avoid the link to a commercial catalogue.

Summer Reading -
Education World brings together these summer reading lists by grade
levels K-8 through contributions by their readers and
recommendations by Barnes and Noble. The site includes collections
of summer book activities that help to enrich and extend the book
experience for vacationing students.

Wayback: Summer Vacation -
The American Experience at PBS presents this nostalgic look at some
of America's favorite vacation hotspots. Can you guess which top
spots might be on the list? Be sure to check out the features on
Summer Camp, Miami Beach and Car Camping!

Find More Great Resources at

Next Month's Topic: "Teacher Summer Reading"

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