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Tomorrow marks the official start of the 30th Iditarod Sled Dog race
in Alaska. This year's race is marked by a lack of snow, which is a
seemingly vital resource in order for the sleds to make the run to
Nome! The solution? Move the race more than 300 miles north to
Fairbanks, where there is enough white stuff to make a go of it. If
you've never followed the race, you can immerse yourself in its
history, culture and real time progress at

At the same time, a record number of classes are participating in
this years eIditarod project, where they choose mushers to follow,
create wall maps of the trail, follow their musher's progress
online, and send email to virtual checkpoints and receive responses
with challenges for students to complete in their classrooms. You
can see examples of what's going on by visiting the project site at

Thank you for all the feedback on the move from a weekly to a
monthly newsletter. I appreciate your input and I look forward to
moving on together as Information Age educators! This month's
edition is on the top research resources for the classroom. I hope
you'll find something herein of benefit to you and your students.
Thanks to Jerry B for his recommendations on research sites!

Best Information on the Net -
O'Keefe Library at St. Ambrose University hosts this searchable
directory of resources for research, including student and teacher
resources, online databases, math tools, people finders, map
services, consumer information, best quotes, statistics and much more.

Educational CyberPlayGround
A learning site that celebrates diversity in students' background
while highlighting the variety in students' preferred approaches
to learning. The site provides opportunities for parents, teachers,
and librarians, even with limited online experience, to learn how
to use the World Wide Web to provide more effective teaching.

DeskRef -
Boasting close to 1,000 links to free reference resources online,
DeskRef is a text-based, fast-loading, wide-ranging directory of
resources that may well become your students' first stop on
conducting online research. The Most Hits feature is an interesting
way to rank the search tools by popularity.

Direct Search -
An impressive collection of databases brought together by Gary
Price, which aid in finding resources not indexed in the popular
search engines and directories. This is a site which can help you
stay two steps ahead of your savvy students!

4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources -
Designed specifically for upper elementary (and easily adaptable for
middle school), this site houses all kinds of links to support
student research, including every curriculum area, kid-appropriate
search tools, and even parent resources for use at home.

GPO Multi-Database Search -
The Government Printing Office presents this incredible collection
of information on every aspect of the United States government
across multiple databases. There are bills, budgets, manuals,
histories, calendars, and much more.

Infomine -
Beyond K-12 research resources, this database includes a broad range
of educational collections. Government, science, social science,
maps, regional resources and visual and performing arts are all
covered here.

Infonation -
An easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and
compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States
of the United Nations. Choose up to 7 countries at a time and then
select the data fields you want to compare - very quick and easy.

iTools -
Formerly Research It, iTools is a very thorough page offering tools
for reference work, languages, library work, geography, financial
research, shipping and mailing info, and educational listservs. It
uses a clean, no nonsense approach ideal for education.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library - http://lib-
The Los Alamos National Laboratory uses computer and network
technology to allow students to a wealth of digital science
information sources worldwide, any time, anywhere. This is a
searchable collection of very technical information.

Needle in a Cyberstack -
John Albee's unique information finder specifically for teachers!
Easy to use table format. There are dozens of interlinked pages
including Books & Book Reviews, the Best of Curriculum, alphabetized
Medical and Scholarly Research Pages. If you can't find it here,

News Trawler -
NewsTrawler is a Parallel Search Engine for news archives. Search
for articles from the archives of hundreds of online information
sources from around the world. Students can research news items for
projects; teachers can use it as a research aid for teaching.

The best single source for studying congressional history, pending
legislation and activity by committee in the House and Senate of the
United States. Hosted by the Library of Congress, you can search by
term or bill number or use the quick reference directory to research
your government at work.

Find More Great Resources at

Next Month's Topic: "Teacher Networking"

You can email URL's of high quality sites which may be of interest
to our readers as well as new topic ideas and input and feedback!

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