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Happy New Year to subscribers everywhere! The search for sites on
wireless keyboarding led me to that many more resources on handheld
devices - or PDAs (personal digital assistants) - somuchso that it
was worth devoting an entire issue on the subject! PDAs are small,
portable, and can fit in the palm for your hand. They connect to
your desktop computer so that you can easily share information
between computers. Most importantly, they can run standard
productivity applications like Word and Excel and the newer
generation of PDAs includes wireless communication, as well. Not
familiar with the range and scope of PDAs? Check out Ready or Not-
PDAs in the Classroom
from Syllabus Magazine. And if you really want a peak at a totally
wireless classroom, you must see the Kentucky Migrant Technology
Project's Classroom of the Future page !

With all the potential these mighty mite computers have for
instruction, no wonder schools are beginning to explore the
possibilities in the classroom! This week you'll find twelve great
resources on using PDAs with students. Thanks to Jerry Blumengarten
and Nan Williams for their recommendations on the topic!

This is the last week to register for this year's eIditarod project.
Registration closes January 11th. We're up to 300 classes enrolled
for this year and the list continues to grow. If you know of a
teacher who would be interested in participating, please point them
to where they can read about
the project and register. Thanks!

Electronic Text Center -
The University of Virginia houses this archive of some 1,800
publicly-available e-books including classic British and American
fiction, major authors, children's literature, the Bible, and
American history; see also for more titles.

Instant Answers With PDA Pop Quiz -,1383,54183,00.html
Don't settle for the handheld as just another techno-toy.....the
instruction's the thing! And this article from Wired News shares how
Wake Forest University has developed software that turns a PDA into
a wireless Web server so students can view Web pages created for the
class on their PDAs. -
Jumbo offers downloadable freeware and shareware titles for handheld
devices covering calculators, communication tools, connectivity,
documents, games, graphics, utilities, viewers and wireless; check
out My Scribe, the Pilot PDF Creator and FontAgent Pro for Mac OSX.

KPBSD Palm Page -
The Kenai (Alaska) Peninsula Borough School District has put
together this page to support the use of handheld computers by their
teachers. It covers instructional and administrative uses, as well
as research, ideas and resources. Check out the overview for a
rousing rationale for using PDAs.

Learning at Hand -
Monthly reviews of educational software for use with the Palm
Operating System and lessons and tips for integrating handheld
devices into instruction; discussions and commercial links help
round out a useful site for teachers.

Learning in Hand -
Tony Vincent has PDAs for all of his students, and this site shares
his class's experiences in learning to make use of them in learning.
Here you'll find sections on applications, activities, classroom
management, 'how-to' videos, a photo gallery, and more.

Learning in the Palm of your Hand - http://www.handheld.hice-
These pages are presented by HI-CE and the University of Michigan to
promote the use of handhelds in education. It brings together
articles, images, downloads, a monthly newsletter and message boards
to help keep teachers in the loop on what's going on with PDAs in

Palm Education -
SRI International hosted this competition which invites teachers to
submit innovative uses of handhelds in the classroom; the Idea Bank
is a collection of great ways to make use of PDAs in different
subject areas, in projects, and as a way to address academic

Palm Powered Lesson Plans -
Arkansas Tech University presents two-dozen lessons ready to use
with a Palm handheld computer. Lessons cover astronomy, the stock
market, musical chairs, collecting traffic data, nutrition, civics
and even classroom management.

pdaED -
A commercial site, pdaED also houses a learning center with
helpful "how to" tutorials such as the PDA Buyer's Guide and
Downloading and Installing Software. There's also a nice collection
of articles on how to integrate handhelds into effective instruction.

Pebbles PDA Project -
Carnegie Mellon University has created the Pebbles software for
handhelds that allows them to communicate with a desktop computer,
other PDAs, telephones, radios, and even household appliances.
There's a section specifically for classroom use and a download site
if you're interested.

ProbeSight -
Here's a wealth of information on probes that can be used with
handheld devices to extend thewir usefulness both in and out of the
classroom. There's a supplier index and a wealth of curriculum ideas
including sensor suggestions, links and sample activities.

Find More Great Resources at
Next Week's Topic: "Iditarod 2003"

You can email URL's of high quality sites which may be of interest
to our readers as well as new topic ideas and input and feedback!
This newsletter may be forwarded or copied provided the header and
signature information remain intact. Show a colleague what you have
found in Innovative Teaching! ©2002 Walter McKenzie

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