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version of this week's newsletter:

This is an update of the April 2000 newsletter. Whereas you can find
great online activities for young students in the Primary Learning
Links issue this
edition focuses on resources for early childhood teachers. Teachers
of younger children are great at sharing resources and working as
teams. Like the children they teach, early childhood educators enjoy
hands-on learning. They have an enthusiasm for exploration and
discovery that is pervasive in their classrooms. I sincerely hope
this issue will aid these teachers in continuing to spread their joy
of learning. You can find many more early childhood resources listed
at Innovative Teaching at Thanks
to Jerry Blumengarten for his recommendations on this topic!

The Innovative Teaching web site is
updated for 2003 and ready to surf! The format has been cleaned up
and links have been updated. I continue to work on adding new
resources, so if you've been sending in recommendations please be
patient. I'm working on getting them up!

A to Z Kid's Stuff -
Lots of very basic approaches to instruction for Preschool and
Kindergarten, categorized by headings that will surely make sense to
any primary teacher. While this site doesn't necessarily offer lots
of interactivity, the storehouse of ready to use ideas is a big
selling point.

Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project -
The forward thinking Montgomery County, Maryland School system has
put together this progressive program to promote literacy of
technology in the earliest grades. This website offers the
background and materials to teachers around the world interested in
making use of this fabulous program.

Early Childhood Thematic Units -
Kathy Van Velzen offers this collection of eleven units complete
with Bulletin Board Ideas, Cooking Ideas, Fine Gross Motor tasks,
Language Development, Literature, Music, Sample Lesson Plans, Sample
Parent Communications, Software Support, and Toys and Materials.

EduPuppy -
Kristen Hammond heads up this well-screened directory of
developmentally appropriate ideas and materials perfect for grades K-
2. Using keywords and categories teachers can sniff out the best
activities, research and resources for the classroom. Very user

Enchanted Learning -
This portion of Enchanted Learning is dedicated exclusively to
younger students. It includes letter and number recognition, colors,
animals, transportation, as well as themes, links and a child-
friendly search tool. Definitely worth your consideration.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education 
This site is one of 16 clearinghouses in the ERIC system, providing
resources for educators, parents and families, interested in the
development, education, and care of children throughout early
childhood. A great resource for research and literature helpful to educators.

Funschool -
Original activities designed for younger students, Funschool is a
great place to have safe fun online. There's lots of familiar game
formats here, and great use of JAVA applets for interactive uses of
technology. Activities for upper elementary too.

Idea Box -
All kinds of timely lessons and activities designed for the primary
grades, including message boards where teachers can get together and
offer support and ideas for one another. The free monthly newsletter
rounds out this exceptionally designed site.

KinderKorner -
Kinder Korner is a resource web site for teachers and others
interested in early childhood education. It has an Internet mailing
list and a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and talk about
what works in your classroom.

Mrs. Gaines' Kindergarten Links -
This is what a truly early childhood collection of links should look
like. If you visit no other site from this edition, be sure to visit
this one if you're looking for interactive educational games for
nonreaders. Close the Geocities menu before sharing with your children.

The School Bell -
Kathy Gursky offers this collection of themes, activities and
resources for the primary classroom. Surf by month, alphabetically
or by category. School Bell originals offer new content of interest
to young children and their teachers.

A World of Kindergartens -
Excellent listing of early childhood resources gathered from around
the globe and covering such popular areas of interest as the 100th
day of school, computers in the primary grades and bookmark
collections on high interest topics.

Find More Great Resources at
Next Week's Topic: "Inventors and Inventions"

You can email URL's of high quality sites which may be of interest
to our readers as well as new topic ideas and input and feedback!
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