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Greetings All,

Our friend Gleason Sackmann and his wife Jan have both decided to retire 
from a lifetime of teaching in the K - 12 space.  We would all like to get 
up out of our chairs right now and give them a standing ovation. We wish 
them well and hope they have a wonderful time traveling the US.

I never knew what was going to happen with Gleason around :-) he is one of 
a kind, unique, one of those very very special people who has vision and 
leadership ability. He thinks it needs to be done so he goes out there and 
gets it done. He doesn't wait around for permission. That's my kind of 
guy.  The kind that comes around once in a lifetime. Gleason is an internet 
pioneer. And I know how grateful I am for the work he did in the K12 space 
and how special it is for me to walk in the footsteps of giants.

Tipping our Hats to Gleason Sackmann

1998 awarded SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding Service Award.
1996 rated #10 on Newsweek's prestigious List of "50 People Who Matter
Since the beginning (May 1993) --  4/31/00
59,270 postings have been sent to Net Happenings
I can't imagine how many more have been posted since then.

For those who do not know me, my name is Karen Ellis

and now moderate the three mailing lists:
Net Happenings, K12 Newsletters and Network Newsletters

For several years the Educational CyberPlayGround
has already been hosting the

HotList Of K-12 Internet School Sites
also started in 1993.


I am the founder of both the Educational CyberPlayGround
and the National Children's Folksong Repository.

Anyone interested in posting their announcements to the lists may contact 
me directly at this time.

all my best,



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