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"Promoting the Academic Success of Boys of Color"
The Promoting Academic Success (PAS) Initiative of FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will award five-year grants to school districts to promote the academic success of boys of color between the ages of three and eight. The initiative works to mobilize and support partnerships among Head Start, public schools, families, and community agencies to focus on and improve the academic and social development of boys of color; and to identify, evaluate, and disseminate the most promising multi-systemic (family, school, community) interventions that increase learning and social adjustment of boys of color. Maximum Award: varies. Eligibility: public school districts in the U.S. Deadline: February 15, 2007. Please email Crystal Smith at smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to request an application.

"Scholarships to Reward Student Community Involvement"
The 2007 Best Buy Scholarship Program will award scholarships to students based on their outstanding commitment to and involvement in community service, along with a solid academic performance. Maximum Award: $10,000. Eligibility: high school seniors currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. school, graduating with plans to enter a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two or four-year college, university or vocation technical school in the U.S. no later than fall 2007. Deadline: February 15, 2007.

"Grants to Support Running and Fitness Programs for Kids"
The Saucony Run For Good Program encourages active and healthy lifestyles in children and offers grants to communities and non-profit organizations that initiate and support running and fitness programs for kids. Maximum Award: varies. Eligibility: 501(c)3 organizations with programs that increase participation in running in order to positively impact the lives of participants. Deadline: February 15, 2007.

"Recognizing Excellence in Humanities Programs in Elementary and Middle SRoy Goldfarbchool Libraries" The American Library Association Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award recognizes excellence in humanities programming in elementary and middle school libraries that serve children K-8. Maximum Award: $4,000. Eligibility: elementary or middle school (public or private) libraries; or any school library program in the United States that serves children in any combination of grades K-8. Deadline: February 28, 2007.

"Classroom Competition to Learn About the Upper Ozone Layer"
The CAPCO Science Class Challenge is a classroom competition that encourages students and teachers to learn about the Earth's protective upper ozone layer, CFCs, and the environment by using the provided activities or their own creative methods. Maximum Award: $5,000. Eligibility: teachers grades 4-6; teachers grades 7-9. Deadline: May 14, 2007.

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