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a Globe Life Young American Plan. Get up to $20,000 of whole
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The Great Debate and Beyond: History of Televised Presidential Debates
The Great Debate contains four main sections: 1) Great Debate:
Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960; 2) Televised Debate History 1960-1996; 3)
Television: video commentary, essays and other items that highlight the
impact of television on politics; 4) Curriculum Resources: lesson plans
and activities that promote learning. Produced by The Museum of
Broadcast Communications in Chicago, Illinois.

Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College       
Content Area:         History & Social Studies (Government) [Dewey
#320]Application type: Unit & Lesson Plans, Other Resources, Web Based

Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient World

Cleopatra: is an interactive guide to the Ancient Art Collection of The
Art Institute of Chicago. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt from 51 to 30 B.C.,
embodied the three great cultures of the ancient Mediterranean region:
she was Greek by birth, ruled Egypt as its queen, and lost her kingdom
to Rome. To see the "Close-up" views of the Ancient Art objects, their
"Stories" and listen to the Glossary pronunciations you will need
QuickTime. Includes printable lesson plans for grades 4 thru 12

Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High
Content Area: History & Social Studies (Anthropology / Archaeology),
History & Social Studies (World History) [Dewey #301]
Application type: Unit & Lesson Plans, Other Resources, Web Based

Teacher Created Materials: Free Stuff

Teacher Created Materials is an educational publishing company founded
in 1982 by Rachelle Cracchiolo and Mary Dupuy Smith, two classroom
teachers. The section with the "free stuff" contains Free Monthly
Activities, Free Lesson Plans & Activities, and Free Brain Teasers. Not
a whole lot of stuff; but that makes it pretty easy to use. Too bad
there is no archive of previous month's free stuff.
Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High
School, Adult/Professional
Content Area: Education (Teaching and Learning) [Dewey #370]
Application type: Unit & Lesson Plans, Other Resources


ClassroomClassics is a one-stop source for classic books to supplement
teaching History/Social Science California State Standards in your
classroom! ClassroomClassics is organized by grade level from
Kindergarten through 8th grade. Simply click a grade level, then select
the state standard for which you wish to prepare your lesson. The books
have been carefully chosen by Darla A. Brown, LMT, M.Ed, an experienced
certificated Library Media Teacher.

Grade Level: Adult/Professional
Content Area: Education (Curriculum) [Dewey #375]
Application type: Hotlists

<A HREF="http://www.museum.tv/debateweb/html/index.htm";>The Great Debate
and Beyond: History of Televised Presidential Debates</A>
<A HREF="http://www.artic.edu/cleo/index.html";>Cleopatra: A Multimedia
Guide to the Ancient World</A>
<A HREF="http://www.teachercreated.com/free/";>Teacher Created Materials:
Free Stuff</A>

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