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Greetings Everyone,

So, I've been posting to the ECP blog like a crazy.

Sometimes I actually put K-12 Newsletters in the title of the post and sometimes I don't.

You can very easily find the K-12 Newsletter posts that you're looking for by clicking the K-12 Newsletters Mailing List link on the right side of the blog,
then everything K-12 Newsletters Mailing List  will pop right up.

And you get more by clicking on the calendar cause there is an archive.

Some folks subscribed with their email address (proud of you) and now they are getting only one post a day with everything in it.
You realize If I don't post then you don't get anything.

Other folks have subscribed using readers. Google or Yahoo that word "readers" and read up it.

If you don't have one you can use Sharpreader. I've used it in the past and am happy with it.

All a person needs to do is download sharpreader and put RSS feeds into it.
The RSS feed for this blog is
Just scroll over it, copy it, and then paste it into your reader and save.

There isn't a special RSS feed just for K-12 Newsletter posts yet, but I'm working on that.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and healthy New Year and keep reading the Blah Blah Blaaaaaaaag cause I'll be posting.


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