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Twenty-six more states, plus   the District of Columbia, are applying for 
waivers under the No Child Left   Behind Act.

Twenty-six more states, plus the District of Columbia, are applying for waivers under 
the No Child Left Behind Act.  
Strict new federal rules meant to improve thequality of Head Start preschool services 
 <http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/02/22/21headstart.h31.html>could drive 
good providers out of business, as scores of Head Start programs  face losing the 
federal funding they have received for decades.

Value Schmalue*  Play Buzz Word Bingo  

**Education is a Business  
The use of"value-added"  
<http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/02/17/21louisiana_ep.h31.html>  information may 
expand into the nation's teacher colleges, with more than a dozen states planning to use the 
technique to analyze how  graduates of training programs fare in classrooms.
CAEP President James G. Cibulka.
An external panel that includes several prominent critics of teacher  education has been 
tapped to craft the performance standards for the  Council for the Accreditation of Educator 
Preparation. "There will be a  lot of focus on new sources of data: longitudinal 
databases, teacher  evaluation, the teacher-effectiveness measures thanks toBill&  Melinda 
Gates Foundation's Measures of Effective Teaching Project, teacher-performance assessments.  

Easing charter restrictions howstupid are the State senators from Mississippi  
  have passed a bill that would allow students from anywhere in the state to attend a 
charter school.

Student churn, tax $ waste.An analysis shows that students' test scores drop after 
they enroll in online schools.  <http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/K12.html>  
Department of Education fails to monitor online schools, the lax oversight has 

The  Missouri Senate education committee  
  has approved a bill that allows immediate state intervention in failing districts 
rather than waiting two years; this could result in the Kansas City school board 
being dissolved and replaced by a new governing structure.

Free Lunch Fraud Citing concerns about the federal free and reduced-price lunch 
program's susceptibility to fraud and error  
 acting New Jersey Education Commissioner Chris Cerf is convening a task force to 
study alternate ways to measure the state's at-risk  student population.

Students with disabilities and ELLs  
 be included The Florida Board of Education has approved plans to revamp the state's 
school grading formula.

Minnesota bill to end the"last hired, first fired"  
<http://www.startribune.com/politics/statelocal/140663173.html>  tenure system in 
Minnesota has passed the state senate


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6.  National Science Foundation: Multimedia Gallery

7.  Center on Education and The Workforce - STEM

8.  Academy of Motion Picture Arts&  Sciences: Research&  Preservation

9. Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts

10. Frontline: The Interrupters

13. The Nixon Administration and the Indian Nuclear Program, 1972-1974 [pdf]


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