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**************************************************************Education World's 
Headlines Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 41

Dear Education Professionals,

********************************************** NEWS HEADLINES OF THE WEEK=20

The news stories referenced in this newsletter are collected by Education=20
World news editor Ellen =93Scoop=94 Delisio. They are gathered from=
World and a wide variety of other education news sources. Some of the=20
headlines also appear in Ellen=92s weekly column, EDscoops, at=20 If you get an error message when=20
you click on any link, copy and paste that URL into your browser window. To=
access some links (for example, links to articles published by the New York=
Times), you might be required to register; registration is free.

Volume 3, Issue 41 October 28, 2004

********************************************** NEWS HEADLINES FROM=20
EDUCATION WORLD **********************************************

Election 2004: * Ed World Talks With the Presidential Candidates Have you=20
wanted to ask President George Bush or Sen. John Kerry about the No Child=20
Left Behind Act, education funding, or their views on performance pay?=20
Education World did. Source: Education World=20 issues/issues412.shtml

This week=92s Whatever It Takes article: * Bennet Copes With Death, Roof=
Just two weeks into the school year, Bennet Middle School staff and=20
students found themselves mourning the death of a recent graduate, and=20
shifting rooms. Source: Education World=20

This week=92s Wire Side Chat from Education World: * Author Makes Science=20
Readable, Enjoyable Joy Hakim=92s narrative brings to life scientists and=20
discoveries. Source: Education World=20

This week=92s Administrators Desk articles: * Making Data Work for Your=20
School Using test data to make positive changes. Source: Education World=20

* How I Handled... Bringing on board a new assistant principal. Source:=20
Education World=20

This week=92s NCLB Working article: * Finding Ways to Improve Instructional=
Time, Staff Quality Colorado Springs builds strong workforce, strategies.=20
Source: Education World=20

This week=92s No Educator Left Behind article: * No Educator Left Behind:=20
Substitute Teacher Qualifications Do long- and short-term substitutes have=
to meet the highly qualified teacher requirements? Source: Education World=

Don't be left behind! Read Education World's No Educator Left Behind=20
series, which provides answers from the U.S. Department of Education to=20
questions about the federal No Child Left Behind Act and how it will affect=
educators. To read past questions, go to No Educator Left Behind archives=20

More School Issues articles: * Block Scheduling: A Solution or a Problem?=20
The merits of block scheduling are a subject of great debate. Is it a=20
flexible scheduling alternative that benefits students -- or is it a fad=20
that's sure to pass? Source: Education World=20

* Author Aims to Help Children Manage Anger A story teaches kids to channel=
their anger. Source: Education World=20

This week=92s School Issues Spotlights: * Issues Spotlight I: Facilities.=20
Source: Education World=20 * Issues=
Spotlight II: Character education Source: Education World=20

This week=92s School Doodle: * Tight budgets. Source: Education World=20

********************************************** THE WEEKLY SURVEY=20

Each week, we ask readers to cast their votes in The Weekly Survey. Cast=20
your vote on this week's question of interest to all educators.

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION What if subgroups fail to make AYP?=20

LAST WEEK'S SURVEY RESULTS Must teachers at your school meet technology=20

********************************************** NEWS HEADLINES FOR ALL=20
EDUCATORS **********************************************

* Flu-Fighting Tips for Schools Because of a flu vaccine shortage, the U.S.=
Center for Disease Control is urging students and school staff members to=20
wash their hands frequently and stay home if they are sick, to avoid large=
flu outbreaks in schools. Source:

* Too Much, Too Soon in Kindergarten? The shift in the purpose of=20
kindergarten, from a place where children get used to school to teaching=20
basic math and reading skills, has some educators concerned. Source: The=20
Washington Post=20

* Stress Can Affect Exam Performance Stress can negatively impact students=
performance on tests, according to a recent study by researchers at Ohio=20
State University. Students did better at simpler tasks, such as memorizing=
numbers, while under pressure, but their ability to deal with complex=20
questions declined. Source: BBC News=20

* Charter Schools Divide Communities As the number of charter schools in=20
the U.S. continues to grow, advocates and opponents are squaring off this=20
election season in several states. Source: The New York Times=20

********************************************** LOCAL SCHOOLS MAKING NEWS=20

* School District Bans Halloween The Puyallup (Washington) School District=
has cancelled all Halloween celebrations this year, saying they take time=20
away from learning. Source:

* Kindergartners Help Sick Kids Kindergartners in Akron, Ohio, are=20
collecting tabs from cans for Akron Children's Hospital. The hospital sells=
the tabs to a recycling center, and uses the money for videos and other=20
entertainment for the pediatric dialysis center. Source: Akron Beacon=20

* Students Want to End Slur Use Some students at Rutland (Vermont) High=20
School are urging their peers to stop using slurs based on race, creed,=20
home life, or sexual orientation. Source: Rutland Herald=20

* Kids Thrive at Aquarium School An alternative high school program at the=
Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration in Mystic, Connecticut, gives=
students hands-on experience with marine life and research. Source:

Sincerely, Ellen "Scoop" Delisio


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