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Subject: Education World Weekly Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 2
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 15:11:34 -0800 (PST)

Volume 9, Issue 2
January 11, 2005

Lesson Planning Theme of the Week
Martin Luther King Day
Join Education World this January as we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. We
have articles, lesson ideas, books, activities, and much more -- all to help
you recognize this American hero.

Black History Month All Year Long
Classroom resources - slave songs, including stories of the people,
often passed from elders to the next generation, learn through the oral=20
Find 2 original Anansi Folktale E-books. Download, read, and hear each
story narrated in both American Virgin Island Creole and Standard English,
plus find out how these stories survived in tact from the original
storyteller. The Virgin Islands Dutch Creole folktale below was collected
by a Dutch anthropologist, J. P. B. de Josselin de Jong, who visited the
Virgin Islands in 1923. De Josselin de Jong does not say who told him this
story. However, we do know that all of the people who told him stories
lived on St. Thomas and St. John and that they spoke both Dutch Creole and
Virgin Islands English.

Vicki Cobb's Show-Biz Science: A Matter of Gravity
Discover gravity -- the force that's always with us.

Geography A-Z
Places that begin with W, X, Y & Z. Work sheet included.

Writing Bug
The city council just passed a new "No Smiling" law. Work sheet included.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: Meaty Words
Teach main idea, note-taking with "Meaty Words."

Every-Day Edits
Build language skills -- and cultural literacy -- each and every day during

Number Cross Puzzle #19
A fun way to reinforce math skills. Work sheet included.

It All Adds Up
Challenge students with puzzle #21 in the series. Work sheet included.

5-Minute Fillers
Volume 29

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Create Your Own Work Sheet
Use our editable Martin Luther King template.

Make Your Own...
Use our snowman form to make work sheets to teach any skill.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Identifying Voice in Writing" -- a printable activity.

Work Sheet Libary
250+ ready-to-print lessons.

Coloring Calendar
Printable, editable calendars for January.

Month of Fun
January calendar of fun events.

Hail to the Chief: Inauguration Lessons
Ten activities to help your students learn about and commemorate the

How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay
A new SAT, as well as the mandates of NCLB, make it more imperative than
ever that teachers at all grade levels provide students with increased
opportunities to practice and develop their writing skills. The type of
practice likely to prove most helpful to students facing high-stakes writing
tests is the five-paragraph essay.

Columnist of the Week: Using Language to Encourage and Empower Children
In this four-part series, Ruth Sidney Charney discusses the language of the
Responsive Classroom, explains the structures that support encouraging and
empowering language, and provides practical examples of each.

Teacher Diary: The Waiting Game
National Board certification results announced! Is Stephanie C. ready for
the results?

Strategy of the Week: Creating Student Writers
Motivating strategies, activities, lessons create student writers.

Classroom Problem Solver: The Student with Special Needs
Dr. Ken Shore offers behavior management tips for students with special=

Teacher Feature: Kiddie Chemistry
Becky Miller's high schoolers celebrate Mole Day in the classroom!

Classroom Management Tips: Who's There?
Tips for making the most of daily attendance.

Starr Points: A Resolve to Be Better -- in Verse!
According to the most reliable online historians, the practice of making New
Year's resolutions dates back more than 4000 years to the Babylonians.
Apparently among members of that ancient culture, the most popular
resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment. While it's always a good
idea to return borrowed farm equipment, your resolutions for 2005 are more
likely to reflect a desire for personal or professional improvement. Perhaps
they even bear some resemblance to the resolutions expressed by the
composite teacher in today's poem, A Resolve to be Better -- in Verse!

Voice of Experience: Learning to Cope With Larger Classes
In this week's Voice of Experience essay, educator Max Fischer reflects on
the difficulty of dealing with significantly larger class sizes. Though the
inclination might be to become "the sage on a stage," Fischer hasn't given
up completely on strategies and best practices mastered during his national
board experience.

Health Education: Handwashing
Curriculum teaches kids importance of handwashing.

Competition I
Christopher Columbus Awards spark kids' solutions to community problems.
Competition II
Middle- and high-school students design a bridge, explore engineering.

Teacher Team: If I Were Secretary of Education...
On November 17, 2004, President George W. Bush nominated Margaret Spellings
to replace Rod Paige as U.S. Secretary of Education. The personnel change
made us curious about what Spelling's priorities as secretary of education
will be. More than that, it made us curious about the priorities of our
readers -- those most likely to be affected by the policies and actions of
the Department of Education. To find out what "teachers in the trenches" are
thinking, we invited members of the newly formed Education World Teacher
Team to share with us their thoughts about U.S. education today. We asked,
"If you were U.S. Secretary of Education, what would be your priorities for
the next four years?"

Join the Conversation
Which of your New Year's resolutions will most improve the teaching or
learning in your classroom?

Sites to See: Tsunamis
The 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia has renewed interest in this rare and
mysterious natural disaster. Discover the how and why of these rare natural

A Techtorial: Create a PowerPoint Photo Slide Show
Creating a photo slide show is as easy as 1-2-3.

Tech Tips of the Week: Tips for K-2 Teachers
Who says K-2 students can't use a computer? Even children with beginning
reading skills and developing motor skills can use technology appropriately
and successfully.

Tech Lesson of the Week: Poetry Slam: PowerPoint Style!
PowerPoint makes poetry reading come alive.

Cool School of the Week
Southeast Raleigh High School

The registry is organized by state and by grade level.
The registry also includes sites for charter Schools, virtual schools,
school districts, state and regional education organizations, state
departments of education, state standards and state administrators.

Create Ergonomically* Correct Computer Workstations
Are your school's one-size-fits-all computer workstations meant to
accommodate students of all ages, shapes, and sizes? A few quick and easy
changes can help ensure that all students are comfortable as they type and

Math project explores backpack safety.

Should Kids in Primary Grades Use Computers?
Does using computers in the primary grades stifle young children's natural
inclination to experiment and explore and hamper the development of
independent thought? Will hardware turn primary classrooms from environments
that nuture young minds to labs that merely mesmerize them? Learn what our
experts think!

Featured Online Degree
Kaplan offers five online master's degrees.

Does you District Internet Use Policy have provisions addressing
disclosure of student personal information on your school site? It should.
Do you know the difference between free speech rights
(including expressing viewpoints that administrators and teachers
maynot like) and free speech wrongs (ex: defamation, harassment)
and are able to teach your student? You should.

Join the Conversation
Which software program do you use to create photo slide shows?

Principals Review Teacher-Graded Student Written Work, Enhance Instruction
Principals can and should assess the quality of graded student work in their
schools. Yvonne Bender offers straightforward, simple suggestions for
accomplishing this kind of assessment, which can improve instruction.

Great Meetings: Graphic Brainstorming
Graphic brainstorming techniques such as brain mapping and fishbone=

How I Handled... A Child Who Was Reported Lost or Missing
In a large school, it is inevitable that a frantic parent will call to
report that his child has not made it home from school according to the
normal schedule. In order to help keep the parent calm while we get to the
bottom of the situation, it is important to have a plan.

Exceptional Events
International Day or Multicultural Fair.

Teacher Training: Delivering Relevant Staff Development
In an ideal world, teachers arrive at staff training sessions well rested,
eager to learn, with easy access to the resources they'll need to implement
what they learn. Of course, schools are rarely ideal places. So, how do you,
a K-12 in-service staff developer or administrator, provide relevant staff
development in the real world?

Principal Lessons: Dealing With Student Discipline, Parent Involvement
Members of Education World's "Principal Files" team have turned mistakes
they've made into valuable lessons they are willing to share with you.

Does you District Internet Use Policy have provisions addressing
disclosure of student personal information on your school site? It should.
Do you know the difference between free speech rights
(including expressing viewpoints that administrators and teachers
maynot like) and free speech wrongs (ex: defamation, harassment)
and are able to teach your student? You should.
Morning Math
Week 21. Question sets 41 and 42.

Living With the Permanence of Portables
Using portable classrooms to relieve school overcrowding is a solution
heralded -- and hated. It's all a matter of attitude, some teachers say.

Parents On Board: Persuading Parents to Join the Team
Most administrators recognize the need to get parents involved in school
activities, but often efforts to draw them into the educational equation
yield disappointing results. Education World writer Cara Bafile tracked down
some educators who have worked hard to win over parents.

Grant Center
Inspiration offers scholarships to "inspired" teachers.

What's coming up?

Whatever It Takes: Weathering the Holidays at Bennet
While the holidays are a fun and relaxing time for many at Bennet, for other
students, the break means more than a week away from familiar routines and
people. Staff members have learned to meet students' special December needs.

Wire Side Chat I: Not Your Mother's Grammar Lesson
If you find diagramming sentences an ordeal to learn and teach, you are not
alone. English teacher Les Parsons in his book Grammarama offers new
strategies for teaching grammar that are more engaging for everyone.

Wire Side II: GUYS READ: Helping Boys Become Better Readers, Better
Students, Better Guys
As a parent, former educator, student and, most of all, a guy, children's
author Jon Scieszka has been troubled by the lack of motivation many boys
have for reading. In an effort to combat this trend, he started GUYS READ, a
literacy program that focuses on the needs of boys.

No Educator Left Behind: Supplemental Services Providers
What happens if no services' providers are available?

Working With NCLB: Staff Focus Means Gains for Native Americans
Students in Cloquet (Minnesota) Independent School District # 94 performed
well overall, but school officials were concerned about lower achievement by
Native American students. Focused professional development led to=

Indian Affairs Head Makes Apology
September 8, 2000
Remarks of Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary,
Indian Affairs Department of the Interior at
the Ceremony Acknowledging the 175th Anniversary
of the Establishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Autoimmune Diseases Hit Teachers Hard
Results from a study show that among teachers the mortality rate from
autoimmune diseases is twice that for people in other professional
occupations. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body's immune system attacks
internal organs. The study suggests that some people may be predisposed to
such diseases and that factors in the environment or exposure to infections
trigger their onset.

This Week's Survey
When is your school's next week-long break?

Last Week's Survey
What is your top priority for the holiday downtime?

Weekly Issues Spotlight
Issues Spotlight I: Classroom management.
Issues Spotlight 2: Inclusion.


* School Lesson Helps Girl Save Tourists
A 10-year-old British girl vacationing with her parents in Thailand was able
to save 100 other tourists on a beach because she told her mother she
recognized the warning signs of a tsunami from a lesson at school. 01/07/05

* Top Students Get More Days Off
A revised Texas state bill allows school districts to cut the number of
school days for students who score well, or are expected to score well, on
state tests. Some students could have ten fewer days of school. 01/06/05

* Students Trace Gold Rush
Thirty-one middle school students from Waco, Texas, plan to spend three days
as part of a wagon train following part of the trail of a Texas pioneer with
his eye on gold. 01/05/05

* Agriculture Grows in Urban Schools
A growing number of students in urban and suburban schools are taking
agricultural classes and even considering careers in the field. Among the
courses drawing students are horticulture and landscaping. 01/04/05

* Need for Speech-Language Staff Grows
A shortage of school speech-language pathologists in the U.S. is forcing
many schools to struggle to meet students' needs. The need is expected to
grow over the next decade. 01/03/05

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