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From: "Education World Weekly Newsletter"

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Volume 8, Issue 49
December 14, 2004

Winter Wonderland!
A week from today -- on December 21 -- those of us who live in the Northern
Hemisphere will enter the winter season. Winter=92s snow and chilly
temperatures offer a teachable moment that should not be missed. But even
kids in warm places love to =93experience=94 winter. Click the link above=
Education World's Winter Wonderland Archive and dozens of lesson and
resource ideas to help you bring the wonder of winter into your classroom.

December Holidays
Don't miss our other December archive! Here you will find activities for
teaching about a wide variety of special celebrations, gift-making ideas,
and tips for helping students realize the true meaning of the season.

Vicki Cobb's Show-Biz Science: Now You Smell It, Now You Don't
Why shouldn't you hold your nose around garbage?

Educational CyberPlayGround
A learning site that celebrates diversity in students' background
while highlighting the variety in students' preferred approaches
to learning. The site provides opportunities for parents, teachers,
and librarians, even with limited online experience, to learn how
to use the World Wide Web to provide more effective teaching.

Geography A-Z
Places that begin with U and V. Printable Work sheet included.

Writing Bug
Rewrite "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Printable Work sheet included.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: The Life and Poems of Emily Dickinson
Celebrate Emily Dickinson's birthday, reflect on her poetry.

Every-Day Edits
Build language skills all month long. Printable work sheets included.

Number Cross Puzzle #18
A fun way to reinforce math skills. Printable Work sheet included.

It All Adds Up
Challenge students with puzzle #20 in the series. Printable Work sheet

Internet Scavenger Hunt
An expedition to the North Pole.

Holiday Work Sheet I
Create skill sheets for Christmas.

Holiday Work Sheet II
Create skill sheets for Hanukkah.

5-Minute Fillers: Volume 28
Quick activities for those moments when you have 5 minutes to spare.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Measuring Weight" -- two printable activities (U.S. and metric).

Teacher Team: If I Were Secretary of Education=85
On November 17, 2004, President George W. Bush nominated Margaret Spellings
to replace Rod Paige as U.S. Secretary of Education. The personnel change
made us curious about what Spelling's priorities as secretary of education
will be. More than that, it made us curious about the priorities of our
readers -- those most likely to be affected by the policies and actions of
the Department of Education. We asked, "If you were U.S. Secretary of
Education, what would be your priorities for the next four years?"

Columnist of the Week: Connecting Reading to Life
Cathy Puett Miller on making reading meaningful.

Strategy of the Week
Service learning and community service.

Classroom Problem Solver: The Perfectionist
Dr. Ken Shore's tips for dealing with a perfectionist.

Classroom Management Tips: Objectivity Through Anonymity
Random selection keeps kids on their toes.

Ho! Ho! Ho-liday Art Projects Even Santa Would Love!
 From Christmas to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah to New Year's -- welcome the many
holiday celebrations of the season into your classroom with these wonderful
craft activities!

Teacher Feature I: Susan Bertrang
Reading to kindergartners offers friendship and fluency.

Teacher Feature II: Alison Murphy
Chicken soup for the holiday soul.

Voice of Experience: Advice for Future Teachers
A former sixth-grade student recently approached Max Fischer. After teaching
at the college level, Fischer's former student was considering a transition
to teaching in a public high school. How did Fischer advise his former=

I: eCybermission inspires kids to solve community problems.
II. College students! Create ed-tech game for middle schoolers.

Cheating in the Classroom: How to Prevent It (and How to Handle It If It
"We sometimes forget the seriousness of not preventing and handling cheating
in our classrooms. If students can cheat on a test, it sends the message
that they do not have to pay attention, do the homework, or study the
subject you are working so hard to teach," says classroom management expert
Howard Seeman. Besides, Seeman says, if cheaters get away with cheating --
and get higher grades because they cheat -- that sends a de-motivating
message to the hard-working students in your classroom.

Learn how to write proper quotations, citations, and bibliographies.
Find website sources that are used by cheaters and find the website
sources that are use to fight digital cheating.

Fast and Fabulous Freebies
Need a great idea or a new activity=85yesterday? The Internet puts free
teaching and learning materials at your disposal 24-7, if you know where to
find them. From apple growing to ergonomics, Education World has found the
best free educational resources online. Load your printer, log on, and get
the 4-1-1 on fantastic freebies you can take advantage of today!

Join the Conversation
What do you think should be the first priority of the new Secretary of

Should Kids in Primary Grades Use Computers?
Does using computers in the primary grades stifle young children's natural
inclination to experiment and explore and hamper the development of
independent thought? Will hardware turn primary classrooms from environments
that nuture young minds to labs that merely mesmerize them? Learn what our
experts think!

Computer Resources for Primary Grades!
This month, the Education World Tech Team members answered the question Do
you think K-3 students should use computers in school? with a resounding
yes! Our experts also shared a plethora of activities and programs they use
with primary students.

The Historic Electronic Online Archive of Children's Folksongs
A Public Folklore Project built by the children of the United States.
Sounds Like FUN - Sounds Interesting!
Ed Techs can help teachers and children - it's easy.
Integrate Literacy, Music, and Technology into the classroom.

Tech Team: Tech-ing Wisely in K-2 Classrooms
Early childhood has distinctive learning and developmental characteristics.
We asked the Education World Tech Team: How do you use technology
effectively in K-2 classrooms? What activities and software programs have
you had success with? Find out what Tech Team members suggest for successful
and engaging computer use in the primary grades.

Tech Lesson of the Week: Counting Christmas Trees
Graph the number of Christmas trees sold.

A Techtorial: Hyperfiction How-To's
Create hyperfiction -- interactive fiction - with hyperlinks.

Tech Tips of the Week: Timesavers in Internet Explorer
Make surfing easier with these Internet Explorer timesavers.

Sites to See: Ten Holiday Web Sites You Won't Want to Miss!
Celebrate the holidays with ten Web sites that no elf could do without!
These resources will help you get in the spirit of the season and teach your
students more about Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukah. Ho! Ho! Ho! Let's
learn about the holidays online!

Teacher Templates
Holiday coupons make great gifts.

Cool School of the Week
Kirksville R-III School District (Missouri).

The registry is organized by state and by grade level.
The registry also includes sites for charter Schools, virtual schools,
school districts, state and regional education organizations, state
departments of education, state standards and state administrators.

Make a Christmas tree maze.

Speaking of Electronic Whiteboards=85
Combine the touch screen capability of a video game with the drawing
flexibility of whiteboard markers and what do you get? Electronic
whiteboards! Discover how K-12 teachers are using the devices in almost
every subject area, and learn what you should consider before purchasing one

Featured Online Degree
North Texas eCampus houses online degree programs.

Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education
The  Diploma Mill Police free service designed for queries
about any online college operating in the USA and costs
nothing for students to query.
Diploma mills in online education: "DIPLOMA MILLS"
Statement of Robert J. Cramer, Managing Director,
Office  of Special Investigations, United States Government
Accountability Office,  September 23, 2004.
Military and the University Complex
University CEO's Salary
Cyberliberties at the top 50 universities in the United States.
Who owns the IP K-12 IP Online Content?
Join the Conversation
What's your favorite open source/freeware program?

Easy Ways to Market Your Schools
School administrators often are so busy or so cautious that they don't get
to know their local reporters. But developing a good rapport with the media,
as well as a solid plan for marketing a school district, are easy to do and
can pay big dividends.

Great Meetings: Variations on Brainstorming
Pam and Dee offer some variations on traditional brainstorming.

How I Handled... A Parent Who Thought Her Son's Suspension Was Unfair
Being a principal means being exposed to angry parents; they are part of the
territory. Parents often will support their children when a suspension is
the end result -- even if the children are wrong. A calm approach is the
only approach to use in those circumstances.

Exceptional Events
Autograph auction.

Morning Math -- Week 19 (Question Sets 37 and 38)
Make math part of your school's a.m. announcement routine.

The Principal Files: On the First Day of Christmas, the District Office Gave
to Me...
Principals can dream too, can't they? We asked Education World's "Principal
Files" team to dream big. We "gave" them $25,000 as a holiday windfall and
asked what they would do with it. They had no trouble coming up with ideas!

Teacher Training: Navigating the Information Highway
Successful professional development depends on the acquisition of
information -- information that motivates, informs, challenges, or cautions.
Yet, with print and online magazines, e-mail and e-newsletters, discussion
boards, Web sites, and more flooding K-12 educators, how do they choose
which resources to use? Teacher training expert Lorrie Jackson offers advice
on how to select the professional development resources that will be most
effective for you and your staff.

Recruiting and Retaining Minority Teachers: Programs That Work!
According to the National Education Association, the decline in African
American and Hispanic students majoring in education is steeper than the
overall decline in education majors. And minority teachers leave teaching at
higher rates than white teachers do. Why do so few people of color choose
teaching careers? Why do so few stay?

Principal Profile
James Thompson, Wolcott Street School, LeRoy, New York.

Grant Center
Teacher as Researcher grants fund classroom literacy studies.

Professional Development Via E-Mail -- All You Need is a Keyboard!
E-mail is a great way for keeping teachers informed about school goings-on.
But have you taken the plunge? Are you using e-mail as a tool for providing
professional development for your teachers? Some of Education World's
Principal Files principals are doing just that!

What's coming up?

Whatever It Takes: Goodbye to Bennet=92s =93Cheerleader=94
The departure of Bennet Middle School principal Kathy Ouellette to become
district superintendent brings mixed feelings to Bennet's staff and
students, and Ms. Ouellette.

Wire Side Chat: Comedy in the Classroom -- Just What the Doctor Ordered?
Emily Oldak, author of Comedy for Real Life, said "stumbling" into comedy
led her to a career of teaching others to lighten up! In this Education
World e-interview, Oldak explains the role of comedy in teaching and how it
can ease the tensions of children in an unsettled world.

Working With NCLB: Focusing on Class Size, Professional Development
Avon, Massachusetts, school officials decided small classes combined with an
extensive professional development program could help maintain high student
performance on state accountability measures.

No Educator Left Behind: Spending District Money
Must districts spend non-federal funds on school choice or services?

School Doodle
Sanitized Santa.

Starr Points: =92Tis the Season=85to Accentuate the Positive
In the spirit of the holiday season, spread goodwill by saying something
positive to some of your most significant =93others=94 -- the parents or
teachers of the children in your life.

Gay-Straight Alliances: Ground Zero for School Tolerance
No other extracurricular activity has sparked the controversy and legal
challenge the formation of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs has. What upsets
communities so? Why are students, their supporters, and those who oppose
them willing to take this issue to court? Education World writer Leslie
Bulion examines the issues with club advisers, opponents, and experts.

This Week's Survey
Does your school require student uniforms?

Last Week's Survey Results
Does your school have enough substitute teachers?

Weekly Issues Spotlight
Issues Spotlight I: Urban education.
Issues Spotlight 2: Teaching math.


News Scoops

* Nun Brings Computers to Needy Families
Sister Patsy Harney, a nun from the Sisters of Mercy in San Francisco,
California, brought computer labs to low-income housing complexes in the
city, allowing children and other residents to expand their skills. 12/10/04

* Grants for Hybrid High Schools
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to spend another $30 million in
the U.S. to create 42 hybrid high schools in which students spend
significant time in college classes. 12/09/04

* NCLB Takes Root
Even before President Bush was re-elected, the federal No Child Left Behind
Act was taking root in most states, and the number of states meeting the
law's requirements continues to grow. 12/08/04

* U.S. Students Lag in Math
International test results show that U.S. 15-year-olds are below average
when it comes to applying math skills to real-life tasks. White students
scored above average on the test, while blacks and Hispanics scored below
it. 12/07/04

* Students Sample Opera
Some Chicago, Illinois, schoolchildren viewed and enjoyed performances of
the opera "The Magic Flute" in their schools, as part of a program to
introduce children to the art form. 12/06/04


Ulysses S. Grant
Excellent site from PBS on Grant, his times, and many American themes.

Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms
All about sleep. Stay awake! Visit this site!

Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith
The world=92s oldest book, and much more, from the road East.


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