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From: "Education World Weekly Newsletter"=20
Subject: Education World Weekly Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 45
Date: Tue,  9 Nov 2004 19:12:48 -0800 (PST)

Volume 8, Issue 45
November 9, 2004

Theme of the Week: Thanksgiving
Education World celebrates the Thanksgiving season. We have articles,=20
lesson ideas, site reviews, books, crafts, clipart and much more -- all to=
help you meet all your holiday needs!

Show-Biz Science: Mayonnaise Have Seen the Glory
Discover the science in mayonnaise.

Geography A-Z
Places that begin with O. Printable work sheet included.

Writing Bug: Happy 100th Birthday
Would you want to live to be 100 years old? Printable work sheet included.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: The Cowboy Life
Travel back in time to discover what life was like for people of the early=
American West.

Every-Day Edits
Build language skills all month long. Printable work sheets included.

Number Cross Puzzle #13
A fun way to reinforce math skills. Printable work sheet included.

It All Adds Up
Challenge students with puzzle #15 in the series. Printable work sheet=20

Internet Scavenger Hunt: Tomb of the Unknowns
Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Printable work sheet included.

Thanksgiving Work Sheet
Adapt this work sheet for any subject, skill.

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities when you have five minutes to spare. Volume 22.

Work Sheet of the Week
=93Root Words=94 -- practice with prefixes, suffixes.

Coloring Calendar
Printable, editable calendars for November.

Month of Fun
November calendar of fun events.

Join the Conversation
Favorite mini-whiteboard lessons.

Celebrate Children's Book Week!
To recognize this November's celebration of National Children's Book Week,=
Education World presents dozens of activities, lessons, projects, from our=

"Domino" - Book and Cassette published by Guavaberry Books
Traditional Children's Songs, Proverbs, and Culture From the U.S.V.I.
60 Traditional Children's Songs, Games, Proverbs
45 minute Live Sound Field Recording
from the American Virgin Islands
Cross Curricular, Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Resource Book and=

Geography Awareness Week
A world of lessons for November 15-20.

Eek! Comics in the Classroom!
=93Readers in the 21st century need to be able to analyze what they read and=
understand the motive of the author and the accuracy of the reading. They=20
need to see themselves as active users, not merely vessels to be filled.=20
Graphic novels offer a forum for these essential discussions.=94

Columnist of the Week: Cathy Puett Miller on Literacy: Motivating the=20
Reluctant Reader
Turn all students into readers.

Strategies That Work: Motivating Reluctant Readers
Motivating reluctant or struggling readers.

"Domino" - Book and Cassette published by Guavaberry Books
Traditional Children's Songs, Proverbs, and Culture From the U.S.V.I.
60 Traditional Children's Songs, Games, Proverbs
45 minute Live Sound Field Recording
from the American Virgin Islands
Cross Curricular, Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Resource Book and=

Classroom Problem Solver: Line-Up Dilemmas
Dr. Ken Shore offers tips for keeping order as students line up.

Classroom Management Tips of the Week: Creative Rewards Work Wonders
Reward students with more than a pat on the back.

Teacher Feature: Starring: Jane York
"Newsy" Activities. Jane York uses newspapers to teach and review=

Voice of Experience: Connecting Students to Their Past: A World War I=
With so few veterans of World War I alive today, who will share their=20
stories; who will make sure the world remembers? This week, educator Brenda=
Dyck explains how primary and secondary resources became a vehicle for=20
connecting her students to some of history's most important lessons.

Sneak Peek: Going Graphic: Comics at Work in the Multilingual Classroom
Practical tips for using comics in a multilingual classroom.

Contests and Competitions
* Odyssey of the Mind sparks students' creativity.
* Lemony Snicket contest encourages kids to write creatively.

Educational CyberPlayGround WEQUEST for
"Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" Funk Brothers
Chosen Best Documentary Non Fiction Category
-- New York Film Critics Circle 12/16/02
2 Grammy nominee - Best Movie Soundtrack 1/7/02
People Magazine Review:- Bottom Line - Note Perfect

Join the Conversation
Share your favorite strategy for encouraging reluctant readers.

U.S. Presidents on the Internet
The presidents have a huge presence on the Internet. Biographical,=20
historical, and political resources abound. Looking for photos, autographs,=
lists, trivia? It's all there!

Online Teacher Tools
Stumped for ideas, templates, or other classroom management tools? We=92ve=
compiled some of our favorite online teacher tools -- Web sites with=20
interactive templates and other resources for K-12 educators -- to help you=
when time is short. Find something you can use today.

Tech Lesson of the Week: Panda-Monium!
Students in grades 3-5 learn basic facts about giant and lesser pandas,=20
then categorize same or differing characteristics onto an online Venn=20
diagram. The activity can be done as a whole class, small group, or=20
individual assignment. Let the panda-monium begin!

A Techtorial: Windows Wonderland
Most PCs use an operating system -- user-friendly interface -- called=20
Windows. If you use Windows at work or at school, this techtorial will=20
introduce you to some of the basics -- as well as some of the tips and=20
tricks -- of your "Windows Wonderland."

Tech Tips of the Week: Integrating Technology
First steps to successful tech lessons.

Sites to See: Political Science
Political science sites offer information and resources related to the=20
study of politics and government. The sites provide information about past=
and current elections, public policy, international relations, and current=
affairs, as well as photographs, historically important papers, and=20
audio/video clips.

Templates: Language Arts
Language arts activities.

Cool School of the Week
Rosemont Elementary (Georgia)

The Interactivity Center
A fun way to assess students=92 tech skills.

Featured Online Degree
Western Governors measures competency, not credits.

Join the Conversation
What happens to tech trainers when students and educators become proficient=
with technology?

Schools, the Internet, and Copyright Law
Nancy Willard on schools, the Internet, and copyright law.

Classified Web Page Raises Money for Schools
A bake and yard sale veteran, Falmouth, Maine, resident Carolyn Gillis=20
decided to take school fundraising to a higher level. She founded,=20
Classroom Classifieds, a free Web site that generates money for schools=20
from items that community members sell.

Great Meetings
The =93meat=94 of the meeting: a 3-step process.

How I Handled... Tracking Down Relatives in an Emergency
This week, learn how one of our principal problem solvers was able to track=
down relatives when an emergency occurred and only local contacts were=20
listed on the emergency card.

Exceptional Events: Fab Friday
Students and teachers share exciting "Fab Friday" hobbies and activities=20
and in the process learn to see one another in a whole new light.

Morning Math: Week 14 (Question Groups 27 and 28)
Make math part of your school's a.m. announcement routine.

Teacher Training: Capitalizing on Conferences
With so many educational conferences and conventions held each year, how=20
can you be sure the events your teachers, staff developers, and faculty=20
members attend offer the most "bang for the buck?" Professional development=
expert Lorrie Jackson offers advice on how to select conferences and on how=
to help your staff prepare for, and get the most from, the conferences and=
conventions they attend.

Signaling an End to Classroom, Cafeteria Chatter
Some teachers are finding that mini traffic lights are as effective at=20
regulating classroom conversation levels as the real signals are at=20
controlling traffic flow. Devices such as the teacher-created Yacker=20
Tracker tell students when to put the brakes on their chatter.

Party! A Year of Special School Events
Getting parents involved is no easy task. But Education World's "Principal=
Files" team offers some great ideas for school-wide events that are sure to=
draw parents in large numbers.

Principal Profile
Ernest Elliott, Mountain Home (Idaho) Junior High School.

The Grants Center
NEA funs student-led service projects.

What=92s coming up?

Join the Conversation
The changing role of principal as disciplinarian.

Whatever it Takes: Royal 7=92s Build Team Spirit
Despite some disruptions in Bennet Middle School=92s day -- two=20
quickly-interrupted fights and a stink bomb -- the Royal 7=92s first Team=
goes smoothly, and allows team members to learn more about each other.

Wireside Chat: Bringing Out the Best in Kids
Author and teacher Dr. Thomas Armstrong helps teachers apply multiple=20
intelligences in their teaching, so they can tap into students=92=
and non-traditional talents and styles of learning.

Working With NCLB: Data Access Helps Teachers Plan
By providing teachers and staff members in the Joint School District # 2,=20
in Meridian, Idaho, access to easily understandable data about students,=20
teachers can tailor their lessons to meet the needs of different ability=20

No Educator Left Behind: Test Participation
How are schools affected by absences on testing days?

Get That Degree from Home!
 From professional development courses to graduate degrees, online learning=
opportunities for educators continue to grow. Leslie Bowman, an online=20
education consultant, talks about how you can get started learning online.

Common Elements of Effective Schools
Education World editors Diane Weaver Dunne and Ellen R. Delisio explore the=
strategies educators at KIPP Academy Charter School, Mother Hale Academy,=20
and Crossroads School are using to break the cycle of failure for students=
living in some of New York City's most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

This Week=92s Survey
Did you discuss the election in class?

Last Week=92s Survey
What if subgroups fail to make AYP?

Issues Spotlights
* Career
* Qualities of effective teachers


News Scoops

* Research Papers in Spotlight
While most high school teachers agree that students should write at least=20
one in-depth research paper before they graduate, most do not assign them=20
because they take time away from other instruction and take a long time to=
grade. 11/05/04

* Teachers Need to Talk Slower, Less
A four-year Australian study showed that many young children have trouble=20
understanding their teachers because they talk too fast and their sentences=
are too long.11/04/04

* Lawsuits May Target NCLB
As school districts face sanctions under the No Child Left Behind Act, some=
are planning lawsuits to challenge the law, saying it sets unreachable=20
benchmarks. 11/03/04

* Parents Use Test Scores to Buy Houses
Some California parents are hunting for houses only in districts where=20
students scored high on standardized tests. 11/02/04

* Students Want to End Slur Use
Some students at Rutland (Vermont) High School are urging their peers to=20
stop using slurs based on race, creed, home life, or sexual orientation.=20


American President
Comprehensive nonpartisan site on the nation's top executive.

Balanced Assessment
More than 300 free K-12 math assessments developed at Harvard.

Nice site especially for parents and homeschooling parents.


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