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From: "Education World Weekly Newsletter" 
Subject: Education World Weekly Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 42
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:52:30 -0700 (PDT)

Volume 8, Issue 42
October 19, 2004


Ed World Talks With the Presidential Candidates
Read our e-interviews with the candidates. Read their responses to our 
questions about
-- Their education priorities.
-- Equitable funding of education costs.
-- Performance pay.
-- The No Child Left Behind Act.
-- Closing the achivement gap.


Is there any doubt that Halloween is here? If you are not quite ready to 
celebrate in "spooktacular" fashion, you're sure to find a fun idea of two 
right here!

Lesson Plan of the Day
A new lesson every day! Click the link above for all five of last week's 

Vicki Cobb's Show-Biz Science: As the World Turns
Discover why we don't feel the earth move.

Geography A-Z
Places that begin with L. Printable work sheet included.

Writing Bug: Inquiring Minds Want to Know -- Number 4
Be a tabloid news reporter! Printable work sheet included.

Teacher-Submitted Lesson: Fast Facts
Linda Nation, who teaches at Crockett Elementary School in Bryan, Texas, 
submitted this week's lesson in which students play a fun, hands-on game to 
reinforce basic math-facts skills. (Grades K-8)

Every-Day Edits
Build language skills all month long.

Number Cross Puzzle: #10
A fun way to reinforce math skills. Printable work sheet included.

It All Adds Up
Challenge students with puzzle #12 in the series. Printable work sheet 

Internet Scavenger Hunt
Selamat Hari Raya means Happy Ramadan! Printable work sheet included.

Halloween Work Sheet
Use this editable sheet to reinforce any subject, any skill.

5-Minute Fillers
Quick activities for when you have five minutes to fill. Volume 20.

Work Sheet of the Week
"Monsters in My Backyard" -- creative writing idea.

Join the Conversation
Favorite lessons for building self-esteem.

Pick a Pumpkin Activity!
Pumpkins are the ultimate October icons -- the fruit of the month, if you 
will. (Yes! Pumpkins are a fruit.) This month, celebrate pumpkins with 
these across-the-curriculum activities.


Sneak Peek
A first look at How Does Teacher Pay Compare? from the Economic Policy 

Ruth Charney: From Our Hopes and Dreams Come the Rules
"The quest for rules helps us achieve our hopes. If we are going to be able 
to learn math, what rules do we need? If we are going to be able to make 
friends, what rules do we need? The rules help the good things happen."

Strategies That Work: Character Education
Education World has published a number of articles about schools that are 
educating students about good character and about some of the character 
education programs they're using. Check them out during National Character 
Counts! Week, October 17-23.

Classroom Problem Solver: The Backtalker
Dr. Ken Shore discusses the student who talks back.

Classroom Management Tips: Volume 10
Keep a record of important names, faces, and events.

Teacher Feature: A Novel Idea
Lisa Corey's students write a novel in November.

Voice of Experience: Power Words -- Using Positive Words to Energize Your 
Brenda Dyck shares a classroom tradition that celebrates the uniqueness and 
potential of each child. Included: Web sites designed to help you encourage 
the students you teach.

Contests and Competitions: 2004 Global Educator Awards
Two Peace Corps awards recognize educators who promote global understanding.

Contests and Competitions: Samsung's Hope for Education Essay Contest
Win $100,000 worth of technology for your school.

Join the Conversation
Does your school have a formal program for teaching character education?

'Harvesting' the Web for Farm Resources
Leaves are falling, pumpkins are ripening, and apples are just waiting to 
be picked from the trees. It's fall -- the perfect time to "farm" the 
Internet for agricultural resources! Included: Web sites for students of 
all ages!


Assistive Technology Benefits All Students
Steve Timmer, founder of Premier Assistive Technology, explains how 
assistive technology tools can help all students succeed. Included: 
Information about a grant program open to all K-12 schools.

A WebQuest: Dinosaurs Sell!
Invite your students to learn the reasons for the public's endless 
fascination with the world's most well-known prehistoric creatures as they 
complete an Education World QuickQuest. Included: A printable WebQuest.

Tech Lesson of the Week: A Spooky Adlib Story
Using Excel, students answer questions to create a silly, spooky, 
fill-in-the-blanks story.

A Techtorial: Create an Adlib Story with Excel
You will learn how to create -- or teach students to create -- Adlib 
stories using Excel.

EdTech Tips of the Week: Volume 11
Make the most of student computer time.

Sites to See: Children's Literature
Children's literature sites offer students, parents, and teachers instant 
access to materials geared toward helping children experience the enjoyment 
of reading. Included: Twenty Web sites that bring children's literature to 

Cool School
Kerrville (Texas) Independent School District

Collaborate with other grade 6-12 classes to write and perform plays!

Online Degrees
At Touro International, all courses are online.

PowerPoint -- Creating Classroom Presentations
What's a technological newbie to do? Included: Ideas for simple, 
teacher-created projects to build with your students!


Film A Day in the Life Eases Sixth Graders' Fears
Even after school tours and orientation programs, many incoming students 
still worry about the move from elementary to middle school. A student-made 
film acknowledges those fears and reassures new students that middle school 
is not so scary.

Fifteen Ideas for Fundraising Fun
Need to raise money to fund a school trip, buy new uniforms, or for needed 
classroom supplies? Education World offers 15 fun ideas for school 
fundraising. Included: Idol competition, Penny Challenge, poster sale, 
Anti-Dance, more.

Great Meetings: Clear Ground Rules Support Good Process
Dee and Pam offer tips to help make your meetings come to life.

How I Handled... Producing a Great School Newsletter Without a Budget
We wanted to find a way to publish a school newsletter without spending 
money we could ill afford or adding to our teachers' workload. The solution 
has turned out better than we ever expected!

Exceptional Events: Drinking and Drug Awareness Pancake Breakfast
Every week a new event!

Morning Math: Volume 11 (Question Groups 21 and 22)
Make math part of your school's a.m. announcement routine.

WANTED: Rewards, Rewards, and More Rewards!
Do rewards motivate students? Some say no, but many teachers think they do. 
Education World takes a look at a wide variety of rewards used by teachers 
in the classroom.

Featured Grants
NSF grants support technology integration.

Top Ten Picks for Great Teacher Flicks
An e-survey of teachers around the country revealed ten teacher movies that 
resonate most strongly with today's educators.

Principal Profile
Dr. Les Potter, Silver Sands M.S., Port Orange, Florida

What's coming up?

Data Is Making a Difference in These Schools
Many schools are using collected data to drive change. Test scores are 
analyzed and used to lead curriculum improvement. Survey instruments 
provide feedback from students, staff, parents, and the community that lead 
to change too...

The Making of a Dynamic Department Head
What makes a dynamic, effective high school department head? How can a 
department head improve staff morale? In what ways can creative conflict 
benefit group dynamics in a school department?

National Board Certification: Is It for You?
What is it like for teachers going through the national board certification 
process? Education World explores the reality behind the rhetoric as we ask 
educators around the nation to describe their experiences.

Join the Conversation
Funding field trips in tight-budget times.


Whatever It Takes: As Another Year Begins, Bennet is Ready to Do Whatever 
It Takes
If the students are on time or early, and the sneakers are white -- it must 
be the first day of school. Bennet starts a new year with few bumps, as 
Royal 7 teachers spend time getting to know their students.

No Educator Left Behind
When were states required to participate in NAEP?

Wire Side Chat: Elections, Voting in Words a Kid Can Understand
The vocabulary and idiosyncrasies that surround voting and the election 
process are difficult for adults to grasp. In America Votes: How Our 
President is Elected, Linda Granfield explains the whole process in words 
any fifth grader will understand.

School Doodle
Homeland security.

Weekly Issues Spotlight
School safety and security.

School Issues Glossary
Search 100s of school issues by topic.

NCLB Working: Boosting AYP, Teacher, Paraprofessional Qualifications
By incorporating the state's accountability system into the definition of 
adequate yearly progress (AYP), and using grants and mentors to help 
teachers and paraprofessionals, Escondido (California) Union Elementary 
School District is seeing improvement.

This Week's Survey
Do most teachers know about NCLB?

Last Week's Survey Results
Are teachers paid enough?

Is Ability Grouping the Way to Go---Or Should It Go Away?
Logic, emotion, and research often clash in the longstanding debate over 
the advantages and disadvantages of ability grouping (tracking). Should it 
be left up to the courts to decide whether such grouping is fair or not?


News Scoops

1. School for Athletes Planned
Canada is planning to open a high school for athletes, called the Region 
School for Healthy Active Living, north of Toronto, by 2007. The school is 
being designed as the sports version of high schools for the performing 
arts. 10/15/04

2. Charter School Rejects Lottery Money
The North Star Public Charter School in Idaho turned down $10,000 because 
it came from the Idaho State Lottery, and staff members thought that taking 
gambling money would set a bad example.10/14/04

3. Comic Books Draw Kids to Reading
Comic books, or graphic novels, are turning up in classrooms as a way to 
reach reluctant adolescent readers. Not all educators agree on their value. 

4. Millions Donated to Public Schools
More public schools, such as a number in Missouri, are receiving donations 
-- some totaling more than $1 million -- from alumni and the community to 
pay for programs and construction. 10/12/04

5. Teachers Dropping Red Pens
More teachers are opting to use purple rather than red pens to grade 
papers, because a theory states that red is a more stressful color and 
demoralizes students. 10/11/04


Geometry Step-by-Step From the Land of the Incas
Innovative high-school geometry site.

The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction
Graphic look at how drugs affect the brain.

Disability Studies for Teachers
Resources for integrating disability studies into the curriculum


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