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Subject: ED News (Apr 21, 2004)
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U.S. Department of Education (ED) News
March 18 - April 21, 2004

Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative

      Secretary Paige announced an initiative to engage teachers &
      education experts in sharing techniques for raising student
      achievement & to keep teachers informed of the latest
      strategies & research on educational practices that work.

Summer Reading Program in 10 Cities, One State

      Thousands of students at 11 sites nationwide will benefit from
      the No Child Left Behind Summer Reading Achievers Program,
      which encourages students in grades K-8 to read during the
      summer & avoid the loss of reading skills that often occurs
      during summer vacation.  The 11 sites:  Springfield, MA;
      Portsmouth, NH; Pittsburgh; Camden, NJ; Atlanta; Gainesville,
      FL; Kansas City, KS; Minneapolis; Albuquerque, NM; San Diego;
      & the state of South Dakota.

Information for Parents of English Language Learners

      ED is teaming up with faith-based leaders to put information
      about NCLB in the hands of Hispanic, Asian, & other parents of
      English language learners.  The kick-off event featured
      information on 10 key benefits under NCLB for students
      learning English.

Calculating Participation Rates Under NCLB

      To help states implement NCLB, Secretary Paige announced new
      policies for calculating participation rates -- the percentage
      of enrolled students who participate in an assessment program.

      Additional NCLB policy guidance & regulations are at

D.C. School Choice Incentive Program

      ED, in conjunction with the D.C. mayor's office, selected the
      Washington Scholarship Fund to administer the D.C. Choice
      Incentive Program.  The $14 million, 5-year demonstration
      initiative is the first federally funded program in the nation
      to provide "equal opportunity scholarships" to low-income
      students in the district to attend parochial or private

      ED's Institute of Education Sciences awarded a 10-month
      contract to Westat to provide technical support to the program
      operator of the D.C. Choice Incentive Program.

Meeting on Evidence-Based Education

      ED's Institute of Education Sciences & the Organization for
      Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) held an
      international meeting on evidence-based policy research in
      education.  It is the first time that senior ED officials &
      OECD have met to advance rigorous education research, designed
      to generate evidence-driven improvements in education.

Contract to Develop & Operate World's Largest Education Database

      ED awarded a 5-year, $34.6 million contract to Computer
      Sciences Corporation (CSC) of Rockville, MD, along with its
      subcontractors, to develop & operate a new database system for
      the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC).

Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities

      Arizona, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, &
      Washington, D.C., will receive $37.3 million under the Credit
      Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Grant Program.

Better Education for Better Jobs

      President Bush announced a new plan to strengthen math &
      science education to ensure that young Americans are
      graduating with the skills they need to succeed in college &
      to compete for the high-demand jobs of the 21st Century.

Preparing & Training the Nation's Workforce

      Two ED officials urged Congress to approve the Bush
      administration's FY 2005 budget proposals for educational
      programs that would help the nation's workforce compete in the
      changing 21st century job market.

Race-Neutral Ways to Achieve Diversity on Campus

      Secretary Paige released a report on how higher education
      institutions are using innovative, race-neutral approaches to
      achieve diversity on their campuses.

Commitment to Hispanic Colleges & Universities

      Secretary Paige renewed ED's commitment to expanding
      educational opportunities for Hispanic students by signing an
      agreement with the Hispanic Association of Colleges &

Ending Social Promotion in NYC Public Schools

      Secretary Paige congratulated Mayor Bloomberg on his decision
      to end social promotion in NYC's public schools.

"Beating the Odds IV" Report

      Secretary Paige applauded the Council of the Great City
      Schools' report, noting that it "suggests that we are starting
      to see some definite signs of improvement since we began
      implementing No Child Left Behind two years ago."

Dorothy Height's Legacy of Service

      Secretary Paige issued a statement congratulating Dorothy
      Height, chair & president emerita of the National Council of
      Negro Women, for receiving the Congressional Gold Medal.

Jazz Appreciation Month

      "From education research we know that learning in & through
      the arts benefits students' achievement in literacy & math,"
      Secretary Paige said in a statement on Jazz Appreciation
      Month.  "Learning about jazz would enrich the education of
      every young American."  A webpage of federal resources for
      learning about jazz is available.


      Secretary Paige announced the appointments of...
      - Eugene Hickok as Deputy Secretary & Edward McPherson as
      Under Secretary
      - Doug Mesecar as Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
      - Susan Patrick as Director of the Office of Educational
      - Mississippi State Superintendent of Education Henry Johnson
      to the National Assessment Governing Board.

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