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Discovery Channel School Newsletter
Teacher-to-Teacher - Fresh ideas to enhance learning
October 22, 2003

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Theme of the Week: Money

** Activity of the Week **
Get your students thinking about money and its role in their lives.

Our students have more discretionary income than ever, even our 
primary students. Ask students to think about how money is used in 
their daily lives. Explain to students that they use math every time 
they figure out how much money they have, spend, or need.

Write the following problem on the board or on an overhead 

Your teacher told you to buy a notebook, a ruler, a pencil, and an 
eraser for math class. The notebook costs $3.00, the ruler $1.50, the 
pencil $.20, and the eraser $.40. What is the total amount of money 
you need to buy these items?

Ask students how they would solve this problem. First, discuss which 
operation they should use. Point out that the words "the total amount" 
usually indicate that addition is called for. NOTE: The items and 
costs may be adjusted for difficulty per different grade levels.

Edited by Contributing National Faculty Teacher: Pam Thomas

** Puzzle of the Week **
Search out terms for math and money in this downloadable puzzle.

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specifically for your grade level and curriculum. Click HERE!

** Video of the Week **
Math: Kids & Cash VHS 2-pack
Teach your elementary students about money -- from the past to the 
present -- with our best-selling video, Math: Kids & Cash

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On Cable in the Classroom

** Next week on Assignment Discovery **
Assignment Discovery airs weekdays at 9 a.m. ET/PT, 8 a.m. CT, and 10 
a.m. MT on the Discovery Channel.


Predict which team will win in a daily Junkyard Wars contest. Teams 
have just ten hours to build treasures out of trash. Watch the 
contestants put the principles of physics, engineering, and 
aerodynamics to work as they construct contraptions that resist 
gravity, ride whitewater rapids, hover above the surface, fly, and 
race on rugged off-road courses.
Airs: Weeks of 10/27; 11/24; 12/29

Monday 10/27:
Junkyard Wars: Mechanical Monsters
Shows how concepts of physics and engineering are used to build 
monster trucks and help cars resist gravity.
Airs: 10/27/03, 12/1/03, 1/5/04

Tuesday 10/28:
Junkyard Wars: Wild Watercraft
Teams use physics, engineering, and construction principles to build 
engine-powered boats and  white-water rafts.
Airs: 10/28/03, 12/2/03, 1/6/04

Wednesday 10/29:
Junkyard Wars: Air Movers
Shows how physics and engineering concepts can be used to construct 
mechanical street sweepers and hovercrafts.
Airs: 10/29/03, 12/3/03, 1/7/04

Thursday 10/30:
Junkyard Wars: Wind Machines
Teams use aerodynamic principles to build flying machines.  Then, they 
race the clock and each other as they build and drive wind-powered 
sand racers around a desert course.
Airs: 10/30/03, 12/4/03, 1/8/04

Friday 10/31:
Junkyard Wars: Cool Cars
Shows how physics and engineering concepts can be adapted to build 
off-road vehicles and racing cars.
Airs: 10/31/03, 12/5/03, 1/9/04

** Next week on TLC Elementary School **
TLC Elementary School airs every Friday at 6:00 a.m. ET/PT, 5:00 a.m. 
CT, and 4:00 a.m. MT on TLC.

Friday 10/31:
A continent of extremes, South America has rivers, mountains, and 
pampas that cover a wide range of terrain. Brazil's Carnival: One of 
the biggest festivals in the world, the Carnival celebrates the 
history, religion, and culture of this diverse country. Making a 
Living in Peru: Innovative ways to use natural resources are helping 
Peruvians out of poverty. Santiago: Chile's Capital City: A bustling 
metropolis in the shadow of the Andes, Santiago is a center for 
business and culture. But like other modern cities, it struggles with 
pollution and related problems.
Airs: 10/31/03, 12/26/03

** More Cable in the Classroom programming **


Study Starters
Jump-start your lessons with's fast facts -- 
covering earth, life and physical science topics. Check back often -- 
a new fact is added weekly.

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