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Discovery Channel School
Teacher-to-Teacher - Fresh ideas to enhance learning
October 15, 2003

Theme of the Week: Chemistry

** Activity of the Week **
Here's a Chemistry activity you can do in your classroom.
In 1869, a Russian scientist, Mendeleyev, arranged the 60 elements known at
that time into the periodic table. Knowing that there were gaps, Mendeleyev
was able to predict the properties of the "missing," yet-to-be-discovered
elements by analyzing the nearest known elements in the table. Since
Mendeleyev devised the periodic table, other elements have been discovered
by scientists.
Review with students what they have learned about the periodic table of the
elements. Ask such questions as: Who devised the periodic table? How did
Mendeleyev know that there were gaps in the table? How was he able to
predict the properties of the 'missing,' yet-to-be-discovered elements?
Edited by Contributing National Faculty Teacher: Pam Thomas

** Puzzle of the Week **
Hand out this word search puzzle to solidify your students' chemistry

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** Video of the Week **
The Elements
Trace the evolution of the periodic table from the Ancient Greeks to the
present day with our best-selling video, The Elements.

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On Cable in the Classroom

** Next week on Assignment Discovery **
Assignment Discovery airs weekdays at 9 a.m. ET/PT, 8 a.m. CT, and 10 a.m.
MT on the Discovery Channel.


Earth is one intriguing laboratory. Meet scientists investigating the
building blocks of our planet - and rearranging those of its creatures;
charting the course through unsafe waters; discovering diamonds in the
rough; working to predict and protect against solar storms, earthquakes,
and tsunamis; and surgically transforming people's lives.
Airs: Weeks of 10/20; 11/24; 12/29

Monday 10/20:
Your Genes: Your Future
Cell Forms and Functions: Introduces the cell and explains how it
functions. Mapping the Human Genome: Examines scientific attempts to
prevent disease by manipulating the human genome. Big as Life: Obesity in
America: Explores the growing trend toward obesity in the United States.
Healthy Habits: Examines how nicotine, alcohol, and depression can threaten
Airs: 10/20/03, 11/24/03, 12/29/03

Tuesday 10/21:
Unsafe Waters
Earth: The Water Planet: Dives into Earth's oceans and examines how all its
seas are interconnected. Sensing the Deep: Scientists examine the body
functions and environmental influences on the humble jellyfish. Titanic:
Anatomy of a Disaster: An investigation of the forces at work during the
Titanic's last hours that helped send the ship to the bottom of the
Atlantic. Restricted Waters: Examines the harmful effects of pollution on
our water systems.
Airs: 10/21/03, 11/25/03, 12/30/03

Wednesday 10/22:
Dangerous Earth
Great Quakes: Explores how poor structural planning of building in Kobe,
Japan, contributed to the damage wrought during an earthquake. The End of
Dinosaurs: Explores the various theories of how the dinosaurs became
extinct. Earth's Changing Landscape: Explores the history of Earth's
variety of vast terrains. Tsunami!: Explores how tsunamis form and how
people can protect against them.
Airs: 10/22/03, 11/26/03, 12/31/03

Thursday 10/23:
Strong Chemistry
It's Elementary!: Explores the discovery of the elements and the creation
of the periodic table of the elements. Combined Strength: Explains how
elements combine to form compounds and composites by using aspirin as an
example. Diamonds!: A penetrating look at where diamonds come from and how
they are made and sold. Inside the Sun: A look into the interactions going
on inside the sun and the NASA satellites that warn of incoming solar
Airs: 10/23/03, 11/27/03, 1/1/04

Friday 10/24:
A Sense for Technology
Super Sonar: Focuses on bats' ability to navigate using sonar. Sound or
Silence: Cochlear Implants: Explains the science behind cochlear implants
and introduces patients who undergo implant surgery. Seeing the Light:
Analyzes he structure of the eye to explore how light is seen. The "Eye" in
Inspired: Meet Shana, a finalist in the Discovery Young Scientist
Challenge, who researched genetic eye conditions because her mother is
Airs: 10/24/03, 11/28/03, 1/2/04

** Next week on TLC Elementary School **
TLC Elementary School airs every Friday at 6:00 a.m. ET/PT, 5:00 a.m. CT,
and 4:00 a.m. MT on TLC.

Friday 10/24:
Formed by volcanoes millions of years ago, the chain of islands in the
Caribbean Sea stretch from the tip of Florida to South America. Baseball
and Cuba Go Hand in Glove: Like Americans, Cubans love baseball; see how it
relates to their country's history. Haiti: A Striving Nation: Living in the
poorest country in the Western hemisphere, Haitians struggle to improve
their education system, health care, and their land. The Caribbean's
Musical Mix: The harmonies and instruments of the Caribbean recall the
islands' history as colonies.
Airs: 10/24/03, 12/19/03

** More Cable in the Classroom programming **


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