DINOSAURNEWS - Swiss Footprints * 9,800 Eggs * NZ Scientist Probes Dinosaur Mystery * T. Rex Cousin Had Feathers * Doha Dinosaurs

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Dinosaur Mystery * T. Rex Cousin Had Feathers * Doha Dinosaurs
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Welcome to this edition of DINOSAURNEWS -  the international Dinosaur
Webzine with bite!

This Week's Headlines: (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Swiss hail dinosaur footprint find
More than 580 prints were found on a 600 square metre slab of limestone at
Chevenez in the Swiss canton of the Jura, said Wolfgang Hug, head of the
palaeontology section at the Jura office of culture

**  NZ scientist probes dinosaur mystery
Professor David Penny claims the creatures were not suddenly wiped out by a
giant asteroid but gradually died out over millions of years

**  Giant dinosaur sets foot in Doha for first time
'Qatar is privileged to have been able to buy this magnificent specimen for
the people of Qatar as complete skeletons are extremely rare', says Hussain
Rajab Al-Ismail, Director for Museums and Antiquities

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**  Utah Architectural Achievement
The Fieldhouse of Natural History in Vernal, designed by ajc architects, was
planned around its dinosaur inhabitants

**  Feature Site: The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding-Utah
Skeletons, fossilized skin, eggs, footprints, state-of-the-art graphics, and
beautifully realistic sculptures present the dinosaurs from the Four Corners
region and throughout the globe

**  Dinosaur museum to house 9,800 eggs
A multi-million dinosaur museum is to be built in Heyuan in eastern
Guangdong Province

**  Library pursues dinosaur exhibit
Members expect the dinosaurs would be one of the first marquee events that
would attract thousands more people to the library's multimillion-dollar
facility that opened last year

**  New Dinosaur Discovered: T. Rex Cousin Had Feathers
The dinosaur chased prey and roamed the lakeside forests of Liaoning
Province in northern China some 130 million years ago, researchers said

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What our readers say:

Thank you for an interesting, useful site. I recommend it to teachers who
continue to contact me after 6 years of retirement. I also volunteer at the
local science museum and recommend your site to the many children who visit
Marvin Selnes, Sioux Falls, SD

Thank You for the excellent coverage you've given my ongoing research.
Best regards,
Marilyn D. Wegweiser, Ph.D.,  Affiliate Faculty,  Idaho Museum of Natural

First of all I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading  Dinosaurnews
each week.. Immensely appreciated....
Phil Rutledge, The Grace Museum


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