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Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.
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The headlines:
Strange Deadfellows: Dinosaur, Crab Fossils Reveal Ecosystem Secrets
"The two normally don't hang with each other, or they are at least not
commonly discovered together," said Smith, of crabs and dinosaurs

Dinosaur hunter headed to the mountains
There are bumps on the bones where the tendons attach, both in the
modern-day bird and extinct dinosaur, according to Robert Bakker, one of
the world's leading palaeontologists

Museum serves 65-million-year-old dinosaur egg
A precious dinosaur embryo offered viewers a sunny-side-up look at one of
the most unusual fossils to be displayed at the Royal B.C. Museum's newest

Geologists challenge theory on T. Rex's end
Dinosaurs were more likely to have been killed off by geological upheaval
than, as popularly believed, a meteorite strike, according to Monash
University geologists

Gaylord to host 'Digging the Dinosaurs'
Fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs, robotic dinosaurs that growl and jump,
and a massive installation that includes a 12-foot volcano and a 10-foot
waterfall are all on the way to Gaylord

Bizarre Dinosaurs Shed Light on Adaptation
Palaeontologists believe that these horns, claws, and spikes in addition
to towering necks, feathered limbs, pointy fingers, and shrunken arms had

Dinosaur tracks discovered
In all, the men have uncovered tracks laid down at least 110 to 115
million years ago by eight species of dinosaurs  

FEATURE PUBLICATION:  A Field Guide to Dinosaurs : The Essential Handbook
for Travellers in the Mesozoic.
This beautifully produced and illustrated volume is the result of
sophisticated scientific research. However, it has been written in clear
laymen's language for non-scientists who have serious interest in

Boy shares 75-million-year-old treasure with local museum
Dakota donated the fossilized egg, which is between 75 million and 150
million years old, in honour of his kindergarten class and teacher

Dinosaurs and megafauna in the Goldfields                                
Hear one of Australia's most prominent palaeontologists discuss the recent
findings of megafauna fossils as well
as his hopes for more great dinosaur discoveries in WA  AUDIO

Radar reveals traces of killer crater
A radar snapshot of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, taken from space, shows
the clearest view yet of the 65 million-year-old crater left behind by a
dinosaur-killing cosmic impact

Bone debunks monster theory
The discovery of a rare ancient bird preserved inside the stomach of a
pregnant 110 million-year-old fossil has the scientific world in a

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