DINO> Sampson could crush old T-Rex image * Tracks draw scientists from all over world * Bones found in Eastern Cape * Dinosaur that ate its young

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Subject: Sampson could crush old T-Rex image * Tracks draw scientists from all
over world * Bones found in Eastern Cape * Dinosaur that ate its young
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 18:28:03 +1200

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.  The FREE international Dinosaur
webzine read in more than 80 countries each week.

This Week's Headlines (For the FULL STORY visit the NEWS section of the
webzine at this address: http://www.dinosaurnews.org )

**  Dinosaur tracks draw scientists from all over world
Five earth science majors at UVSC make regular trips south to map out the
tracks of a dinosaur believed to have walked the earth more than 200 million
years ago

**  Penn Researchers Describe Newly Found Dinosaur Of The Montana Coastline
Through the cycads and gingkoes of the floodplains, not far from the
Sundance Sea, strode the 50-foot-long Suuwassea, a plant-eating dinosaur
with a whip-like tail and an anomalous second hole in its skull destined to
puzzle palaeontologists in 150 million years

**  Dinosaur bones found in Eastern Cape
Professor Lee Burger of Wits University confirmed that dinosaur bones had
been found near Kentani


**  Bones of 1st T. rex found up for auction
An auction house hopes to sell a collection of fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex
bones that are believed to be part of the same animal that was the first of
the sharp-toothed dinosaurs ever to be found

**  Sampson could crush old T-Rex image
The dino's skull, which will spend two years undergoing restoration at the
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, just might upset the conventional wisdom
regarding the fearsome carnivore

**  Zigong in Sichuan is fertile ground for dinosaur relics
'The discovery of this place was entirely fortuitous, coincidental,' said Mr
Peng Guangzhao, the vice-director of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, which is
Asia's biggest

**  Tracks of vicious dinosaur that ate its young are found on Skye
The perfectly preserved prints made by a group of Coelophyses on prehistoric
mudflats on the island's Trotternish Peninsula were found by a team led by
Neil Clark, the curator of palaeontology at Glasgow University

**  T-Rex's close relative arrives in Australian town
Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum and Somerville Collection curator
Warren Somerville said the herbivorous dinosaur, however, was much smaller

**  Other Fossil News: Oil clues found through fossils
A valleys scientist is using ancient fossils and even a louse from a
dinosaur to help big oil companies strike it rich

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now filed online

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