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Dome-Headed Dinosaur * Mesozoic era dinosaur fossil * Dinosaurs in the Deep *
Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

Last year we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -
this year we'll bring you 750 more!

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The headlines:

**  Dinosaur Diamond designated scenic byway
The so-dubbed Dinosaur Diamond, which includes state-recognized scenic
byways in Colorado and Utah, is now a national scenic byway - a designation
that means it's highlighted by federal agencies that provide tourist

**  Dinosaur Bones Come to D.C., 1923
Though the diplodocus got as close to Washington as 2,000 miles when it was
alive, it took 150 million years for it to arrive here

**  Dinosaur hunter uncovers fossils
Tourists, teachers and other groups from as far as England also have come by
to spend a couple of days looking for fossils

**  Birds Study Reveals Info on Dinosaurs
The dinosaur ancestors of modern birds may have learned to fly by first
learning to run with wing-assisted speed, a researcher reports

**  New Mexico's First Dome-Headed Dinosaur Found
The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science unveiled a 73
million-year-old dinosaur skull Monday, identifying it as a new genus and
species of the "dome-headed" variety

**  Dinosaurs in the Deep
The 1916 Sinking of the SS Mount Temple: Historical Perspectives on a Unique
Aspect of Alberta's Paleontological Heritage

**  Dinosaur expert lands a really big job
Carrano's job responsibilities will include collecting dinosaur fossils to
expand on the museum's 1,500 catalogued specimens, in addition to
participating in archaeological field research throughout the United States

**  Mesozoic era dinosaur fossil found in China
A fossil group of ancient birds and dinosaurs dating back to the Mesozoic
era 145 million years ago has been uncovered by archaeologists in north-east

**  Carnegie Museum plans construction in Oakland
According to Lagiovane, there are a large amount of dinosaur bones and
fossils still in their rocks in the basement

**  Palaeontologists track down dinosaurs in the desert
The tracks, uncovered near Mountain Pass in the eastern Mojave, are the only
dinosaur footprints that have been found in California, said palaeontologist
Robert Reynolds of Riverside

**  Jurassic Park revisited at this park
The science park is an attempt to make the subject interesting, specially
for students going to civic and Government schools

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